Asset Management Division

Published: Wednesday, 25 February 2015



The purpose of AMD is to lead and support the efficient and effective management of MEHRD’s assets and to assist and support the Solomon Islands Education Authorities in education asset management to ensure all students have access to education with the aim to improve learning outcomes.

The AMD will deliver results in the following areas:

  1. Develop, review, maintain and manage an asset management database that enables effective management of education assets.
  2. Undertake strategic planning for education assets including:
    •  Develop a strategic plan for the long term management of education assets in the Solomon Islands focusing on management, routine maintenance and capital upgrade projects.
    • Provide MEHRD management with strategic asset management advice and long term projections/costs of asset needs.
    • Provide asset management input into the National Education Action Plan (NEAP).
    • Ensure that management priority needs are identified and strategies developed to ensure assets are deployed strategically, efficiently and effectively.
  3. Develop and implement annual education asset management plan(s) including:
    • Prepare annual implementation plans that are timely, programmed, communicated and resourced.
    • Implement asset management plans/projects on program, to a high standard and within budget. The activities covered under the annual plans includes (but not limited to): inspections, condition assessments, maintenance activities, design, construction/capital works, procurement, purchases and the management of contractors and consultants. All projects are to comply with SIG procedures and processes and all applicable laws.
    • Deliver the NEAP infrastructure and fleet (vehicles, equipment and boats) priority outcomes.
  4. Efficiently and effectively manage MEHRD’s assets including fixed assets such as buildings, offices, warehouses, schools and movable fleet assets such as vehicles, equipment and boats. Ensure that the assets are whole-of-life managed including their purchase, maintenance, disposal and replacement. Ensure that MEHRD’s assets are fit for purpose, safe, well maintained and operated correctly.
  5. Provide leadership, coordinate and support education asset management across the Solomon Islands including liaison with other SIG Ministries [in particular Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) and Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), MEHRD Divisions (in particular EA Performance and Evaluation Division and EA Coordination and Improvement Division), Education Authorities, Provincial Governments, donors and other stakeholders.
  6. Develop, review, manage and enforce asset management policies, procedures and processes, including:
    • National School Infrastructure Policy
    • non-school assets (fleets, offices etc)
    • school environment standards
    • maintenance of assets and safety of users
    • risk management framework
  7. Develop, review, manage and enforce asset management building standards, standard school infrastructure designs and technical specifications to ensure that education infrastructure is robust, resilient, fit for purpose and safe.
  8. Undertake emergency preparedness planning and coordinate MEHRD’s emergency response in accordance with the Education in Emergency Response National Policy.
  9. Ensure compliance with Government laws, orders, national policies and guidelines relating to education assets.