Information Services

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014


ict department

The primary purpose of  ICT Information Services Department is to effectively manage the ICT Services within the Ministry, EAs and Schools and to provide information to use for policy planning, planning and implementation, decision making, monitoring and evaluation of the education system.

The core functions of the department are:

1. Manage the MEHRD relationship with MoFT ICTSU
2. Coordinate the improvement of ICT service between MEHRD, Education Authority and Schools for cost effective way of communication
3. Manage Annual ICT Budget and manpower establishment in consultation with ICTSU
4. Ensure MEHRD has access and sufficient ICT resources for its immediate and long term needs
5. Collect relevant education data from schools, Rural Training Centre (RTC) and other stakeholders
6. Enter, audit and verify data
7. Analyse and provide reports (PAR, School and Provincial Feedback Report)
8. Disseminate the resulting information widely to education sector stakeholders
9. Database Security and Management
10. Coordinate the decentralization of SIEMIS database to Education Authority and schools
11. Formulate and Implementation of SIEMIS policy
12. Manage and maintenance of MEHRD website for information sharing

Annual School Survey

Every year the Ministry of Education conducts the Annual survey to collect general information about school (the school profile), statistical data about student enrolments and classes, including data about repeaters, drop outs, transfers and grade progression and statistical data about school and classroom facilities and educational resources.

Important Dates
1st of November - Distribution of Annual survey form to EAs and schools.
31st of March - Submission of Annual Survey forms to the ministry of Education from EAs and Schools.