NDOC-Education Updates

Published: Monday, 27 April 2020

1. Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development (MEHRD) PS announced resumption of schools
for all exam classes (Forms 3, 5 and 6) on the 19th of May 2020, except for schools in Honiara,
Guadalcanal Province and other high risk areas including, Munda, Noro, Gizo, Taro and Shortlands based
on advice from COVID -19 Oversight Committee in consultation with MHMS. Remaining classes to be
advised within two weeks after the 27th of April.

2. Developed Concept Note to provide learning continuity to all students from Early Childhood Education
(ECE) through to year 12 when they are in their homes and not attending formal classes. This Concept
Note was shared with Development Partners and Stakeholders.

3. In consultation with MEHRD Senior Management Team (SMT), N-DOC Education has established 2 NDOC
Education subcommittees. These are MEHRD Communications and MEHRD Learning Continuity

4. Engaged with Development partners and Stakeholders to support learning continuity plan specific to their
focus areas and level of support available.

5. Drafted MEHRD Education Authority and School based baseline and Situational Assessment Report
Template for COVID-19 emergency to gauge schools readiness to resume classes and identify gaps and
support needed.

6. Printing and distribution of COVID-19 IEC materials and guidance notes, ongoing.