Procurement Unit

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014



The roles and responsibilities of Procurement and Contract Unit are as follows:

    • Governance of procurement procedures of the SIG Procurement and Contract Administration Manual 2013 for MEHRD.
    • Maintain and emphasises the good practise of procurement activities within the Ministry.
    • Liaise with the Development partners for procurement using donor funds.
    • Liaise with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury through Competitive Tender processes.
    • Provide trainings and update management of procurement procedures and any amendment of Procurement directed by the MoFT
    • Contract Administration
    • Provide procurement advisory services to MEHRD Management on procurement approach and procedures.
    • Liaise with MEHRD divisions to procure goods and services needed for usual business activities.
    • Work closely with Audit Divisions on discrepancies affecting procurement processes.