Teaching Service Division

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014



The Solomon Islands Teaching Service Office (TSO) is established as the administrative office of the Teaching Service and the TSC. Its functions are to:

  1. Act as a Secretariat for the Teaching Service Commission.
  2. Maintain and keep under review the Register of Teachers.
  3. Issue Teacher Registration Certificates.
  4. Monitor and facilitate teacher appointment, promotion, demotion and salary payments.
  5. After confirmation of an appointment, demotion, resignation or suspension to immediately update the central payroll for teachers at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury. Education Authorities are therefore obliged to report any demotion or suspension or transfer of staff to TSO.
  6. Share all names and other relevant data about probationary teachers, teachers on trial promotion and tenure appointment on time with the Inspectorate, in order these teachers can be assessed within the required period of one year for probation and trial promotions or within the agreed period tenure.
  7. Also all names of teachers and other relevant data about teachers who served on the basis of fixed Terms Appointment (FTA) need to be shared by EAs and TSO with the Inspectorate as all teachers should be assessed every three years before they receive a new or revised contract.
  8. Deal with salaries of teachers appointed by Education Authorities.
  9. Implement policy matters that are approved by the government from time to time.
  10. Manage the teacher establishment and budget process.
  11. Carry out decisions of TSC and the Ministry of Education.
  12. Develop and review the National Scheme of Service for Teachers.
  13. Maintain professional and administrative links with SINTA and Education Authorities and any other teacher related associations.
  14. All other functions as the TSC may delegate to it.