Acronyms and Abbreviations

Published: Sunday, 16 March 2014
ASER Age Specific Enrolment Rate
ATLAS Assessment of Teaching Learning Administration System
CHS Community High Schools
ECE Early Childhood Education
EFA Education for All
GER Gross Enrolment Rate
GIR Gross Intake Rate
GPI Gender Parity Index
JS Junior Secondary Education
MDG Millennium Development Goals
MDPAC Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination
MEHRD Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development
MoFT Ministry of Finance and Treasury
NER Net Enrolment Rate
NIR Net Intake Rate
NESU National Examination and Selection Unit
NSS National Secondary School
PAR Performance Assessment Report
PSS Provincial Secondary School
PSSC Pacific Secondary School Certificate
SE Secondary Education
SIEMIS Solomon Islands Education Management Information System
SIF3 Solomon Islands Form 3 Examination
SISC Solomon Islands Secondary Certificate
SISEE Solomon Islands Secondary Entrance Examination
SISTA Solomon Islands Standardized Test of Assessment
SPBEA Secretary to Pacific Board of Education Assessment
SPC Secretary to the Pacific Communities
SS Senior Secondary Education
UIS-AIMS UNESCO Institute for Statistics- Assessment, Information Systems, Monitoring and Statistics