National Education Assessment Division

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014



National Examination and Standards Unit's (NESU) main role is to co-ordinate the implementation of government policy relating to both primary and secondary examinations and standards while key responsibilities are as follows:

i) To administer 3 National Examinations (Solomon Islands Secondary Entrance (SISE), Solomon Islands Year 9 (SIY9), Solomon Islands School Certificate (SISC) and Solomon Islands National Form 6 School Certificate (SINF6SC).
ii) Administer School Based Assessment (SBA) for Learning (Secondary) and primary (from 2015).
iii) Plan to implement and monitor the National Assessment Policy Framework.
iv) Provide professional and technical advice to the Minister through the Permanent Secretary on issues pertaining to The National Examinations, Standards, Selection Procedures and the progression of students in the Education System.
v) Grant certification and approval for repeat.
vi) Provide advices on new approaches or policies in Assessment and examination, particularly the development of SISTA, Life-skills and EGA to set national baseline for Literacy, Numeracy and Life skills.
vii) Participate in Regional benchmarking in setting up regional baseline for literacy and Numeracy (PaBER regional Project). 
viii) Assist in the Language Pilot (4 schools) in setting up Baseline in vernacular in Early Grade Assessment.

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