Response to Queries on the Abolishment of SISE this year 2016

Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dear Education Authorities, 

School managements,
School Principals and Head Teachers,
Year 6 Teachers and Pupils,
Parents and the public,

The National Education Assessment Division (NEAD) on behalf of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and
Human Resource Division (MEHRD) hereby informs all Education Authorities, School Principals, head teachers of primary schools,
teachers, parents, and the general public that the Solomon Islands Secondary Entrance Examination (SISE) will continue to
be administered this year with other external examinations which includes the Solomon Islands Year 9 (SIY9), Solomon Islands
School Certificate (SISC), Solomon Islands National Form 6 School Certificate (SINF6SC) and the South Pacific Form Seven
School Certificate (SPFSC applies to Honiara High School only).

This announcement is made purposely to clear doubts and confusion expressed by a number of schools and the general
public regarding the phasing out of SISEE.

Be informed that the SISE sat by year 6 pupils will be administered at the end of this year 2016 and possibly in the
next two years (2017 and 2018). The MEHRD will make a final decision on the SISE and will inform all schools, head teachers,
parents and the general public in due course. The Ministry of Education will continue to update all key education stakeholders
on the progress made on the phasing out of the SISE.

We wish you well in your academic year 2016

Thank you and God bless

Mrs Linda Wate
Director, Teaching & Learning
For Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Human
Resources Development.