Published: Wednesday, 22 April 2020

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MEHRD is currently join the battle to challenge the effects of COVID-19 in the education sector. As part of its preparedness, strategic plannings are underway to support, manage and stabilise the continuation of education in the country. Here you can find useful information, updates and key messages for schools, teachers, students and other stakeholders.

Key Hygiene Messages

NDOC-Education Updates

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

COVID-19 Education System Scenario Planning



pdfCommunication 66 *NEW

pdfCommunication 61

pdfCommunication 57

pdfCommunication 56 

pdfCommunication 55 

pdfCommunication 27

pdfCommunication 26

pdfCommunication 25

pdfCommunication 24

pdfCommunication 23

pdfCommunication 22

pdfCommunication 21

pdfCommunication 20

pdfCommunication 19

pdfCommunication 18

pdfCommunication 17

pdfCommunication 16

pdfCommunication 15

pdfCommunication 14

pdfCommunication 13

pdfCommunication 12

pdfCommunication 11

pdfCommunication 9

pdfCommunication 4 

pdfCommunication 2


pdf10th Circular: COVID-19 Lockdown Guide

pdf7th Circular to Education Authority

pdf5th Circular to Education Authorities

pdfAdvice to Close all schools in the country