SISC School-based assessment program for Science and English

Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our School Principals,
Form 4 and Form 5 Science and English subject teachers;

The National Education Assessment Division (NEAD) wish to make important clarifications regarding the implementation of
the Solomon Islands School Certificate (SISC) school –based assessment program for Science and English in light of queries
raised by schools.

Firstly, The Science SBA tasks 2016. As you know, our Science SBA Handbook has now lapsed (2010-
2015). However, be advised that if you are teaching the Form 5 this year 2016, then you must continue with the tasks of this
Science SBA handbook to finish off what you started last year in 2015.

However, if you are teaching Form 4 this year 2016, then you are requested to wait for the new Science SBA Handbook 2016-2017
which will be sent to your schools before the end of this month (March)

Secondly, The English SBA Tasks 2016. As for the English SBA handbook and the three (3) tasks, we
would need to use a new English SBA Handbook that is currently being reviewed with the three tasks and in finalising stage. We
hope to send to schools as follows;

The three tasks will be sent separately to schools. The first task will be sent by the 11th March 2016. The second task is expected
to be sent to schools by 2nd May and the third by 18th July 2016.

We hope to send the revised SBA Handbook by end of March

Thank you so much for your understanding

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us on phone 28803/4 EXT 7201,7202 and 7200. We no longer use the
phone number 27750

Thank you

Mrs Linda Wate
Director/Teaching & Learning