Central Islands Education Authority

Published: Thursday, 09 March 2017


Education Authority


Central Islands Province is the closest of all to Honiara, the capital city of Solomon islands which is geographically located on the Island of Guadalcanal. The province consist of Small/big Ngela, Sanfly and Buena Vista, Savo and Russels. In terms of land mass, population and human and natural resources, this province is one of the smaller provinces compared to others in Solomon Islands. The Education Authority office is located on Ngela Islands at Tulagi, the provincial headquarter.


To provide access, management and quality to all CIP schools and the CIP EA.


To design a foundation of access, quality and management in all schools and the CIP EA. The foremost is the success of quality education for our CIP educated generation and for CIP learning communities.


  • To support travelling and salaries of all the current teachers who are not on govt payroll but are working in the ECE,Primary ,Secondary and TVET to provide services to the education sector of CIP.
  • To discuss and provide insight to the BOM to take up their roles as community educators and best education decision makers for the quality, management and access of the education CIP generation.
  • Support provincial unregistered schools and selected govt schools with funds to improve admin and infrastructure development.
  • Fully Support vocational and CBT schools with funds to improve admin and infrastructure development.
  • To provide repair. Garments, codes, plants, taps and toilet room for Education conference room.