Year 7 Placement 2023

Published: Friday, 13 January 2023

Some primary schools (feeder schools) are not included in this year's Year 7 Placement result because they have not submitted their 2022 Class Application and Ranking form for Year 7 Placement. As such, parents and guardians of Year 6 students from those schools  are advised to contact the respective Education Authority of the school for their child/ren's Year 7 Placement.

No. Feeder School Student Name Gender Year 7 Placement 2023
1 A'au Primary Amanda Siba F Ngonihau CHS
2 A'au Primary Cotrenga Francis M Ngonihau CHS
3 A'au Primary Cyrilla Taro F Ngonihau CHS
4 A'au Primary Dianah Porea F Ngonihau CHS
5 A'au Primary Ednah Marere F Ngonihau CHS
6 A'au Primary Everlyn Hiru F Ngonihau CHS
7 A'au Primary Gelna Dodora F Ngonihau CHS
8 A'au Primary Oxly Taia M Ngonihau CHS
9 A'au Primary Relinta Ha'ageni F Ngonihau CHS
10 A'au Primary Ryle Taohi M Ngonihau CHS
11 A'au Primary Sendy Toremae M Ngonihau CHS
12 A'au Primary Shemby Geni F Ngonihau CHS
13 Aboru SDA Primary Aaron Tohe M Ngonihau CHS
14 Aboru SDA Primary Asimah Linton F Ngonihau CHS
15 Aboru SDA Primary Barack Obama M Ngonihau CHS
16 Aboru SDA Primary Don Smith M Ngonihau CHS
17 Aboru SDA Primary Fred Wanelediae M Ngonihau CHS
18 Aboru SDA Primary Jelex Mara'ai M Ngonihau CHS
19 Aboru SDA Primary Leginah Teheraha F Ngonihau CHS
20 Aboru SDA Primary Lynol Inomae M Ngonihau CHS
21 Aboru SDA Primary Roger Rau M Ngonihau CHS
22 Aboru SDA Primary Ruth Samson F Ngonihau CHS
23 Aboru SDA Primary Solendah Iamaea F Ngonihau CHS
24 Aboru SDA Primary Trazina Tina F Ngonihau CHS
25 Adaua Primary Alice Aduwane F Adaua Secondary
26 Adaua Primary Alice Taeta F Adaua Secondary
27 Adaua Primary David Foasitau M Adaua Secondary
28 Adaua Primary Faith Ofenaála F Adaua Secondary
29 Adaua Primary Fred Ramo M Adaua Secondary
30 Adaua Primary Grace Gloria F Adaua Secondary
31 Adaua Primary Henry Babasia M Adaua Secondary
32 Adaua Primary Janise Bare F Adaua Secondary
33 Adaua Primary Joyline David F Adaua Secondary
34 Adaua Primary Junise Bare F Adaua Secondary
35 Adaua Primary Kenson Suba M Adaua Secondary
36 Adaua Primary Lui Wale M Adaua Secondary
37 Adaua Primary Rebecca Anthenia F Adaua Secondary
38 Adaua Primary Timothy Tusi M Adaua Secondary
39 Adeade Primary Alice Kokue F Ghombua CHS
40 Adeade Primary Alwyn Taunga M Ghombua CHS
41 Adeade Primary Brendon Manele M Avuavu PSS
42 Adeade Primary Chris Manebosa M Numbu CHS
43 Adeade Primary Chris Spensore M Numbu CHS
44 Adeade Primary Christinah Wale F Mboeni CHS
45 Adeade Primary Christopher Leua M Ruavatu PSS
46 Adeade Primary Clement Sikua M Ruavatu PSS
47 Adeade Primary Jerick Collen M Ruavatu PSS
48 Adeade Primary Joana Simon F Mboeni CHS
49 Adeade Primary Junior Stephen M Ghombua CHS
50 Adeade Primary Kerin Pio F Ruavatu PSS
51 Adeade Primary Linmah Komu F Ruavatu PSS
52 Adeade Primary Naelis Rupi F Ruavatu PSS
53 Adeade Primary Naomy Kulaghakemaketha F Ghombua CHS
54 Adeade Primary Nickolyn Colmen F Ruavatu PSS
55 Adeade Primary Reginah Vathagi F Ruavatu PSS
56 Adeade Primary Roger John M Ghombua CHS
57 Advance Christian Primary Adrian Padavisu M Advance Christian CHS
58 Advance Christian Primary Christopher Konai M Advance Christian CHS
59 Advance Christian Primary Dansly Forau M Advance Christian CHS
60 Advance Christian Primary Helander Tosa Iro F Advance Christian CHS
61 Advance Christian Primary Herly Padavisu F Advance Christian CHS
62 Advance Christian Primary Jason Arthur M Advance Christian CHS
63 Advance Christian Primary Jeany Damiri F Advance Christian CHS
64 Advance Christian Primary Juliet Lehina Danitofea F King George VI NSS
65 Advance Christian Primary Maylice Daoburi F Advance Christian CHS
66 Advance Christian Primary Merrilyn Harry Philip F Advance Christian CHS
67 Advance Christian Primary Reg Ma’abu M Advance Christian CHS
68 Advance Christian Primary Roana Gafurara F Advance Christian CHS
69 Advance Christian Primary Rosalina Mae F Advance Christian CHS
70 Advance Christian Primary Wilfred Mete M Advance Christian CHS
71 Afufu Primary Brendon Aru M Afufu CHS
72 Afufu Primary Delpha Musanasau F Aligegeo PSS
73 Afufu Primary Dilent Irofilalo M Afufu CHS
74 Afufu Primary Donna Batana F Afufu CHS
75 Afufu Primary James Ofasia M Afufu CHS
76 Afufu Primary Janet Pirione F Aligegeo PSS
77 Afufu Primary Jeanmary Andrew F Mbita’ama CHS
78 Afufu Primary Joycelyn Rauha F Arnon Atomea PSS
79 Afufu Primary Larry Talui M Afufu CHS
80 Afufu Primary Linda Suiga F Afufu CHS
81 Afufu Primary Lyon Ialea M Afufu CHS
82 Afufu Primary Reuben Beni M Afufu CHS
83 Afufu Primary Samilson Maeniu M Afufu CHS
84 Afufu Primary Stanley Baeana M Afufu CHS
85 Afufu Primary Stavida Abeta M Kilusakwalo CHS
86 Afufu Primary Stephen Mango M Aligegeo PSS
87 Afufu Primary Tafea Kelly M Afufu CHS
88 Afufu Primary Watson Agwaifei M Afufu CHS
89 Agagana Primary Akenge Barthang M Dunde CHS
90 Agagana Primary Castus Judeth F Dunde CHS
91 Agagana Primary Kena Junior M Dunde CHS
92 Agagana Primary Nevolo Alemaena M Dunde CHS
93 Agagana Primary Paterima Tuahine F Barasipo CHS
94 Agagana Primary Qula Lile Aimmie F Vancouver CHS
95 Aiarai Primary Alvin Onahikeni M Wairokai CHS
96 Aiarai Primary Andrew Oriniha'a M Wairokai CHS
97 Aiarai Primary Beverly Pisioa F Wairokai CHS
98 Aiarai Primary Lawrence Hunumeme M Wairokai CHS
99 Aiarai Primary Lincon Narasiratana M Rokera PSS
100 Aiarai Primary Michael Aohanua M Wairokai CHS
101 Aiarai Primary Netllyn Tatao F Wairokai CHS
102 Aiarai Primary Philomena Asioa F Rokera PSS
103 Aiarai Primary Sophy Oipata F Wairokai CHS
104 Aimamara Primary Agnes Ruakeni F Siohiramo CHS
105 Aimamara Primary Danniella Ohoia F Siohiramo CHS
106 Aimamara Primary Ellam Anica Arohui F Siohiramo CHS
107 Aimamara Primary Emma Ma'asi F Rokera PSS
108 Aimamara Primary Francis Taitahi M Siohiramo CHS
109 Aimamara Primary Glenis Oakeni F Rokera PSS
110 Aimamara Primary Jeffson Apaniai M Siohiramo CHS
111 Aimamara Primary Jenny Vivian Uniuni F Siohiramo CHS
112 Aimamara Primary Mary Martina Oneasi F Siohiramo CHS
113 Aimamara Primary May Harukeni F Rokera PSS
114 Aimamara Primary Philip Huki M Siohiramo CHS
115 Aimamara Primary Pius Maeasi M Siohiramo CHS
116 Aimela Primary Andrew Ma'abe M Aimela CHS
117 Aimela Primary Angela Sauane F Aimela CHS
118 Aimela Primary Balisha Dorothy F Aimela CHS
119 Aimela Primary Dalsy Mangona F Aimela CHS
120 Aimela Primary Ellllen Ata F Aimela CHS
121 Aimela Primary Elwyn Olia F Aimela CHS
122 Aimela Primary Everlyn Ome F Aimela CHS
123 Aimela Primary Francis Kopa M Aimela CHS
124 Aimela Primary Franz Amesirau M Aimela CHS
125 Aimela Primary George Richard F Aimela CHS
126 Aimela Primary Grace Lamani F Aimela CHS
127 Aimela Primary Iverlyn Olia F Aimela CHS
128 Aimela Primary Joe Sira M Aimela CHS
129 Aimela Primary Johnson Susuli M Aimela CHS
130 Aimela Primary Junior Anii M Aimela CHS
131 Aimela Primary Kayleen Kapei F Aimela CHS
132 Aimela Primary Margret Moli F Aimela CHS
133 Aimela Primary Mary Fole F Aimela CHS
134 Aimela Primary Maslyn Isia M Aimela CHS
135 Aimela Primary Max Anii M Aimela CHS
136 Aimela Primary Nelcie Sigitee M Aimela CHS
137 Aimela Primary Nerisha Hite F Aimela CHS
138 Aimela Primary Paul Misi M Aimela CHS
139 Aimela Primary Paul Rii Junior M Aimela CHS
140 Aimela Primary Precillar Diau F Aimela CHS
141 Aimela Primary Reginald Lamani M Aligegeo PSS
142 Aimela Primary Rex Idufooa M Aimela CHS
143 Aimela Primary Rodney Toata M Aimela CHS
144 Aimela Primary Rose Anililiu F Aimela CHS
145 Aimela Primary Standfield Kola M Aimela CHS
146 Aimela Primary Sussie Konerara F Aimela CHS
147 Aisalinga Primary Barnabas Boso M Aisalinga CH
148 Aisalinga Primary Barnabas Surimae M Aisalinga CH
149 Aisalinga Primary Davidson Rongo M Aisalinga CH
150 Aisalinga Primary Duddley Misiosi M Aisalinga CH
151 Aisalinga Primary Elimar Maeta'a M Aisalinga CH
152 Aisalinga Primary Hazel Maeta'a F Aisalinga CH
153 Aisalinga Primary Mirriam Kiri M Aisalinga CH
154 Aisalinga Primary Monica Lako F Aisalinga CH
155 Aisalinga Primary Nathan Nikia M Aisalinga CH
156 Aisalinga Primary Titus Fa'amanifi M Aisalinga CH
157 Aisalinga Primary Wynnie Haute'e F Aisalinga CH
158 Akaboi Primary Angei Emily F Nangu CHS
159 Akaboi Primary Bapo Gorden M Nangu CHS
160 Akaboi Primary Eva Alice F Nangu CHS
161 Akaboi Primary Fafale David M Nangu CHS
162 Akaboi Primary Greg Walter M Nangu CHS
163 Akaboi Primary Kau Cathy M Nangu CHS
164 Akaboi Primary Leiau Batholomew M Nangu CHS
165 Akaboi Primary Lingia Mirriam F Nangu CHS
166 Akaboi Primary Memba Ben M Nangu CHS
167 Akaboi Primary Motah Leonard M Nangu CHS
168 Akaboi Primary Nalo Daniel M Nangu CHS
169 Akaboi Primary Nwopla Barnabas M Nangu CHS
170 Akaboi Primary Paniga Rachel F Nangu CHS
171 Akaboi Primary Sau Walter K. M Nangu CHS
172 Akaboi Primary Sikvape Roselyn F Nangu CHS
173 Akaboi Primary Suri Augustine M Nangu CHS
174 Akaboi Primary Takoa Gorden M Nangu CHS
175 Akaboi Primary Tanoka Junior M Nangu CHS
176 Akaboi Primary Tapngai Janet F Nangu CHS
177 Akaboi Primary Taunga Amina F Nangu CHS
178 Akaboi Primary To'one Charles M Nangu CHS
179 Alafana Primary Abidan Stanley M Madalua CHS
180 Alafana Primary Dalesy Salome F Madalua CHS
181 Alafana Primary Junlie Suiomea F Madalua CHS
182 Alafana Primary Magareth Maena F Madalua CHS
183 Aleang Primary Christally Busa F Tuha CHS
184 Aleang Primary Cornillius Joe M Tuha CHS
185 Aleang Primary Elisa Maria F Tuha CHS
186 Aleang Primary John Donald M Tuha CHS
187 Aleang Primary John Ephraim M Tuha CHS
188 Aleang Primary Joses Ora M Biula PSS
189 Aleang Primary Lawrence Loga M Tuha CHS
190 Aleang Primary Rodney Paul M Tuha CHS
191 Aleang Primary Shavona Jaylyn F Tuha CHS
192 Aleang Primary Sylvester Greg M Tuha CHS
193 Aleang Primary Tatiana Aisa F Tuha CHS
194 Allardyce Primary Anika Veha F Allardyce PSS
195 Allardyce Primary Climson Noguria M Allardyce PSS
196 Allardyce Primary David Samson M Allardyce PSS
197 Allardyce Primary Fred Bohemana M Allardyce PSS
198 Allardyce Primary Linma Samanta F Allardyce PSS
199 Allardyce Primary Placinda Braedlyn F Allardyce PSS
200 Allardyce Primary Rose Matua F Allardyce PSS
201 Allardyce Primary Rowen Sio M Allardyce PSS
202 Allardyce Primary Wilden Deononga M Allardyce PSS
203 Alota'a Primary Benzie Pitanoe M Alota'a CHS
204 Alota'a Primary Christina Lina F Alota'a CHS
205 Alota'a Primary Edith Talou F Alota'a CHS
206 Alota'a Primary Gabriella Waleta'a F Alota'a CHS
207 Alota'a Primary Helinta Kai F Alota'a CHS
208 Alota'a Primary Ileen Rikomalefo F Alota'a CHS
209 Alota'a Primary Ireen Bana F Alota'a CHS
210 Alota'a Primary Irish Rere Uma F Alota'a CHS
211 Alota'a Primary John Kesly M Alota'a CHS
212 Alota'a Primary Mathew Ludae M Alota'a CHS
213 Alota'a Primary Mercy Gelisaemala F Alota'a CHS
214 Alota'a Primary Michael Waletolata M Alota'a CHS
215 Alota'a Primary Michelle Iro F Alota'a CHS
216 Alota'a Primary Naomi Sifimae F Alota'a CHS
217 Alota'a Primary Rosana Rarangia F Auki CHS
218 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Chalton Kamikera M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
219 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Ileile Rore F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
220 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Jerina Bulehite F Kukudu Adventist College
221 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Lionel Lagobe M Jones Adventist College
222 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Mercy Presly F Jones Adventist College
223 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Miriam Gesufoa F Jones Adventist College
224 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Neson Sasa M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
225 Alpheus Rore Memorial Primary Sione Laddington M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
226 Ambe Primary Alphons George M Ambe CHS
227 Ambe Primary Dalcy Auri F Ambe CHS
228 Ambe Primary Dalcy Marai F Ambe CHS
229 Ambe Primary Delcy Patty F Ambe CHS
230 Ambe Primary Florence Sikwa F Ambe CHS
231 Ambe Primary Gorethy Guluau F Ambe CHS
232 Ambe Primary Hudson Osiramo M Ambe CHS
233 Ambe Primary Karinton Wasi M Ambe CHS
234 Ambe Primary Louise Mao F Ambe CHS
235 Ambe Primary Margaret Kaelonga F Ambe CHS
236 Ambe Primary Mathine Ramo M Ambe CHS
237 Ambe Primary Rachel Autolea F Ambe CHS
238 Ambe Primary Rachel Ledi F Ambe CHS
239 Ambe Primary Solo Ramo M Ambe CHS
240 Anata SDA Primary Linford Lulukia M Puzivai CHS
241 Anata SDA Primary Rimay Dio F Betikama Adventist College
242 Ando Primary Densia Francisca F Belaha CHS
243 Ando Primary Gimaemah Francina F Belaha CHS
244 Ando Primary Honi Junior M Belaha CHS
245 Ando Primary Ivicha Gregory M Betivatu CHS
246 Ando Primary Kecha Jane F Belaha CHS
247 Ando Primary Kisi Felister F Belaha CHS
248 Ando Primary Kupao Jude M Belaha CHS
249 Ando Primary Oibaea Jason M Belaha CHS
250 Ando Primary Sandra Justina F Betivatu CHS
251 Ando Primary Valeria Beverlyn F Belaha CHS
252 Ando Primary Valeria Marian F Betivatu CHS
253 Ando Primary Vauva Joseph M Belaha CHS
254 Angaiho Primary Baipua Heather F Angaiho CHS
255 Angaiho Primary Firisi Machileen F Angaiho CHS
256 Angaiho Primary Kaipua Gloria F Angaiho CHS
257 Angaiho Primary Manaika Thayden M Su'u NSS
258 Angaiho Primary Mangiesunga Jatter F New Place PSS
259 Angaiho Primary Muaitai Steve M Su'u NSS
260 Angaiho Primary Ngibutai Trent M Angaiho CHS
261 Angaiho Primary Teika Garry M King George VI NSS
262 Angaiho Primary Teikaugua Scofill M Koloale CHS
263 Angaiho Primary Tepuke Tuhatai Robert M Angaiho CHS
264 Angaiho Primary Tuhanuku Essness F King George VI NSS
265 Anuta Primary Age Philis F Waimapuru NSS
266 Anuta Primary Angisaru Lavinia F Sogotiwa CHS
267 Anuta Primary Ariti Emmanuel M Pawa PSS
268 Anuta Primary Baita'a Getald M Sogotiwa CHS
269 Anuta Primary Bero Glency F Sogotiwa CHS
270 Anuta Primary Disau Rima F Sogotiwa CHS
271 Anuta Primary Garry Javix M Sogotiwa CHS
272 Anuta Primary Gehoa Thomas M Sogotiwa CHS
273 Anuta Primary Hori Joyce F Sogotiwa CHS
274 Anuta Primary Huramae Prista F Sogotiwa CHS
275 Anuta Primary Huta Danny M Waimapuru NSS
276 Anuta Primary Iro Junior M Sogotiwa CHS
277 Anuta Primary Kafafia Janella F Sogotiwa CHS
278 Anuta Primary Karaha Shenita F Sogotiwa CHS
279 Anuta Primary Lanita Brisma F Sogotiwa CHS
280 Anuta Primary Mato'o Shane M Sogotiwa CHS
281 Anuta Primary Minado Taha F Sogotiwa CHS
282 Anuta Primary Nguri Deltanya F Sogotiwa CHS
283 Anuta Primary Nora Neska F Sogotiwa CHS
284 Anuta Primary Ongahi Maria F Sogotiwa CHS
285 Anuta Primary Rifuta Hellen F Sogotiwa CHS
286 Anuta Primary Rima Junior M Pawa PSS
287 Anuta Primary Sau Meverlyn F Sogotiwa CHS
288 Anuta Primary Shallon Jimmy M Sogotiwa CHS
289 Anuta Primary Siba Lostina F Sogotiwa CHS
290 Anuta Primary Siba Ronisha F Sogotiwa CHS
291 Anuta Primary Taraniasi Larish M Sogotiwa CHS
292 Anuta Primary Tohomarau Macmillan M Sogotiwa CHS
293 Anva Primary Austin Henry M Rate CHS
294 Anva Primary Docas Bethris F Rate CHS
295 Anva Primary Faith Fiona F Rate CHS
296 Anva Primary Laosa Linlah F Rate CHS
297 Anva Primary Lianga Densley M Rate CHS
298 Anva Primary Lua Jeremiah M Avuavu PSS
299 Anva Primary Ngisi Hamuel M Rate CHS
300 Anva Primary Ruruhu Francina F Rate CHS
301 Anva Primary Taputoa Darren F Rate CHS
302 Anva Primary Vani Agnes F Rate CHS
303 Ao Primary Bola Elmah F Ao CHS
304 Ao Primary Chiroa Joyline F Bubunuhu CHS
305 Ao Primary Ini Humphrey M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
306 Ao Primary Kana Junior M Bubunuhu CHS
307 Ao Primary Ketogha Mary F Ao CHS
308 Ao Primary Ketogha Natalyn F Ao CHS
309 Ao Primary Kim Remu F King George VI NSS
310 Ao Primary Lovania Selcy F Bubunuhu CHS
311 Ao Primary Manesaghata Justise M Ao CHS
312 Ao Primary Ody Dyana F Ao CHS
313 Ao Primary Philip William M Ao CHS
314 Ao Primary Sele Stephen M Ao CHS
315 Ao Primary Taghabalue Simon M Ao CHS
316 Ao Primary Tetemou Clarissa F Ao CHS
317 Ao Primary Thairo Kevin M Ao CHS
318 Ao Primary Vara Amos M Bubunuhu CHS
319 Aokwai Primary Aelo Clifford M Aokwai CHS
320 Aokwai Primary Aelo Kathy F Aokwai CHS
321 Aokwai Primary Bara Mercy F Aokwai CHS
322 Aokwai Primary Buamae Dickson M Aokwai CHS
323 Aokwai Primary Bulu Jennifer F Aokwai CHS
324 Aokwai Primary Fananaka Jasmin F Aokwai CHS
325 Aokwai Primary Hale Edmonson M Aokwai CHS
326 Aokwai Primary Ramo Susan F Aokwai CHS
327 Aokwai Primary Riga Nelson M Aokwai CHS
328 Aokwai Primary Rose Diana F Aokwai CHS
329 Aokwai Primary Sia Peter M Aokwai CHS
330 Aokwai Primary Solo Gideon M Aokwai CHS
331 Aokwai Primary Tala Mary F Aokwai CHS
332 Aokwai Primary Tua James M Aokwai CHS
333 Aokwai Primary Unity Wendy F Aokwai CHS
334 Aorigi Primary Kaqaiasi Mavy F Aorigi CHS
335 Aorigi Primary Auqono Dammie Ossy F Aorigi CHS
336 Aorigi Primary Faerua Josty M Aorigi CHS
337 Aorigi Primary Fagariarau Delca M Aorigi CHS
338 Aorigi Primary Kaifo Eudia F St Stephen Pamua NSS
339 Aorigi Primary Kaisifa Silvia F Aorigi CHS
340 Aorigi Primary Kakimwo Ellino F Selwyn College NSS
341 Aorigi Primary Kamaia Daisy F Aorigi CHS
342 Aorigi Primary Kaqa'a Annie F Aorigi CHS
343 Aorigi Primary Loapo Rudvan M Pawa PSS
344 Aorigi Primary Mamae Macklyn M Aorigi CHS
345 Aorigi Primary Mamae Rovisah F Aorigi CHS
346 Aorigi Primary Manu Kerrin M Aorigi CHS
347 Aorigi Primary Maro Michael Ian M Aorigi CHS
348 Aorigi Primary Paru Cathy F Aorigi CHS
349 Aorigi Primary Taki Boston M Aorigi CHS
350 Aorigi Primary Vane George Clayford M Aorigi CHS
351 Aorigi Primary Wagapu John Briston M Aorigi CHS
352 Aorigi Primary Waiku Milly Gradie F Aorigi CHS
353 Aorigi Primary Waruaru Joe M Aorigi CHS
354 Aorigi Primary Wasuka Shedrack M Aorigi CHS
355 Apaoro Primary Baidamu Elizabeh F Haura CHS
356 Apaoro Primary Fakani Joe M Haura CHS
357 Apaoro Primary Ha'a Glenda F Haura CHS
358 Apaoro Primary Ha'a Philimon M Haura CHS
359 Apaoro Primary Ha'ataro Indy F Haura CHS
360 Apaoro Primary Kataroha Beverlyn F Pawa PSS
361 Apaoro Primary Kawia Abigail F Haura CHS
362 Apaoro Primary Maori Lenny M Haura CHS
363 Apaoro Primary Mono Scott M Haura CHS
364 Apaoro Primary Ngea Grayham M Haura CHS
365 Apaoro Primary Ngonirauni Francis M Haura CHS
366 Apaoro Primary Noni Frenoster M Haura CHS
367 Apaoro Primary Phox Samantha F Haura CHS
368 Apaoro Primary Ramua Peter M Haura CHS
369 Apaoro Primary Rari Stalen M Haura CHS
370 Apaoro Primary Rupania Nocklyn M Haura CHS
371 Apaoro Primary Sione Anjayna M Haura CHS
372 Apaoro Primary Taro Claysila F Pawa PSS
373 Apaoro Primary Tauan Dillion M Haura CHS
374 Apurahe Primary Kairongo Damaris F Marunga CHS
375 Apurahe Primary Kama James M Waimapuru NSS
376 Apurahe Primary Mahe Hensalyn F Marunga CHS
377 Apurahe Primary Mane Francis M Pawa PSS
378 Apurahe Primary Paia Ramson M Waimapuru NSS
379 Apurahe Primary Raha Spencer M Marunga CHS
380 Apurahe Primary Rongo Laiton M Marunga CHS
381 Apurahe Primary Suru Gibson M Marunga CHS
382 Apurahe Primary Tamasi Maxly M Marunga CHS
383 Apurahe Primary Tamasi Pisly M Marunga CHS
384 Apurahe Primary Taroagitangi Indy F Pawa PSS
385 Apurahe Primary Tohemae Clyvet M Pawa PSS
386 Apurahe Primary Wapa Aram M Marunga CHS
387 Apurahe Primary Wauhana Christon M Marunga CHS
388 Arabala Primary Agnes Anofo'oa F Arabala CHS
389 Arabala Primary Alice Sikama F Arabala CHS
390 Arabala Primary Aloysio Malana M Arabala CHS
391 Arabala Primary Anna Afia F Arabala CHS
392 Arabala Primary Bethalyn Rii F Arabala CHS
393 Arabala Primary Chrisma Mani F Arabala CHS
394 Arabala Primary Christina Maeluma F Arabala CHS
395 Arabala Primary Elijah George M Arabala CHS
396 Arabala Primary Esther Sia F Arabala CHS
397 Arabala Primary Francina Nabaligeli F Arabala CHS
398 Arabala Primary Fred Osifelo Wale M Arabala CHS
399 Arabala Primary Hesilyn James F Arabala CHS
400 Arabala Primary Ileen Siumalefo F Arabala CHS
401 Arabala Primary Ireen Gelisara F Arabala CHS
402 Arabala Primary Jay Sam M Arabala CHS
403 Arabala Primary Jimmy Fioteé M Arabala CHS
404 Arabala Primary Joy Anofoóa F Arabala CHS
405 Arabala Primary Joy Betai F Arabala CHS
406 Arabala Primary Judith Mado F Arabala CHS
407 Arabala Primary Jushelly Anibauta F Arabala CHS
408 Arabala Primary Kerelyn Ifisalo M Arabala CHS
409 Arabala Primary Kim Darcy F Arabala CHS
410 Arabala Primary Lenny Fode F Arabala CHS
411 Arabala Primary Maria Makulata F Arabala CHS
412 Arabala Primary Martin Bobby M Arabala CHS
413 Arabala Primary Michael Ale M Arabala CHS
414 Arabala Primary Patrick Rapu M Arabala CHS
415 Arabala Primary Peter Waleoka M Arabala CHS
416 Arabala Primary Renaldo Koti M Arabala CHS
417 Arabala Primary Richie Lasi Belo M King George VI NSS
418 Arabala Primary Robert Augwata M Arabala CHS
419 Arabala Primary Rose Maetalau F Arabala CHS
420 Arabala Primary Ruthie Saeniwafu F Arabala CHS
421 Arabala Primary Sandy Palmer F Arabala CHS
422 Arabala Primary Silvesa Geli F Arabala CHS
423 Arabala Primary Sophia Ani F Aligegeo PSS
424 Arabala Primary Stephanny Aruta'a F Arabala CHS
425 Arabala Primary Tommy Abana M Arabala CHS
426 Arabala Primary Vasty Hereithy F Arabala CHS
427 Arara Primary Babe Junior F Viru CHS
428 Arara Primary Bana Besa F Viru CHS
429 Arara Primary Dalia Janet F Viru CHS
430 Arara Primary Danny Ronson F Viru CHS
431 Arara Primary Denmark Ziden M Viru CHS
432 Arara Primary Kobka Glenda F Biula PSS
433 Arara Primary Koti Delite F Viru CHS
434 Arara Primary Mare Steve Carl M Viru CHS
435 Arara Primary Mieh Siva Vangana F Biula PSS
436 Arara Primary Nani Supriona M Viru CHS
437 Arara Primary Pita Samica F Viru CHS
438 Arara Primary Riva Arima F Viru CHS
439 Arara Primary Savinae Daniel M Viru CHS
440 Areatekiki SDA Primary Amos Vote M Tenakoga CHS
441 Areatekiki SDA Primary Donsly Gibson M Kopiu CHS
442 Areatekiki SDA Primary Dorrin Mae F Kopiu CHS
443 Areatekiki SDA Primary Durran Kent M Betikama Adventist College
444 Areatekiki SDA Primary Gregson Gorden M Kopiu CHS
445 Areatekiki SDA Primary Henson Keke M Tenakoga CHS
446 Areatekiki SDA Primary Ireen Sovea F Kopiu CHS
447 Areatekiki SDA Primary Latisa Tabulo F Tenakoga CHS
448 Areatekiki SDA Primary Lowin Andrew M Kopiu CHS
449 Areatekiki SDA Primary Modesta Stanley F Tenakoga CHS
450 Areatekiki SDA Primary Rina Tuhuna F Tenakoga CHS
451 Arnon Atomea Primary Adrick Moli M Arnon Atomea PSS
452 Arnon Atomea Primary Alirah Sino F Arnon Atomea PSS
453 Arnon Atomea Primary Andrian Teiwane M Arnon Atomea PSS
454 Arnon Atomea Primary Anisah Angifiu F Arnon Atomea PSS
455 Arnon Atomea Primary Arnold Wanesuia M Arnon Atomea PSS
456 Arnon Atomea Primary Atalyn Wawane F Arnon Atomea PSS
457 Arnon Atomea Primary Barnabas Agwaifei M Arnon Atomea PSS
458 Arnon Atomea Primary Betherlyn Konomauri F Arnon Atomea PSS
459 Arnon Atomea Primary Deimen Danny M Arnon Atomea PSS
460 Arnon Atomea Primary Esther James F Arnon Atomea PSS
461 Arnon Atomea Primary Glay Maegaásia F Arnon Atomea PSS
462 Arnon Atomea Primary Harriet Nunufana F Arnon Atomea PSS
463 Arnon Atomea Primary Jeffrey Andrew M Arnon Atomea PSS
464 Arnon Atomea Primary Jemimah Alifeo F Arnon Atomea PSS
465 Arnon Atomea Primary Jentry Iuwi M Arnon Atomea PSS
466 Arnon Atomea Primary Jimson Steven M Arnon Atomea PSS
467 Arnon Atomea Primary Junior Wanesuia M Arnon Atomea PSS
468 Arnon Atomea Primary Macveigh Suia M Arnon Atomea PSS
469 Arnon Atomea Primary Maevalyn Muirii F Arnon Atomea PSS
470 Arnon Atomea Primary Manasseh Malefoliu M Arnon Atomea PSS
471 Arnon Atomea Primary Mecky Wawane F Arnon Atomea PSS
472 Arnon Atomea Primary Predence Fioga F Arnon Atomea PSS
473 Arnon Atomea Primary Shanty Lui F Arnon Atomea PSS
474 Aroaha Primary Ha'awe Belinda F Pirupiru CHS
475 Aroaha Primary Hoikeni Stelma F Pirupiru CHS
476 Aroaha Primary Hou Kelisha F Pirupiru CHS
477 Aroaha Primary Huerepi Donna F Pirupiru CHS
478 Aroaha Primary Lalamoa Macwin M Su'umoli CHS
479 Aroaha Primary Tahieu Jesma F Pirupiru CHS
480 Arohane Primary Gareth Janstive M FM Campbel CHS
481 Arohane Primary Goretti Maria F FM Campbel CHS
482 Arohane Primary Haga Prudence F FM Campbel CHS
483 Arohane Primary Hagawusia David Prince M Wainoni CHS
484 Arohane Primary Hanua Melsio M Wainoni CHS
485 Arohane Primary Harumae Vianny John M FM Campbel CHS
486 Arohane Primary Heharo Malvie F Pawa PSS
487 Arohane Primary Hura Randy M Wainoni CHS
488 Arohane Primary Ka'asau Selina F FM Campbel CHS
489 Arohane Primary Kataro Cristofila F FM Campbel CHS
490 Arohane Primary Katesuguia Marion F Pawa PSS
491 Arohane Primary Kauguri Dyleen F FM Campbel CHS
492 Arohane Primary Kaura Lumis F FM Campbel CHS
493 Arohane Primary Kukuu Scott M FM Campbel CHS
494 Arohane Primary Naoni Ivin M Pawa PSS
495 Arohane Primary Paoro Philma F FM Campbel CHS
496 Arohane Primary Parai Agnes F FM Campbel CHS
497 Arohane Primary Riu Dephney F FM Campbel CHS
498 Arohane Primary Roni Dynihilt F Wainoni CHS
499 Arohane Primary Tora Jelma F FM Campbel CHS
500 Arohane Primary Tuguri Augustine M Wainoni CHS
501 Arohane Primary Wate Alister M FM Campbel CHS
502 Aruligo SDA Primary Alphy Sau M Aruligo CHS
503 Aruligo SDA Primary Amy Pelu F Aruligo CHS
504 Aruligo SDA Primary Ayke Tiubule M Aruligo CHS
505 Aruligo SDA Primary Calwin Moia M Aruligo CHS
506 Aruligo SDA Primary Chalton Lulu M Aruligo CHS
507 Aruligo SDA Primary Douglas Kiligolona M Aruligo CHS
508 Aruligo SDA Primary Elsie Grace Suia F Jones Adventist College
509 Aruligo SDA Primary Gynty A. Atu M Betikama Adventist College
510 Aruligo SDA Primary Hellen Taharanina F Aruligo CHS
511 Aruligo SDA Primary Hendry Noli M Aruligo CHS
512 Aruligo SDA Primary Henson Young M Tenakoga CHS
513 Aruligo SDA Primary Ian Chapangi M Betikama Adventist College
514 Aruligo SDA Primary Jackson Vakio M Aruligo CHS
515 Aruligo SDA Primary Jaymark Kilu M Tenakoga CHS
516 Aruligo SDA Primary Joycelyn Tavetada F Aruligo CHS
517 Aruligo SDA Primary Jude Omi M Aruligo CHS
518 Aruligo SDA Primary Junior Sovekimbo M Aruligo CHS
519 Aruligo SDA Primary Linmah Mangaleva F Aruligo CHS
520 Aruligo SDA Primary Lowinta Irofiala F Aruligo CHS
521 Aruligo SDA Primary Martin Tavalusu M Aruligo CHS
522 Aruligo SDA Primary Narelle Panete F Burnscreek CHS
523 Aruligo SDA Primary Nester Johnson Keo F Aruligo CHS
524 Aruligo SDA Primary Obrian Gonikimbo M Aruligo CHS
525 Aruligo SDA Primary Philimon Onesymas M Aruligo CHS
526 Aruligo SDA Primary Rachel Liliau Mui F Aruligo CHS
527 Aruligo SDA Primary Rhianon Limaenado F Selwyn College NSS
528 Aruligo SDA Primary Serina Pae F Florence Young Christain School
529 Aruligo SDA Primary Varellmah Timmy F Tenakoga CHS
530 Aruligo SDA Primary Vegelyn Levoho F Aruligo CHS
531 Asimanioha Primary Aberai Thrishia F Tawatana CHS
532 Asimanioha Primary Alisio Lawrence M Tawatana CHS
533 Asimanioha Primary Awaiasi Jemimah F Tawatana CHS
534 Asimanioha Primary Bronia Mae Stivy F Tawatana CHS
535 Asimanioha Primary Fox Charles M Tawatana CHS
536 Asimanioha Primary Ha'aunuani Lisa F St Stephen Pamua NSS
537 Asimanioha Primary Hinage Melvina F Tawatana CHS
538 Asimanioha Primary Hiri Manshilla F Tawatana CHS
539 Asimanioha Primary Plant Henald M Tawatana CHS
540 Asimanioha Primary Plant Hubert M Tawatana CHS
541 Asimanioha Primary Sewia Sandra F Tawatana CHS
542 Asimanioha Primary Taori Cindy F Waimapuru NSS
543 Asimanioha Primary Unga Linsa F Tawatana CHS
544 Atoifi SDA Primary Jay Trevour Chilion M Burnscreek CHS
545 Atoifi SDA Primary Robert Andrew M Waneagu CHS
546 Atoifi SDA Primary Sarita Fatalaea F Bekabeka CHS
547 Atoifi SDA Primary Scott Baefua M Betikama Adventist College
548 Atoifi SDA Primary Stephen Amos M Imbo CHS
549 Atori Primary Angela Mae F Atori CHS
550 Atori Primary Anna Kali F Atori CHS
551 Atori Primary Chrisma Akwai F Aligegeo PSS
552 Atori Primary Dyna Sam F Atori CHS
553 Atori Primary Eddie Maela M Atori CHS
554 Atori Primary Everlyn Oruta F Atori CHS
555 Atori Primary Grace Sade F Atori CHS
556 Atori Primary Hilda Auta F Atori CHS
557 Atori Primary Junior Gaugela M Atori CHS
558 Atori Primary Junior Makara M Atori CHS
559 Atori Primary Junior Soeasi M Atori CHS
560 Atori Primary Kylie Osia F Aligegeo PSS
561 Atori Primary Melinda Kinita F Atori CHS
562 Atori Primary Muriel Foakali F Atori CHS
563 Atori Primary Muriel Samo F Atori CHS
564 Atori Primary Raylin Eda F Atori CHS
565 Atori Primary Ronnie Initeé M Aligegeo PSS
566 Atori Primary Rose Roko F Atori CHS
567 Atori Primary Sylvanus Mani M Atori CHS
568 Atori Primary Unice Neisi F Atori CHS
569 Atori Primary Vicky Timi F King George VI NSS
570 Auki Primary Agnes Ka'a F Auki CHS
571 Auki Primary Alex Atopara M Auki CHS
572 Auki Primary Allan Saelea M Auki CHS
573 Auki Primary Alvin Diudi M Auki CHS
574 Auki Primary Angina Tonakwana F Auki CHS
575 Auki Primary Augustine Talu M Auki CHS
576 Auki Primary Betty Riria F Aligegeo PSS
577 Auki Primary David Filia M Auki CHS
578 Auki Primary Dominic Alele M Auki CHS
579 Auki Primary Drucillar Idute'e F Su'u NSS
580 Auki Primary Elina Fa'amauri F Auki CHS
581 Auki Primary Ellen Ata F Auki CHS
582 Auki Primary Ellen Iro F Auki CHS
583 Auki Primary Elmina Hou F Auki CHS
584 Auki Primary Evalina Auramo F Auki CHS
585 Auki Primary Fiona Lui F Aligegeo PSS
586 Auki Primary Frances Usuli M Auki CHS
587 Auki Primary Gabriella Muate’e F Auki CHS
588 Auki Primary Grelyn Rae F Auki CHS
589 Auki Primary Haniel Wazer M Auki CHS
590 Auki Primary Hansel Lulomea M Auki CHS
591 Auki Primary Hudmar Puni M Auki CHS
592 Auki Primary Jaclyn Itea F Auki CHS
593 Auki Primary Jazar Afia M Auki CHS
594 Auki Primary Jenicia Riina Dauta F Auki CHS
595 Auki Primary Jeriel Siru Tafea M Auki CHS
596 Auki Primary Jnr Johnson Puaniara M Auki CHS
597 Auki Primary John Brown M Auki CHS
598 Auki Primary Josh Waimora M Aligegeo PSS
599 Auki Primary Junita To’ofilu F Auki CHS
600 Auki Primary Lilian Bateni F Aligegeo PSS
601 Auki Primary Loria Walter F Auki CHS
602 Auki Primary Lucelly Riria F Aligegeo PSS
603 Auki Primary Macella Sobikivo F Auki CHS
604 Auki Primary Madlena George F Auki CHS
605 Auki Primary Majella Totori F Auki CHS
606 Auki Primary Malinda Diudi F Auki CHS
607 Auki Primary Maria Benedette F Aligegeo PSS
608 Auki Primary Michael Hatai M Auki CHS
609 Auki Primary Milton Palmer M Auki CHS
610 Auki Primary Nakita Su'umani F Auki CHS
611 Auki Primary Naolyn Zaduku F Auki CHS
612 Auki Primary Nathan Naonorua M Auki CHS
613 Auki Primary Nathaniel Maeleka M Auki CHS
614 Auki Primary Netania Kalauma F Auki CHS
615 Auki Primary Norman Arkwright M Auki CHS
616 Auki Primary Norman Huapu M Auki CHS
617 Auki Primary Paul Ramobngisia M Auki CHS
618 Auki Primary Peter Kwanafia M Auki CHS
619 Auki Primary Peter Ramokari M Auki CHS
620 Auki Primary Richard Farodo M Auki CHS
621 Auki Primary Ronly Oeta Junior M Auki CHS
622 Auki Primary Rose Kaii F Auki CHS
623 Auki Primary Sandy Caro F Auki CHS
624 Auki Primary Scott Prince Tehatu M Auki CHS
625 Auki Primary Talia Ne'e F Auki CHS
626 Auki Primary Trisha Omani F Auki CHS
627 Auki Primary Valentine Naoka M Rokera PSS
628 Auki Primary Verlyn Kaula F Su'u NSS
629 Aveta Primary Danisha Meckalyn F Matembo CHS
630 Aveta Primary Faka Charles M Matembo CHS
631 Aveta Primary Kasia Ruben M Matembo CHS
632 Aveta Primary Marggie Doreen F Matembo CHS
633 Aveta Primary Phancy John M Matembo CHS
634 Aveta Primary Shaka Prince M Matembo CHS
635 Avuavu Primary Fifanty Art Whistler M King George VI NSS
636 Avuavu Primary Kokimbo Theresah F Avuavu PSS
637 Avuavu Primary Madeiha Nester F Avuavu PSS
638 Avuavu Primary Mary Olivia F Longu Avuavu CHS
639 Avuavu Primary Matai Joseph M Longu Avuavu CHS
640 Avuavu Primary Ngelea Calvis M Avuavu PSS
641 Avuavu Primary Ngelea Masupa M Longu Avuavu CHS
642 Avuavu Primary Sesegalia Jerolyn F Avuavu PSS
643 Avuavu Primary Steve John M Betikama Adventist College
644 Avuavu Primary Votaia Mary Paila F Avuavu PSS
645 Babahaero Primary Angelina Tailor F Kesao CHS
646 Babahaero Primary Daisy Melepago F Kesao CHS
647 Babahaero Primary Esmond Sogha M Lilika CHS
648 Babahaero Primary Francis Laboe M Allardyce PSS
649 Babahaero Primary Gilbert Ginns M Kesao CHS
650 Babahaero Primary Jasmin Linesu F Kesao CHS
651 Babahaero Primary John Holoway M Kesao CHS
652 Babahaero Primary Justin Telakia M Lilika CHS
653 Babahaero Primary Melcy Wiclif M Kesao CHS
654 Babahaero Primary Minikoe Lenga M Kesao CHS
655 Babahaero Primary Obed Vinale M Kesao CHS
656 Babahaero Primary Ronson Leamana M Lilika CHS
657 Babanakira Primary Jerol Luvusia M Babanakira CHS
658 Babanakira Primary Jervin Volanga M Babanakira CHS
659 Babanakira Primary Lawrence Tobailage M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
660 Babanakira Primary Leo Mangatavila M Babanakira CHS
661 Babanakira Primary Marcillin Tataku M Babanakira CHS
662 Babanakira Primary Moses Tova M Babanakira CHS
663 Babanakira Primary Naerin Mary F Babanakira CHS
664 Babanakira Primary Suliana Taufou F Babanakira CHS
665 Babasu Primary Annita Stella F Longu Kaoka CHS
666 Babasu Primary Asimota Greg M Longu Kaoka CHS
667 Babasu Primary Astewa Gladys F Longu Kaoka CHS
668 Babasu Primary Awata Christopher M Avuavu PSS
669 Babasu Primary Epo Anica F Longu Kaoka CHS
670 Babasu Primary Huniaro Suniel M Longu Kaoka CHS
671 Babasu Primary Junior Fredrick M Longu Kaoka CHS
672 Babasu Primary Kalos Mane M Longu Kaoka CHS
673 Babasu Primary Kova Kylet F Longu Kaoka CHS
674 Babasu Primary Seka Daniel M Longu Kaoka CHS
675 Babasu Primary Taria Oliwa M Longu Kaoka CHS
676 Baenga Primary Bodlein John M Venga CHS
677 Baenga Primary Imua Marista F Venga CHS
678 Baenga Primary Inanzlu Julet F Venga CHS
679 Baenga Primary Meleibla Alester M Venga CHS
680 Baenga Primary Pikiti Elma F Venga CHS
681 Baenga Primary Tuplo Shane M Venga CHS
682 Baenga Primary Tuplo Tamine F Venga CHS
683 Baeroko Primary Benjiman Kiakia M Kokeqolo CHS
684 Baeroko Primary Betrisa Zauma F Biula PSS
685 Baeroko Primary Brian Kapabatu M Barasipo CHS
686 Baeroko Primary Darren Lao M Barasipo CHS
687 Baeroko Primary Ilala Sale M Barasipo CHS
688 Baeroko Primary Maeva Salena F Kokeqolo CHS
689 Baeroko Primary Samuel Sale M Barasipo CHS
690 Baeroko Primary Wayne Runimetu M Goldie College NSS
691 Baeroko Primary Wryne Iputu F Jones Adventist College
692 Baguri Primary Alockso Teube M Goldie College NSS
693 Baguri Primary Billy Lipapio F Biula PSS
694 Baguri Primary Dipalyn Puni F Dunde CHS
695 Baguri Primary Floyd Karani M Dunde CHS
696 Baguri Primary Indira Varokana M Biula PSS
697 Baguri Primary Maera Taovido M Biula PSS
698 Baguri Primary Munro Tino M Biula PSS
699 Baguri Primary Oka Voku M Dunde CHS
700 Baguri Primary Paleka Pason M Goldie College NSS
701 Baguri Primary Reilyn Elma Lau M Biula PSS
702 Baguri Primary Rimlas Oka M Biula PSS
703 Baguri Primary Simeon Vaevo F Dunde CHS
704 Baguri Primary Siuta Kuri F Dunde CHS
705 Baguri Primary Theresia Teube F Biula PSS
706 Balafai Primary Beckford Nonoma M Balafai CHS
707 Balafai Primary Christial Joe F Balafai CHS
708 Balafai Primary Daisy Daniel F Balafai CHS
709 Balafai Primary Daniel Belden M Balafai CHS
710 Balafai Primary Elson Fuifela M Balafai CHS
711 Balafai Primary Elvis Rasy M Balafai CHS
712 Balafai Primary Emcy Headly F Balafai CHS
713 Balafai Primary Jude Dickson M Balafai CHS
714 Balafai Primary Juleen V. Meke F Balafai CHS
715 Balafai Primary Lovelyn Tageni F Balafai CHS
716 Balafai Primary Margaret Belden F Aligegeo PSS
717 Balafai Primary Melinter Gwangoa F Balafai CHS
718 Balafai Primary Nelson Morifaka M Balafai CHS
719 Balafai Primary Nerrol John F Balafai CHS
720 Balafai Primary Nester T. Meke F Aligegeo PSS
721 Balafai Primary Philip Kenneth M Balafai CHS
722 Balafai Primary Rex Laufisi M Balafai CHS
723 Balafai Primary Samo D. Meke M Balafai CHS
724 Balipaá Extension Primary Pile Emily F Balipaá CHS
725 Balipaá Extension Primary Tavake Edith F Balipaá CHS
726 Balipaá Extension Primary Tawopi Johnson M Balipaá CHS
727 Balipaá Primary Gomongi Doreen F Balipaá CHS
728 Balipaá Primary Kekea Elinta F Balipaá CHS
729 Balipaá Primary Kolonga Serah F Balipaá CHS
730 Balipaá Primary Lapoli Elizabeth F Balipaá CHS
731 Balipaá Primary Liame Doris F Balipaá CHS
732 Balipaá Primary Mapena Edwin M Balipaá CHS
733 Balipaá Primary Moali Alfred M Balipaá CHS
734 Balipaá Primary Pwanyinga Wendy F Balipaá CHS
735 Balipaá Primary Sanubo Hellen F Balipaá CHS
736 Balipaá Primary Tamula Elizabeth F Balipaá CHS
737 Balipaá Primary Teki Doreem F Balipaá CHS
738 Balipaá Primary Tokolaki Clerah F Balipaá CHS
739 Balipaá Primary Toluwa Walter M Balipaá CHS
740 Balipaá Primary Tukai Margaret F Balipaá CHS
741 Balipaá Primary Langiou Shimalyn F Luesalemba PSS
742 Balipaá Primary Teatu Doreen F Luesalemba PSS
743 Banga Primary Austin Pitakaka M Noro CHS
744 Banga Primary Brenda Lozinet F Kokeqolo CHS
745 Banga Primary Catherine Piro F Goldie College NSS
746 Banga Primary Dorothy Audrey F Barasipo CHS
747 Banga Primary Francis Loe M Goldie College NSS
748 Banga Primary Gideon John Pina M Biula PSS
749 Banga Primary Joseph Boso M Kokeqolo CHS
750 Banga Primary Josiana Viuru F Kokeqolo CHS
751 Banga Primary June Elisabeth F Goldie College NSS
752 Banga Primary Junior Casper Kobaka M Noro CHS
753 Banga Primary Lisi Tuke F Goldie College NSS
754 Banga Primary Luciano Kapali M Kokeqolo CHS
755 Banga Primary Mathew Fangotavave M Kokeqolo CHS
756 Banga Primary Moya Aleve F Barasipo CHS
757 Banga Primary Ruben Runialo M Barasipo CHS
758 Banga Primary Sophie Aleve F Barasipo CHS
759 Bangara Primary Katoboe Jack M Ogho CHS
760 Bangara Primary Kulaqole Mydah F Ogho CHS
761 Bangara Primary Sapizava Sanford M Ogho CHS
762 Bangara Primary Vananava Gibson M Ogho CHS
763 Baolo Primary Boka Pauline F Lilika CHS
764 Baolo Primary Celestino Ascen M Lilika CHS
765 Baolo Primary Christina Dorish F Lilika CHS
766 Baolo Primary Hellen Viraen F Guguha CHS
767 Baolo Primary Imo Nelson M Guguha CHS
768 Baolo Primary Judy Clea F Lilika CHS
769 Baolo Primary Koitoke Isabella F Lilika CHS
770 Baolo Primary Linda Florin F Lilika CHS
771 Baolo Primary Mamudi Moffet M Lilika CHS
772 Baolo Primary Matevaka Vincent M Lilika CHS
773 Baolo Primary Nafaru Blessing F Lilika CHS
774 Baolo Primary Trelyn Jainice F Lilika CHS
775 Baolo Primary Vala Dora F Lilika CHS
776 Baolo Primary Vicky Florina F Lilika CHS
777 Baolo Primary Willie Peter M Guguha CHS
778 Baolo Primary Ziku Rency M Lilika CHS
779 Barasile Primary Dallvin Gena M Barasile CHS
780 Barasile Primary Evita Emily F Barasile CHS
781 Barasile Primary Gasedia Rosta F Barasile CHS
782 Barasile Primary Gift Lealea M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
783 Barasile Primary Glenda Sadlyn F Barasile CHS
784 Barasile Primary Manele Jeremiah M Barasile CHS
785 Barasile Primary Noel Tolei M Barasile CHS
786 Barasile Primary Paka Christalyn F Barasile CHS
787 Barasile Primary Pamela Hiropuhi F Barasile CHS
788 Barasile Primary Rojina Cecilia F Barasile CHS
789 Barasile Primary Sisa Donald M Barasile CHS
790 Barasile Primary Tari Leenton M Barasile CHS
791 Barasile Primary Terence Jones M Barasile CHS
792 Barasipo Primary Benkelo Lego M Barasipo CHS
793 Barasipo Primary Enoch Leti M Barasipo CHS
794 Barasipo Primary Gremally Aetirick F Barasipo CHS
795 Barasipo Primary Jansan Zoro M Barasipo CHS
796 Barasipo Primary Roselyn Ramo F Kokeqolo CHS
797 Barasipo Primary Zahlina Masu F Barasipo CHS
798 Bareho Primary Alesia Chacha F SR Academy Secondary
799 Bareho Primary Alsen Kinio M Bekabeka CHS
800 Bareho Primary Andy James M Viru CHS
801 Bareho Primary Desae Ricky M Bekabeka CHS
802 Bareho Primary Frank Talo M Viru CHS
803 Bareho Primary Jandury Ben F Bekabeka CHS
804 Bareho Primary Jayjay Hilton M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
805 Bareho Primary Keithy Pitu F SR Academy Secondary
806 Bareho Primary Laddington Chite M SR Academy Secondary
807 Bareho Primary Lyan Palmer F Bekabeka CHS
808 Bareho Primary Lyniah Brian F Bekabeka CHS
809 Bareho Primary Risandra Apato F SR Academy Secondary
810 Bareho Primary Ruth Biru F SR Academy Secondary
811 Bareho Primary Scown Piogeto M Bekabeka CHS
812 Bareho Primary Vertisa Palmer F Kukudu Adventist College
813 Bareho Primary Viduka Calton M SR Academy Secondary
814 Basakana Primary Abba Kalei Ray M Aligegeo PSS
815 Basakana Primary Abraham Mote M Adaua Secondary
816 Basakana Primary Christina Olo Mary F Adaua Secondary
817 Basakana Primary David Tuita M Adaua Secondary
818 Basakana Primary Jelisha Afuna F Aligegeo PSS
819 Basakana Primary John Siale Time M Afufu CHS
820 Basakana Primary Joseth Maena Kesty F Adaua Secondary
821 Basakana Primary Mary Kokosi Manui F Aligegeo PSS
822 Basakana Primary Noelyn Laliomea F Afufu CHS
823 Basakana Primary Paul Laki Junior M Aligegeo PSS
824 Basakana Primary Raymond Alick Ramousia M Adaua Secondary
825 Basakana Primary Resina Tabusu Sinafaka F Adaua Secondary
826 Batuna SDA Primary Allen T Raynold M SR Academy Secondary
827 Batuna SDA Primary Barreth Y. Sipilingi M Bekabeka CHS
828 Batuna SDA Primary Desian D Bemu F SR Academy Secondary
829 Batuna SDA Primary Edwin Joseph Kaboke M Betikama Adventist College
830 Batuna SDA Primary Jimmy L. Papo M SR Academy Secondary
831 Batuna SDA Primary Kimitora M Job M SR Academy Secondary
832 Batuna SDA Primary Marlina H. Dhartly F Kukudu Adventist College
833 Batuna SDA Primary Naelyn L Enock F SR Academy Secondary
834 Batuna SDA Primary Philex Raynick Nathan M Kukudu Adventist College
835 Batuna SDA Primary Rayler R Makau F Bekabeka CHS
836 Batuna SDA Primary Rickson J Ratai M SR Academy Secondary
837 Batuna SDA Primary Sabestine D. Belo M SR Academy Secondary
838 Batuna SDA Primary Shebuel L. Rarava M Bekabeka CHS
839 Batuna SDA Primary Sonnie D. Abitalo M SR Academy Secondary
840 Batuna SDA Primary Terion C. Masi M Bekabeka CHS
841 Batuna SDA Primary Timme J. Robert M Bekabeka CHS
842 Batuna SDA Primary Tinella D James F SR Academy Secondary
843 Batuna SDA Primary Veenah C. Lekezoto F Bekabeka CHS
844 Baunani Primary Absalom Kwara'afuna M Baunani CHS
845 Baunani Primary Adrain Amasi M Baunani CHS
846 Baunani Primary Alvina Oritaimae F Baunani CHS
847 Baunani Primary Angella Dauru F Baunani CHS
848 Baunani Primary Annette Ofo'ofo F Baunani CHS
849 Baunani Primary Bridget Tolonala F Baunani CHS
850 Baunani Primary Christina Houona F Su'u NSS
851 Baunani Primary Clarisa Panoia F Baunani CHS
852 Baunani Primary Dinah Kwatenaia F Baunani CHS
853 Baunani Primary Elina Dafe F Baunani CHS
854 Baunani Primary Esron Waidia M Tawaimare CHS
855 Baunani Primary Francina Basuia F Baunani CHS
856 Baunani Primary Frestella Mae F Adaua Secondary
857 Baunani Primary George Abolate M Baunani CHS
858 Baunani Primary Grayham Nekea M Baunani CHS
859 Baunani Primary Hillary Lagafoli M Baunani CHS
860 Baunani Primary Joy Tefai F Baunani CHS
861 Baunani Primary Junior Feresui M Baunani CHS
862 Baunani Primary Lucy Dedefo F Baunani CHS
863 Baunani Primary Luisa Arukau F Baunani CHS
864 Baunani Primary Margaret Kwarii F Baunani CHS
865 Baunani Primary Mary Asumpta F Baunani CHS
866 Baunani Primary Mary Piriía F Baunani CHS
867 Baunani Primary Mercy Ialofia F Baunani CHS
868 Baunani Primary Natasah Ofioato F Baunani CHS
869 Baunani Primary Nelson Koti M Baunani CHS
870 Baunani Primary Phillis Aobata F Aligegeo PSS
871 Baunani Primary Susan Tura F Baunani CHS
872 Baunani Primary Susila Kwarasu F Baunani CHS
873 Baunani Primary Theresa Hoipara F Baunani CHS
874 Baunani Primary Westwin Futainao M Aligegeo PSS
875 Baunani Primary Zeborah Mamuna F Baunani CHS
876 Beiporo Primary Bellinah Vilaela F Eleoteve CHS
877 Beiporo Primary Betty Barimata F Eleoteve CHS
878 Beiporo Primary Boaz Aroto M Eleoteve CHS
879 Beiporo Primary Callowin Maeda M Sibila CHS
880 Beiporo Primary Jaylian Poreke F Goldie College NSS
881 Beiporo Primary Leawilly Apusae M Kukudu Adventist College
882 Beiporo Primary Natasha Lupa F Pienuna CHS
883 Beiporo Primary Rairivo Nelson Quina M Goldie College NSS
884 Beiporo Primary Relmond Mitau M Eleoteve CHS
885 Beiporo Primary Rosco Vilaka M Eleoteve CHS
886 Beiporo Primary Rozillia Panda F Sibila CHS
887 Belaga Primary Ben Wara M Siota PSS
888 Belaga Primary Benjamin Misitana M Belaga CHS
889 Belaga Primary Catherine Takona F Siota PSS
890 Belaga Primary Edwin Lulua M Belaga CHS
891 Belaga Primary Ellen Vunagi F Belaga CHS
892 Belaga Primary Florison Tororo M Siota PSS
893 Belaga Primary Grace Longala F Siota PSS
894 Belaga Primary Grace Peni F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
895 Belaga Primary Grace Vulae F Belaga CHS
896 Belaga Primary Hilda Hinaria F Belaga CHS
897 Belaga Primary John Kulasi M Belaga CHS
898 Belaga Primary Paul Gito M Belaga CHS
899 Belaga Primary Percival Hangi M Belaga CHS
900 Belaga Primary Robert Kakau M Belaga CHS
901 Belaha Primary Boboria Florence F Belaha CHS
902 Belaha Primary Bonagi John M Belaha CHS
903 Belaha Primary Chapa Chris M Belaha CHS
904 Belaha Primary Davinia Florence F Belaha CHS
905 Belaha Primary Hicks Haniel M Belaha CHS
906 Belaha Primary Iro Billy M Belaha CHS
907 Belaha Primary Kalinamae Benard M Belaha CHS
908 Belaha Primary Kalinamae Felix M Belaha CHS
909 Belaha Primary Karei Jethro M Avuavu PSS
910 Belaha Primary Labu Diran M Belaha CHS
911 Belaha Primary Lale Loyd M Belaha CHS
912 Belaha Primary Manea Vahied M Belaha CHS
913 Belaha Primary Moses Monica F Belaha CHS
914 Belaha Primary Motie Issach M Belaha CHS
915 Belaha Primary Natei Clement M Belaha CHS
916 Belaha Primary Odain Samuel M Belaha CHS
917 Belaha Primary Peter Odlyn F Belaha CHS
918 Belaha Primary Racheal Katherine F Belaha CHS
919 Belaha Primary Ramo Wendy F Belaha CHS
920 Belaha Primary Reno Neyham M Belaha CHS
921 Belaha Primary Rina Angelina F Belaha CHS
922 Belaha Primary Sirinda Tazian F Belaha CHS
923 Belaha Primary Sogolea Pilis M Belaha CHS
924 Belaha Primary Solo Jimmy M Belaha CHS
925 Belaha Primary Tatagala Teresa F Belaha CHS
926 Belaha Primary Uni Raywin F Belaha CHS
927 Belaha Primary Vinoli Saelyn F Belaha CHS
928 Belaha Primary Vitarina Sulin F Belaha CHS
929 Bemuta Primary Bete Coldina F Pitukoli CHS
930 Bemuta Primary Deuta Elsey F Pitukoli CHS
931 Bemuta Primary Elimina Daoty F Pitukoli CHS
932 Bemuta Primary Fonita Ellen F Pitukoli CHS
933 Bemuta Primary Kovia Damrish F Pitukoli CHS
934 Bemuta Primary Liku Sterry F Pitukoli CHS
935 Bemuta Primary Misi Elvis M Pitukoli CHS
936 Bemuta Primary Rocky Radcliff M Pitukoli CHS
937 Bemuta Primary Tisa Tryphina F Pitukoli CHS
938 Besu Primary Alex Brandon M Bubunuhu CHS
939 Besu Primary Byrol Kelly F Bubunuhu CHS
940 Besu Primary Erick Mane M Bubunuhu CHS
941 Besu Primary Jimmy Koti M Bubunuhu CHS
942 Besu Primary Kelly Brandy M Bubunuhu CHS
943 Besu Primary Kukitti Siania M Bubunuhu CHS
944 Besu Primary Peter Glim M Bubunuhu CHS
945 Besu Primary Willie Daiward M Bubunuhu CHS
946 Betivatu Primary Demas Junior M Betivatu CHS
947 Betivatu Primary Hulda Bishel F Betivatu CHS
948 Betivatu Primary June Elizabeth F Betivatu CHS
949 Betivatu Primary Kaputi Isaac M Betivatu CHS
950 Betivatu Primary Launi Paul M Betivatu CHS
951 Betivatu Primary Lee Steve M Betivatu CHS
952 Betivatu Primary Maeni Daniel M Betivatu CHS
953 Betivatu Primary Maeni Larry M Florence Young Christain School
954 Betivatu Primary Maeni Odobamu M Burnscreek CHS
955 Betivatu Primary Maneiria Esther F Florence Young Christain School
956 Betivatu Primary Milton Anica F Su'u NSS
957 Betivatu Primary Namoka Brendon M Betivatu CHS
958 Betivatu Primary Osborn Junitha F Su'u NSS
959 Betivatu Primary Osborn Stacy M Betivatu CHS
960 Betivatu Primary Paul Rocky M Betivatu CHS
961 Betivatu Primary Pilosi Samani M Nguvia CHS
962 Betivatu Primary Pitakia Najia F Su'u NSS
963 Betivatu Primary Rolly Dorris F Chapuria CHS
964 Betivatu Primary Rolly Ollis F Betivatu CHS
965 Betivatu Primary Sabe Samuel M Betivatu CHS
966 Betivatu Primary Samany Maclyn M Betivatu CHS
967 Betivatu Primary Sammy Uriel M Betivatu CHS
968 Betivatu Primary Solo Hans M Betivatu CHS
969 Betivatu Primary Suri Tamara F Betivatu CHS
970 Betivatu Primary Tavai Amemia F Betivatu CHS
971 Betivatu Primary Travor Brandish M Betivatu CHS
972 Betivatu Primary Vari Ryan M Florence Young Christain School
973 Betivatu Primary Vito Jaywin M Betivatu CHS
974 Betivatu Primary Wale Jayston M Betivatu CHS
975 Biche Primary Heidy Allan M Bekabeka CHS
976 Biche Primary Jayton Dai M Bekabeka CHS
977 Biche Primary Vincent Luke M Bekabeka CHS
978 Bili Primary Chelsea Hugho F Kukudu Adventist College
979 Bili Primary Doleen Holland F Bekabeka CHS
980 Bili Primary Linteko Lexton F Bekabeka CHS
981 Bili Primary Luthern Tasker M Jones Adventist College
982 Bili Primary Nieljin Kolikeda F Bekabeka CHS
983 Bili Primary Rosemarley Situ F Bekabeka CHS
984 Bili Primary Trevina Clizy F Bekabeka CHS
985 Bilua Primary Alphino Selo M Bilua CHS
986 Bilua Primary Chen Robert M Vonunu NSS
987 Bilua Primary Francisco Pitataivo M Bilua CHS
988 Bilua Primary Giabadino Lelapitu M Bilua CHS
989 Bilua Primary Hansel Adrian M Bilua CHS
990 Bilua Primary Harrison Harisimae M Bilua CHS
991 Bilua Primary Ireen Noga F Bilua CHS
992 Bilua Primary Joshany Pana F Bilua CHS
993 Bilua Primary Junior Tovavaki M Bilua CHS
994 Bilua Primary Karina Unice F Vonunu NSS
995 Bilua Primary Marrakech Riqeo F Bilua CHS
996 Bilua Primary Sandy Ramohaka F Vonunu NSS
997 Bilua Primary Stephany Ramohaka F Bilua CHS
998 Bilua Primary Tokuru Sore M Bilua CHS
999 Bilua Primary Tsumita Crephil F Bilua CHS
1000 Bilua Primary Zachariah Pana M Vonunu NSS
1001 Bilua Primary Zanella Lilly F Bilua CHS
1002 Bimbir Primary Lipirla Sobby F Nangu CHS
1003 Bimbir Primary Magou Heden M Nangu CHS
1004 Bimbir Primary Meipa Peter M Nangu CHS
1005 Bimbir Primary Mekame Joses M Nangu CHS
1006 Bimbir Primary Teikau Ricky M Nangu CHS
1007 Bimbir Primary Tungale Junior M Nangu CHS
1008 Bimbir Primary Yanede Gabriel M Luesalemba PSS
1009 Bimbir Primary Yape Rosa F Nangu CHS
1010 Binusa Primary Alwin Lintas M Vatilau CHS
1011 Binusa Primary Chris Luga M Siota PSS
1012 Binusa Primary Daniel Sosobo M Vatilau CHS
1013 Binusa Primary Gilbert Kosoe M Vatilau CHS
1014 Binusa Primary Jerry Daonga M Vatilau CHS
1015 Binusa Primary Lydia Lako F Vatilau CHS
1016 Binusa Primary Lynet Ryan F Siota PSS
1017 Binusa Primary Tracy Wendy F Vatilau CHS
1018 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Aitarau Alves Dannie M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1019 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Amisha Getrude Walegerea F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1020 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Andrea Kopeinao F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1021 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Anisi Kasi Nicola F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1022 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Anna White Laura F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1023 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Aote'e Flarish F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1024 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Atoa Thompson M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1025 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Aumanu Sanga Silvario M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1026 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Avosi Junior Joseph M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1027 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Baeagisia Briana F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1028 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Bakele Dominic M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1029 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Baura Andrew M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1030 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Bird Chanduran Silas M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1031 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Biti Raenli F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1032 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Boka Robert Epalle M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1033 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Clarkson Margret F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1034 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Crisphina Loft F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1035 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Elishma Karuhasi F King George VI NSS
1036 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Elizabeth Ngahugari F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1037 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Faleusia Rinaldo M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1038 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Fasifera Rachel F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1039 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Felisia Charlyn F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1040 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Foufaka Elizabeth F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1041 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Francis Berry Haisoma M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1042 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Francis Pala M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1043 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Galaysia Saega Siau M King George VI NSS
1044 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Grace Tepua F St John CHS
1045 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Haika Gabriel M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1046 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Hairiu Anna Wilmary F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1047 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Haisoma Christiano M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1048 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Hite'e Waraharupata Trisha F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1049 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Horihau Jenilda F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1050 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Houanihau John Steward M Mbokona CHS
1051 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Iro Oriana Nimah F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1052 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Jackson Wara M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1053 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary John Mark Lokapio M King George VI NSS
1054 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Jolo Junior M White River CHS
1055 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Jonathan Freddie Aumanu M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1056 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Josh Konia M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1057 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Joshua Fuinia Fa'arodo M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1058 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Kachanihau Pratt John M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1059 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Katapia Aloma F Coronation Christian CHS
1060 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Katrina Tome Tannai F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1061 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Koata Takaniti Vincent M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1062 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Kudu Zaira Valentina Joana F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1063 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Kwany Nonore Anseto M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1064 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Lapo Terrence M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1065 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Luialamo Vatopubatu Lloyed M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1066 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Mae Susan F Tamlan CHS
1067 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Maefiti John M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1068 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Maina Apy F St John CHS
1069 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Malasa Silas M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1070 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Malina Lilomo F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1071 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Mamae Gregory M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1072 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Manemuri Francis M Tamlan CHS
1073 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Manemuri Jason M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1074 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Manetoali Faith Madlane Deborah F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1075 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Michelle Ford Reresi F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1076 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Michelle Kupenga F King George VI NSS
1077 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Misi Sidonia F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1078 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Mostyn Emily F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1079 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Motu Rose Leah F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1080 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Narelle Jolie F St John CHS
1081 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Nuaiasi Mariska F Coronation Christian CHS
1082 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Nuake Jesmari F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1083 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Oimauri Tirza F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1084 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Okekini Zennina F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1085 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Oli Altrina F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1086 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Olivet Kelly F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1087 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Olo Mirriam F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1088 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Ora Alexisis F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1089 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Palmer Ranel F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1090 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Pitavato Praize Michael M Selwyn College NSS
1091 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Poipisi Prisca F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1092 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Prima Stancy F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1093 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Pule Melchaedish Soesole Bollen M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1094 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Rakafia Osiia Sofia F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1095 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Ranaitoro Marcos M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1096 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Raraikeni Erina Kate F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1097 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Raukwai Junior Kona M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1098 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Riugaimae Nicola F Mbokona CHS
1099 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Rofeta Joana F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1100 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Salome Pea'a Polesi F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1101 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Selina Sua Linta F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1102 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Senisi Roy Bowen M St John CHS
1103 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Siau Charmin Julie F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1104 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Sikali Ifuimae Elizabeth F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1105 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Soma Ula F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1106 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Soma Veila F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1107 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Sonele Dreadly M St John CHS
1108 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Stephany Salome F Tamlan CHS
1109 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Tahu Nancy Marie F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1110 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Tania Kuper F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1111 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Taqi Jaden Oscar M Mbokona CHS
1112 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Teejay M Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1113 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Tegavota Samane Virginia F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1114 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Tuvari Noella Mary F Tamlan CHS
1115 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Usuramo Florina F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1116 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Vagibule Lilly F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1117 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Waitoro Larisha F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1118 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Walesi Damo Bridget F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1119 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Wate Goucger F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1120 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Wate Wilfred F Bishop Epalle Catholic CHS
1121 Bishop Epalle Catholic Primary Woria Salome Allen F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1122 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Cendrella Rose F Kalenga CHS
1123 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Cliford Supa M Kalenga CHS
1124 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Festus Bava M Muana CHS
1125 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Gladyce Agnes F Muana CHS
1126 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Junior Lenga M Muana CHS
1127 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Kelvin Pade M Kalenga CHS
1128 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Sally Welmah F Muana CHS
1129 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Steward Ru'u M Muana CHS
1130 Bishop Epalle Memorial Primary Usula Malistalian F Muana CHS
1131 Bitakaula Primary Alfred Maelingu M Bitakaula CHS
1132 Bitakaula Primary David Diu M Bitakaula CHS
1133 Bitakaula Primary Emmy Misibini F Bitakaula CHS
1134 Bitakaula Primary Enrique Toena F Auki CHS
1135 Bitakaula Primary Fredrick Tagini M Bitakaula CHS
1136 Bitakaula Primary Gerryson Mahlon M Bitakaula CHS
1137 Bitakaula Primary Gibson Dodo M Auki CHS
1138 Bitakaula Primary Glence Nglinufo'oa F Bitakaula CHS
1139 Bitakaula Primary Grace Funufa'asia F Bitakaula CHS
1140 Bitakaula Primary Hilda Filia F Aligegeo PSS
1141 Bitakaula Primary Jessy Bua F Kilusakwalo CHS
1142 Bitakaula Primary John Jerry M Bitakaula CHS
1143 Bitakaula Primary Julian Maelana M Bitakaula CHS
1144 Bitakaula Primary Junior Nelson M Bitakaula CHS
1145 Bitakaula Primary Lorettta Haneau F Bitakaula CHS
1146 Bitakaula Primary Manasseh Faifu M Bitakaula CHS
1147 Bitakaula Primary Margret Tumua F Bitakaula CHS
1148 Bitakaula Primary Mercy Alick F Bitakaula CHS
1149 Bitakaula Primary Ritani Sibisoa F Bitakaula CHS
1150 Bitakaula Primary Robson Baha M Bitakaula CHS
1151 Bitakaula Primary Rose Kelaramo F Bitakaula CHS
1152 Bitakaula Primary Ryan Funufaasia M Bitakaula CHS
1153 Bitakaula Primary Selina Sarana F Bitakaula CHS
1154 Bitakaula Primary Sonya Suakini F Bitakaula CHS
1155 Bitakaula Primary Steven Mesa M Bitakaula CHS
1156 Boboe Primary Catherine Boti F Kaza CHS
1157 Boboe Primary Diana Ishmael F Jones Adventist College
1158 Boboe Primary Josephine Takenzie F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
1159 Boboe Primary Kenneth Kaua M Kaza CHS
1160 Boboe Primary Nisikera Timothy M Kaza CHS
1161 Boboe Primary Olsa Toata F Jones Adventist College
1162 Boboe Primary Pricillar Tonny F Kaza CHS
1163 Boboe Primary Ronelle Zale F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
1164 Boboe Primary Saena Ishmael F Kukudu Adventist College
1165 Boboe Primary Silas Ishmael M Barasipo CHS
1166 Boboe Primary Viola Jimmy F Ringi CHS
1167 Boboe Primary Zalisah Amiki F Kaza CHS
1168 Boe Primary Barisakapa Alison F Choiseul Bay PSS
1169 Boe Primary Gabugeto Conlius M Boe CHS
1170 Boe Primary Hare Betina F Boe CHS
1171 Boe Primary Kureboe Lemech M Boe CHS
1172 Boe Primary Pitakoe Lazarus M Boe CHS
1173 Boe Primary Pitavavini Hazel F Choiseul Bay PSS
1174 Boe Primary Poloso Bradly M Boe CHS
1175 Boe Primary Qoloni Anthony M Boe CHS
1176 Boe Primary Tanataru Nelly F Choiseul Bay PSS
1177 Boe Primary Taniveke G-Jay M Boe CHS
1178 Boe Primary Zoleveke Franklyn M Boe CHS
1179 Boeboe Primary Mamunu Fredrick M Choiseul Bay PSS
1180 Boeboe Primary Nanatina Apylyn F Wagina CHS
1181 Boeboe Primary Qoza Noah M Goldie College NSS
1182 Boeboe Primary Qurusu Autherphilli M Wagina CHS
1183 Boeboe Primary Sisikari Margery F Wagina CHS
1184 Boeboe Primary Soqo Henry Junior M Goldie College NSS
1185 Boeboe Primary Sulu Lovena F Choiseul Bay PSS
1186 Boeboe Primary Tabupago Corilly F Wagina CHS
1187 Boeboe Primary Tanito David M Choiseul Bay PSS
1188 Bokolonga Primary Jordan Sepo M Gelailau CHS
1189 Bokolonga Primary Julyn Pude F Gelailau CHS
1190 Bokolonga Primary Junior Leti M Gelailau CHS
1191 Bokolonga Primary Lency Teva M Gelailau CHS
1192 Bokolonga Primary Solomon Gorosi M Gelailau CHS
1193 Bokolonga Primary Stilwest Longadeni M Gelailau CHS
1194 Bola Primary Alacky Poa M Longu Kaoka CHS
1195 Bola Primary Aston Maena M Bolale CHS
1196 Bola Primary Cristol Manedika M Longu Kaoka CHS
1197 Bola Primary Haxine Cirgaret M Bolale CHS
1198 Bola Primary Jenta Melea F Bolale CHS
1199 Bola Primary Jerol Ghau M Longu Kaoka CHS
1200 Bola Primary Joyce Gela F Bolale CHS
1201 Bola Primary Michael Bosawai M Longu Kaoka CHS
1202 Bola Primary Michael Kela M Longu Kaoka CHS
1203 Bola Primary Suras Lulua M Longu Kaoka CHS
1204 Bolale Primary Blondy Tome F Mboeni CHS
1205 Bolale Primary Capely Luciano M Sanalumu CHS
1206 Bolale Primary Charlton Peter M Bolale CHS
1207 Bolale Primary Demina Olisi F Sanalumu CHS
1208 Bolale Primary Elinta Faith F Mboeni CHS
1209 Bolale Primary Franklyn Salua M Longu Kaoka CHS
1210 Bolale Primary Jason Ricky M Bolale CHS
1211 Bolale Primary Jesra Toke F Bolale CHS
1212 Bolale Primary Johnish Lincoln M Sanalumu CHS
1213 Bolale Primary Johnly Kelly M Mboeni CHS
1214 Bolale Primary Joseph Kimata M Bolale CHS
1215 Bolale Primary Junior Ketty M Bolale CHS
1216 Bolale Primary Loyce Pitakaka F Bolale CHS
1217 Bolale Primary Stefany F Longu Kaoka CHS
1218 Bolale Primary Stella Vivian F Bolale CHS
1219 Bolitei Primary Alesta Theo M Allardyce PSS
1220 Bolitei Primary Athley Seni M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
1221 Bolitei Primary Chalton Jedel M Lilika CHS
1222 Bolitei Primary Daisy Linma F Allardyce PSS
1223 Bolitei Primary Ismael Havithegna M Allardyce PSS
1224 Bolitei Primary Jepe Jeno M Allardyce PSS
1225 Bolitei Primary Juti Nelwyn F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
1226 Bolitei Primary Lindale Comfort M Allardyce PSS
1227 Bolitei Primary Lona Magret F Allardyce PSS
1228 Bolitei Primary Mady Everlyn F Allardyce PSS
1229 Bolitei Primary Philifrey Feithagna M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
1230 Bolitei Primary Seni Afa M Allardyce PSS
1231 Bolitei Primary Shalom Roda F Allardyce PSS
1232 Bolitei Primary Theo James M Allardyce PSS
1233 Bolitei Primary Tome Angella F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
1234 Bomata Primary Decki William M Luesalemba PSS
1235 Bomata Primary Denis Beckham M Luesalemba PSS
1236 Bomata Primary Hivan Ryan M Luesalemba PSS
1237 Bomata Primary Iwa Verolyn F Luesalemba PSS
1238 Bomata Primary Laukera Dorothy F Luesalemba PSS
1239 Bomata Primary Leiyeke Lionel M Luesalemba PSS
1240 Bomata Primary Liszy Joseph M Luesalemba PSS
1241 Bomata Primary Natei Calvin M Luesalemba PSS
1242 Bomata Primary Nuboea Jenny F Luesalemba PSS
1243 Bomata Primary Tui Jimmy M Luesalemba PSS
1244 Bonarogu Primary Dauasi Robert M Siota PSS
1245 Bonarogu Primary Ghulia John M Selwyn College NSS
1246 Bonarogu Primary Horuni Michael M Waimapuru NSS
1247 Bonarogu Primary Robert Dauasi M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1248 Bonarogu Primary Tovo Margaret F Halavo CHS
1249 Boromole Primary Angella Lando F Siota PSS
1250 Boromole Primary Ellizabeth Accension F Polomuhu CHS
1251 Boromole Primary Fanny Baso F Siota PSS
1252 Boromole Primary Florence Haga F Siota PSS
1253 Boromole Primary Lilian Lobu F Polomuhu CHS
1254 Boromole Primary Mary Mina F Polomuhu CHS
1255 Boromole Primary Trisha Oligaro F Polomuhu CHS
1256 Boromole Primary Verenica Sopala F Siota PSS
1257 Bubukolo Primary Luavaka Edna F Bubukolo CHS
1258 Bubukolo Primary Saikibona Melissa F Bubukolo CHS
1259 Bubukolo Primary Selina Jesinter F Bubukolo CHS
1260 Bubukolo Primary Tome John M Bubukolo CHS
1261 Bubukolo Primary Veke Danstan M Bubukolo CHS
1262 Bubukolo Primary Verakonina Jacklyn F Bubukolo CHS
1263 Bubunuhu Primary Charlton Manoah M Bubunuhu CHS
1264 Bubunuhu Primary Glendah Nolan F Bubunuhu CHS
1265 Bubunuhu Primary Karisah Bosamete F Bubunuhu CHS
1266 Bubunuhu Primary Stanton Chuku M Bubunuhu CHS
1267 Bubunuhu Primary Zyllah Revely F Bubunuhu CHS
1268 Buinitusu SDA Primary Dorima Denny F Bekabeka CHS
1269 Buinitusu SDA Primary Jenter Chaku F Bekabeka CHS
1270 Buinitusu SDA Primary Lester Gone M Betikama Adventist College
1271 Buinitusu SDA Primary Maelyn Lodi F Bekabeka CHS
1272 Buinitusu SDA Primary Nisha Kuve F Kukudu Adventist College
1273 Buinitusu SDA Primary Nodson Chaku M Bekabeka CHS
1274 Buinitusu SDA Primary Suzema Posala F Jones Adventist College
1275 Buki Primary Aquinas M Pirakamae CHS
1276 Buki Primary Bedino Ruqeava M Pirakamae CHS
1277 Buki Primary Chaminat Kae M Pirakamae CHS
1278 Buki Primary Luke Alapusi M Pirakamae CHS
1279 Buki Primary Pabinas Tokakolo M Pirakamae CHS
1280 Buki Primary Theodoro Tusiava M Pirakamae CHS
1281 Bulungali SDA Primary Esther Okumani F Betikama Adventist College
1282 Bulungali SDA Primary Lesily Fugui M Fourau CHS
1283 Bulungali SDA Primary Mary Osina F Fourau CHS
1284 Bulungali SDA Primary Patrick Maelasi M Fourau CHS
1285 Bulungali SDA Primary Phildino Fodia M Fourau CHS
1286 Bulungali SDA Primary Simon Asilaea M Fourau CHS
1287 Buma Extension Primary Laulae Douglas M Tetalo CHS
1288 Buma Extension Primary Lebengi Lily F Tetalo CHS
1289 Buma Extension Primary Lenga Jessy F Tetalo CHS
1290 Buma Extension Primary Mujah Raymond M Tetalo CHS
1291 Buma Extension Primary Ningiro Brendon M Tetalo CHS
1292 Buma Extension Primary Paia Jerry M Luesalemba PSS
1293 Buma Extension Primary Pokia Don M Tetalo CHS
1294 Buma Extension Primary Teki Grace Tina F Tetalo CHS
1295 Buma Extension Primary Veio Benjamin M Tetalo CHS
1296 Buma Primary Claire Veronica Ben F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1297 Buma Primary Junior Desmond Mane M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1298 Buri Primary Aaron Eddie M Buri CHS
1299 Buri Primary Aden Nongo Hopkin M Buri CHS
1300 Buri Primary Alron Mamipitu M Buri CHS
1301 Buri Primary Christiano Paul M Buri CHS
1302 Buri Primary Ellen Baenasi F Buri CHS
1303 Buri Primary Gorae Uzakana M Buri CHS
1304 Buri Primary Guatali Kulipi F Buri CHS
1305 Buri Primary Halma Clifson F Kukudu Adventist College
1306 Buri Primary Henia Gholomo F Buri CHS
1307 Buri Primary Manus Turarakana M Buri CHS
1308 Buri Primary Moment Amoi M Buri CHS
1309 Buri Primary Nadia Senkupa F Buri CHS
1310 Buri Primary Nanita Takaiama F Buri CHS
1311 Buri Primary Romarick Eddie M Buri CHS
1312 Buri Primary Sarafina Riutana F Buri CHS
1313 Buri Primary Shewin Muke M Jones Adventist College
1314 Burnscreek SDA Primary Adriel Ezekiel M Burnscreek CHS
1315 Burnscreek SDA Primary Agson Bosoboe M Burnscreek CHS
1316 Burnscreek SDA Primary Allen Hall M Kukudu Adventist College
1317 Burnscreek SDA Primary Angelyn Kairi F Betikama Adventist College
1318 Burnscreek SDA Primary Ann Vaea F Burnscreek CHS
1319 Burnscreek SDA Primary Anthony Piokera M Kukudu Adventist College
1320 Burnscreek SDA Primary Arphaxad Paul M Kukudu Adventist College
1321 Burnscreek SDA Primary Arzelia Mona F Burnscreek CHS
1322 Burnscreek SDA Primary Brandy James M Burnscreek CHS
1323 Burnscreek SDA Primary Brenda Hiatingongo F Burnscreek CHS
1324 Burnscreek SDA Primary Charles Jnr Dausabea M Burnscreek CHS
1325 Burnscreek SDA Primary Cheeghii Cherry F Burnscreek CHS
1326 Burnscreek SDA Primary Clandy Diau M Burnscreek CHS
1327 Burnscreek SDA Primary Crimer Iaga M Burnscreek CHS
1328 Burnscreek SDA Primary Dafney Afu F Burnscreek CHS
1329 Burnscreek SDA Primary Darlian Pei F Burnscreek CHS
1330 Burnscreek SDA Primary Delen Wong M Burnscreek CHS
1331 Burnscreek SDA Primary Delight Waifo F Burnscreek CHS
1332 Burnscreek SDA Primary Edele Takila F Burnscreek CHS
1333 Burnscreek SDA Primary Ednah M. Evapio F Burnscreek CHS
1334 Burnscreek SDA Primary Elwyn Noda M Burnscreek CHS
1335 Burnscreek SDA Primary Enele Mosese M Burnscreek CHS
1336 Burnscreek SDA Primary Esther Ha'amori F Burnscreek CHS
1337 Burnscreek SDA Primary Frank Elvis M Burnscreek CHS
1338 Burnscreek SDA Primary Gary Smith M Burnscreek CHS
1339 Burnscreek SDA Primary George Solobola M Burnscreek CHS
1340 Burnscreek SDA Primary Gorden Sale M Burnscreek CHS
1341 Burnscreek SDA Primary Gordon Anga M Burnscreek CHS
1342 Burnscreek SDA Primary Gremah Tutua F Jones Adventist College
1343 Burnscreek SDA Primary Hilda Grenny F Burnscreek CHS
1344 Burnscreek SDA Primary Idralyn Bigha F Betikama Adventist College
1345 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jade Galo M Betikama Adventist College
1346 Burnscreek SDA Primary James Roni M Burnscreek CHS
1347 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jaydieal Valusa M King George VI NSS
1348 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jaydy Suwono M Burnscreek CHS
1349 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jefta Toata M Tenakoga CHS
1350 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jenarose Wikki F Burnscreek CHS
1351 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jessy Tatagu F Burnscreek CHS
1352 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jewin Ben M Burnscreek CHS
1353 Burnscreek SDA Primary Jeydon Pini M Burnscreek CHS
1354 Burnscreek SDA Primary Judah Sive M Burnscreek CHS
1355 Burnscreek SDA Primary Junior Loyed M Burnscreek CHS
1356 Burnscreek SDA Primary Junior Martin M Burnscreek CHS
1357 Burnscreek SDA Primary Justin J. Mana M Burnscreek CHS
1358 Burnscreek SDA Primary Kingley Liuka M Burnscreek CHS
1359 Burnscreek SDA Primary Kylie Lukisi F Burnscreek CHS
1360 Burnscreek SDA Primary Len Ray Jack M Burnscreek CHS
1361 Burnscreek SDA Primary Leonard Tautai M Burnscreek CHS
1362 Burnscreek SDA Primary Lorinna Michael F Burnscreek CHS
1363 Burnscreek SDA Primary Lydon Torakana M Burnscreek CHS
1364 Burnscreek SDA Primary Madlyn Pei F Burnscreek CHS
1365 Burnscreek SDA Primary Majala Tutua M Burnscreek CHS
1366 Burnscreek SDA Primary Marie Maetolo F Burnscreek CHS
1367 Burnscreek SDA Primary Mebol Alosi F Burnscreek CHS
1368 Burnscreek SDA Primary Moses Nokali M Burnscreek CHS
1369 Burnscreek SDA Primary Natasha Ialifu F Betikama Adventist College
1370 Burnscreek SDA Primary Nick Taloifai M Burnscreek CHS
1371 Burnscreek SDA Primary Olive Mae Fiana F Burnscreek CHS
1372 Burnscreek SDA Primary Peter Jnr Mautoa M Burnscreek CHS
1373 Burnscreek SDA Primary Peter Patrick M Burnscreek CHS
1374 Burnscreek SDA Primary Presly Jino Riwa M Burnscreek CHS
1375 Burnscreek SDA Primary Ratinjah Mioni M Burnscreek CHS
1376 Burnscreek SDA Primary Ravindra Fallows M Burnscreek CHS
1377 Burnscreek SDA Primary Rayden Ghapu M Burnscreek CHS
1378 Burnscreek SDA Primary Regina Kirei F Burnscreek CHS
1379 Burnscreek SDA Primary Richard Mekiotu M Burnscreek CHS
1380 Burnscreek SDA Primary Robert Timothy M Burnscreek CHS
1381 Burnscreek SDA Primary Roger Kimasaru M Burnscreek CHS
1382 Burnscreek SDA Primary Rose Kolijay F Burnscreek CHS
1383 Burnscreek SDA Primary Rosinter Fatai F Burnscreek CHS
1384 Burnscreek SDA Primary Rozalyn Dikana F Burnscreek CHS
1385 Burnscreek SDA Primary Ruben Hasa M Bekabeka CHS
1386 Burnscreek SDA Primary Scotfield Soniluva M Numbu CHS
1387 Burnscreek SDA Primary Scott Macdonald Saki M Burnscreek CHS
1388 Burnscreek SDA Primary Shadrack Galo M Burnscreek CHS
1389 Burnscreek SDA Primary Shanya Cherry F Burnscreek CHS
1390 Burnscreek SDA Primary Snody James M Burnscreek CHS
1391 Burnscreek SDA Primary Tako'ou Perren M Kukudu Adventist College
1392 Burnscreek SDA Primary Talitha Joseph F Jones Adventist College
1393 Burnscreek SDA Primary Tania Paramate F Burnscreek CHS
1394 Burnscreek SDA Primary Timward Vavoso M Burnscreek CHS
1395 Burnscreek SDA Primary Tome Diau M Burnscreek CHS
1396 Burnscreek SDA Primary Tuliah Fenella F Burnscreek CHS
1397 Burnscreek SDA Primary Wayne Rooney Ghettu M Burnscreek CHS
1398 Burnscreek SDA Primary Wendy Goreta F Burnscreek CHS
1399 Buruku SDA Primary Angelina Tabua F Buruku CHS
1400 Buruku SDA Primary Asep Hite M Buruku CHS
1401 Buruku SDA Primary Bridget Zake F Buruku CHS
1402 Buruku SDA Primary Datasha Tanabose F Buruku CHS
1403 Buruku SDA Primary George Diau M Buruku CHS
1404 Buruku SDA Primary Ghala Apson M Buruku CHS
1405 Buruku SDA Primary Hiula Haga F Buruku CHS
1406 Buruku SDA Primary Holty Panda M Buruku CHS
1407 Buruku SDA Primary Ira Mule F Buruku CHS
1408 Buruku SDA Primary Jayden Misi M Buruku CHS
1409 Buruku SDA Primary Jobin Haego M Buruku CHS
1410 Buruku SDA Primary Kelson Roboko M Buruku CHS
1411 Buruku SDA Primary Kineha Piari M Buruku CHS
1412 Buruku SDA Primary Lilyrose Joel F Buruku CHS
1413 Buruku SDA Primary Lyneth Alex F Buruku CHS
1414 Buruku SDA Primary Nakavala Kevis M Buruku CHS
1415 Buruku SDA Primary Nilo Thomas M Buruku CHS
1416 Buruku SDA Primary Obama Vevo M Buruku CHS
1417 Buruku SDA Primary Rebecca Keith F Buruku CHS
1418 Buruku SDA Primary Rhonda Volosi F Buruku CHS
1419 Buruku SDA Primary Ross Gordon M Buruku CHS
1420 Buruku SDA Primary Samantha Alfred F Buruku CHS
1421 Buruku SDA Primary Shamingka Shadrack F Buruku CHS
1422 Buruku SDA Primary Sovutu Seivalo M Buruku CHS
1423 Busu Primary Billy Waikoro M Busu CHS
1424 Busu Primary Braynel Sa'alia F Busu CHS
1425 Busu Primary Chris Taloifaga M Busu CHS
1426 Busu Primary Crimmar Galotelia M Busu CHS
1427 Busu Primary Dalcinia Olita'a F Busu CHS
1428 Busu Primary Ednah Anitae F Busu CHS
1429 Busu Primary Elizabeth Itena F Busu CHS
1430 Busu Primary Felix Abraham M Busu CHS
1431 Busu Primary Fiona Tofe F Busu CHS
1432 Busu Primary George Walemae M Busu CHS
1433 Busu Primary Jaydie Deadly M Busu CHS
1434 Busu Primary Joana Tofe M Busu CHS
1435 Busu Primary Kerhan Olisukulu M Busu CHS
1436 Busu Primary Melison Buluiwale F Busu CHS
1437 Busu Primary Patson Kelly M Busu CHS
1438 Busu Primary Roger Walemalula M Busu CHS
1439 Busu Primary Rose Kaoka F Busu CHS
1440 Busu Primary Shane Masiolo M Busu CHS
1441 Busu Primary Tervezy Torifagata'a M Busu CHS
1442 Busu Primary Timothy John M Busu CHS
1443 Busufoosae Primary Anofo'oa Clifton M Busufo'osae CHS
1444 Busufoosae Primary Diisango Kevin M Busufo'osae CHS
1445 Busufoosae Primary Diisango Melanie F Busufo'osae CHS
1446 Busufoosae Primary Futai Rose F Busufo'osae CHS
1447 Busufoosae Primary Hugo Mastin M Busufo'osae CHS
1448 Busufoosae Primary Kala Junior M Busufo'osae CHS
1449 Busufoosae Primary Kwaiorea Cliford M Busufo'osae CHS
1450 Busufoosae Primary Kwau Esther F Busufo'osae CHS
1451 Busufoosae Primary Otasi Nermah F Busufo'osae CHS
1452 Busufoosae Primary Raramo Junes F Busufo'osae CHS
1453 Busufoosae Primary Tolobua Fredy M Busufo'osae CHS
1454 Busurata Primary Betterlyn James F Talakali CHS
1455 Busurata Primary Chris Brian M Busurata CHS
1456 Busurata Primary Clayton Rau M Busurata CHS
1457 Busurata Primary Crystal Lidi F Busurata CHS
1458 Busurata Primary Elisca Maeliu F Busurata CHS
1459 Busurata Primary Eshley Kelly M Aligegeo PSS
1460 Busurata Primary Felta Manu F Maoro CHS
1461 Busurata Primary Gray Salole M Busurata CHS
1462 Busurata Primary Jotina Brian F Talakali CHS
1463 Busurata Primary Macwin Ila M Busurata CHS
1464 Busurata Primary Maelyn Faukona F Talakali CHS
1465 Busurata Primary Monica Mae F Busurata CHS
1466 Busurata Primary Newton Mae M Busurata CHS
1467 Busurata Primary Princelyn Mae M Aligegeo PSS
1468 Busurata Primary Randy Ramo M White River CHS
1469 Cana'an Primary Anisi Ngasi M Canaán CHS
1470 Cana'an Primary Chris Ronny M Canaán CHS
1471 Cana'an Primary Fafale Joe M Canaán CHS
1472 Cana'an Primary Florence Koti F Canaán CHS
1473 Cana'an Primary Joyline Billy F Canaán CHS
1474 Cana'an Primary Lawrence Thompson M Canaán CHS
1475 Cana'an Primary Lee Basi M Canaán CHS
1476 Cana'an Primary Maefeua Jimmy M Canaán CHS
1477 Cana'an Primary Mete Brian M Canaán CHS
1478 Cana'an Primary Presley Abaé M Canaán CHS
1479 Cana'an Primary Salafa Pathy M Canaán CHS
1480 Cana'an Primary Steven Siosi M Canaán CHS
1481 Cana'an Primary Walter Taebo M Canaán CHS
1482 Carlisle Bay Primary Bade Thomas M Betikama Adventist College
1483 Carlisle Bay Primary Ibine Doris F Luesalemba PSS
1484 Carlisle Bay Primary Laura Adrian M Luesalemba PSS
1485 Carlisle Bay Primary Lisa Talika F Luesalemba PSS
1486 Carlisle Bay Primary Loaki Ilyn F Luesalemba PSS
1487 Carlisle Bay Primary Melike Alice F Luesalemba PSS
1488 Carlisle Bay Primary Melive Michael M Luesalemba PSS
1489 Carlisle Bay Primary Mewa Michael M Luesalemba PSS
1490 Carlisle Bay Primary Namona Philip M Luesalemba PSS
1491 Carlisle Bay Primary Paikai Gabriel M Luesalemba PSS
1492 Carlisle Bay Primary Pikiti Samou F Luesalemba PSS
1493 Carlisle Bay Primary Talonga Doris F Luesalemba PSS
1494 Chapuria Primary Cardian Sua M Selwyn College NSS
1495 Chapuria Primary Christ N Bana M Chapuria CHS
1496 Chapuria Primary Erihca Chambe F Chapuria CHS
1497 Chapuria Primary Justine Upe M Chapuria CHS
1498 Chapuria Primary Luisa Sahi F Su'u NSS
1499 Chapuria Primary Paimoet Nonile M Chapuria CHS
1500 Chapuria Primary Pauline Meke F Chapuria CHS
1501 Chapuria Primary Stavine Kelea F Chapuria CHS
1502 Chapuria Primary Sylvia Vanaleke F Chapuria CHS
1503 Chapuria Primary Tonny Snow M Chapuria CHS
1504 Chapuria Primary Wyne Dolasai M Chapuria CHS
1505 Chinako Primary Apoa Jerry M Turarana CHS
1506 Chinako Primary Apollos Hesron M Turarana CHS
1507 Chinako Primary Enny Babra F Belaha CHS
1508 Chinako Primary Flora Nester F Turarana CHS
1509 Chinako Primary John Bently F Turarana CHS
1510 Chinako Primary Mary Racheal F Turarana CHS
1511 Chinako Primary More Braindon M Avuavu PSS
1512 Chinako Primary Pede Rindah F Turarana CHS
1513 Chinako Primary Rutu Merolyn F Avuavu PSS
1514 Chinako Primary Sai Boli F Turarana CHS
1515 Chubikopi Primary Adonija Vora M Patukae CHS
1516 Chubikopi Primary Arema Vuipi F Patukae CHS
1517 Chubikopi Primary Charlse Vaki M Patukae CHS
1518 Chubikopi Primary Johnny Tawop M Patukae CHS
1519 Chubikopi Primary Montrin Vora M Patukae CHS
1520 Chubikopi Primary Peter Vora M Patukae CHS
1521 Chubikopi Primary Shedrick Bird M Patukae CHS
1522 Chubikopi Primary Trisha Vaku F Patukae CHS
1523 Chubikopi Primary Veronica Volosi F Patukae CHS
1524 Chuchulu Primary Carol Vaesa. Eto F Biula PSS
1525 Chuchulu Primary El-Nathana Ghasi M Patukae CHS
1526 Chuchulu Primary Hudson Ethrom M Patukae CHS
1527 Chuchulu Primary Larisha Evalyn F Patukae CHS
1528 Chuchulu Primary Linetty Alau F Patukae CHS
1529 Chuchulu Primary Loleke Francis M Biula PSS
1530 Chuchulu Primary Rhoda Chuve F Patukae CHS
1531 Chuchulu Primary Suini Lekueta M Biula PSS
1532 Chuchulu Primary Tasen Pauslsen M Patukae CHS
1533 Chung Wah Primary Makadesh Kukutu F King George VI NSS
1534 Chung Wah Primary Nataliah Buendia F King George VI NSS
1535 Chung Wah Primary Pio Ruhasia M King George VI NSS
1536 Chung Wah Primary Safiya Szetu F King George VI NSS
1537 Chung Wah Primary Ulamali Fakari'i F King George VI NSS
1538 Chung Wah Primary Atkin Isaiah M Chung Wah CHS
1539 Chung Wah Primary Burns Violet F Chung Wah CHS
1540 Chung Wah Primary Delaiverata Tanisha F Chung Wah CHS
1541 Chung Wah Primary Dennis Elizabeth F Chung Wah CHS
1542 Chung Wah Primary Dylan Hemmer M Kukudu Adventist College
1543 Chung Wah Primary Fatai Floyd M Chung Wah CHS
1544 Chung Wah Primary George Bernice F Chung Wah CHS
1545 Chung Wah Primary Goundar Aanav Nishith M Chung Wah CHS
1546 Chung Wah Primary Haypin Yang F Chung Wah CHS
1547 Chung Wah Primary Kalepiti Reginald M Chung Wah CHS
1548 Chung Wah Primary Koraua Riki Takeé M Chung Wah CHS
1549 Chung Wah Primary Kwaimani Janelle F Chung Wah CHS
1550 Chung Wah Primary Lulu Bare Floyd M Chung Wah CHS
1551 Chung Wah Primary Marahare Belgean F Chung Wah CHS
1552 Chung Wah Primary Murdock Trypena F Chung Wah CHS
1553 Chung Wah Primary Paneqa Jonathan M Chung Wah CHS
1554 Chung Wah Primary Raynold Moveni M Betikama Adventist College
1555 Chung Wah Primary Tahunipue Jen F Chung Wah CHS
1556 Chung Wah Primary Tolomaea Duncan M Chung Wah CHS
1557 Chung Wah Primary Wong Maska M Chung Wah CHS
1558 Coronation Christian Primary Alexander Maeta'a M Coronation Christian CHS
1559 Coronation Christian Primary Alfson Tome M Goldie College NSS
1560 Coronation Christian Primary Alice Teioli F Coronation Christian CHS
1561 Coronation Christian Primary Allana Sokeni F Betikama Adventist College
1562 Coronation Christian Primary Alton Diru M Coronation Christian CHS
1563 Coronation Christian Primary Alward Taroga M Coronation Christian CHS
1564 Coronation Christian Primary Amadine Gray M Coronation Christian CHS
1565 Coronation Christian Primary Amton Walter Haga M Coronation Christian CHS
1566 Coronation Christian Primary Andy Weago M Waimapuru NSS
1567 Coronation Christian Primary Burns Kaua M Coronation Christian CHS
1568 Coronation Christian Primary Caroline Daro F Coronation Christian CHS
1569 Coronation Christian Primary Charles Atu M Coronation Christian CHS
1570 Coronation Christian Primary Chris Kemakeza M Coronation Christian CHS
1571 Coronation Christian Primary Davenny Manly Daefa F Coronation Christian CHS
1572 Coronation Christian Primary Delwin Trena F Coronation Christian CHS
1573 Coronation Christian Primary Desma Niuhanaia F Coronation Christian CHS
1574 Coronation Christian Primary Dolwin James Kwasina F Coronation Christian CHS
1575 Coronation Christian Primary Elizabeth Base F Coronation Christian CHS
1576 Coronation Christian Primary Elzy Mataki M Coronation Christian CHS
1577 Coronation Christian Primary Francis Auga M Coronation Christian CHS
1578 Coronation Christian Primary Frank Kofana M Coronation Christian CHS
1579 Coronation Christian Primary Glenda Elia F Coronation Christian CHS
1580 Coronation Christian Primary Henry Aujare M Coronation Christian CHS
1581 Coronation Christian Primary Hermes Vilaka M Coronation Christian CHS
1582 Coronation Christian Primary Hildel Taloga F Coronation Christian CHS
1583 Coronation Christian Primary Jaytina Gabriella F Coronation Christian CHS
1584 Coronation Christian Primary Jehu Pokana M Coronation Christian CHS
1585 Coronation Christian Primary John Dominic Liuga M Coronation Christian CHS
1586 Coronation Christian Primary Josephine Parahu F Coronation Christian CHS
1587 Coronation Christian Primary Junior Dereveke Longan M King George VI NSS
1588 Coronation Christian Primary Junior Joshua M Coronation Christian CHS
1589 Coronation Christian Primary Junior Toliliu M Coronation Christian CHS
1590 Coronation Christian Primary Lina Vakai F Coronation Christian CHS
1591 Coronation Christian Primary Lizma Ramo M Coronation Christian CHS
1592 Coronation Christian Primary Lorah Nakisi F Coronation Christian CHS
1593 Coronation Christian Primary Luca Nonga M Coronation Christian CHS
1594 Coronation Christian Primary Lydia Menep F Coronation Christian CHS
1595 Coronation Christian Primary Lyntiro Fafale F King George VI NSS
1596 Coronation Christian Primary Madlyn Leta F Coronation Christian CHS
1597 Coronation Christian Primary Maxwell Tuzakana M Coronation Christian CHS
1598 Coronation Christian Primary McWilson Olea M Coronation Christian CHS
1599 Coronation Christian Primary Michael Tehoa M Coronation Christian CHS
1600 Coronation Christian Primary Nelly Fiumae F Coronation Christian CHS
1601 Coronation Christian Primary Nesta Kukubo F Coronation Christian CHS
1602 Coronation Christian Primary Ningsi Navo F Coronation Christian CHS
1603 Coronation Christian Primary Pamela Hale F Coronation Christian CHS
1604 Coronation Christian Primary Petrie Selo F Coronation Christian CHS
1605 Coronation Christian Primary Prima Foukona F Coronation Christian CHS
1606 Coronation Christian Primary Rayleen Hale F Coronation Christian CHS
1607 Coronation Christian Primary Ronny Maungasua M Coronation Christian CHS
1608 Coronation Christian Primary Rosemay Kanasu F Coronation Christian CHS
1609 Coronation Christian Primary Sadius Ne'e M Coronation Christian CHS
1610 Coronation Christian Primary Scott Sisiri M Coronation Christian CHS
1611 Coronation Christian Primary Sonnia Rofeta F Coronation Christian CHS
1612 Coronation Christian Primary Stainey Rongo F Coronation Christian CHS
1613 Coronation Christian Primary Stephen Oeta M Su'u NSS
1614 Coronation Christian Primary Steven Hou M Coronation Christian CHS
1615 Coronation Christian Primary Susan David F Coronation Christian CHS
1616 Coronation Christian Primary Tatiana Pretty Kwanairara F King George VI NSS
1617 Coronation Christian Primary Trizelda Holo'ohu F Coronation Christian CHS
1618 Coronation Christian Primary Vicasini Bosina F Coronation Christian CHS
1619 Coronation Christian Primary Vincent Tarohimae M Florence Young Christain School
1620 Coronation Christian Primary Walter Tarai M Coronation Christian CHS
1621 Coronation Christian Primary William Kekemu M Coronation Christian CHS
1622 Coronation Christian Primary Xavier Kabitana M Coronation Christian CHS
1623 Coronation Christian Primary Zayden Rex M Coronation Christian CHS
1624 Coronation Christian Primary Zinaidra Iloilo F Aligegeo PSS
1625 Dala North Primary Alice Maru Naeda F Dala North CHS
1626 Dala North Primary Alison Salarobo F Dala North CHS
1627 Dala North Primary Amos Orobulo F Dala North CHS
1628 Dala North Primary Angela Lofoanaia F Dala North CHS
1629 Dala North Primary Anna Afea F Dala North CHS
1630 Dala North Primary Annie Maetala F Dala North CHS
1631 Dala North Primary Anrisa Kiriau F Dala North CHS
1632 Dala North Primary Calebson Tua M Dala North CHS
1633 Dala North Primary Charlene Kira F Dala North CHS
1634 Dala North Primary David Auga M Dala North CHS
1635 Dala North Primary Densly Daofilu M Dala North CHS
1636 Dala North Primary Dickson Sale M Dala North CHS
1637 Dala North Primary Eden Rex Fafale M Dala North CHS
1638 Dala North Primary Edna Fafale F Dala North CHS
1639 Dala North Primary Ellen Afea F Dala North CHS
1640 Dala North Primary Estella Kiriau F Dala North CHS
1641 Dala North Primary Evarlyn Alutua F Dala North CHS
1642 Dala North Primary Francis Ashly M Dala North CHS
1643 Dala North Primary Fred Mani M Dala North CHS
1644 Dala North Primary Glen Gnafu M Dala North CHS
1645 Dala North Primary Gwedalyn Alasia F Dala North CHS
1646 Dala North Primary Hazel Kelly F Dala North CHS
1647 Dala North Primary Henry Tomu M Dala North CHS
1648 Dala North Primary Hubert Maedola M Dala North CHS
1649 Dala North Primary Jack Maedola M Dala North CHS
1650 Dala North Primary Jaddy Dire M Dala North CHS
1651 Dala North Primary James Kaeni M Dala North CHS
1652 Dala North Primary Jimmt Ta'asia M Dala North CHS
1653 Dala North Primary Jimmy Fula M Dala North CHS
1654 Dala North Primary Joel Rex Maeobia M Dala North CHS
1655 Dala North Primary Junior Pat Tomu M Dala North CHS
1656 Dala North Primary Karreen Alabuma M Dala North CHS
1657 Dala North Primary Kerie Ratu F Dala North CHS
1658 Dala North Primary Kinas Fari M Dala North CHS
1659 Dala North Primary Lucy Busau F Dala North CHS
1660 Dala North Primary Malfrey Wendy F Dala North CHS
1661 Dala North Primary Malhon Tomu M Dala North CHS
1662 Dala North Primary Margret Maela F Dala North CHS
1663 Dala North Primary Mary Iieen F Dala North CHS
1664 Dala North Primary Melody Tuasulia F Dala North CHS
1665 Dala North Primary Merathy Fedo F St John Dala Catholic Dala CHS
1666 Dala North Primary Patteson Havilegu M Dala North CHS
1667 Dala North Primary Paul Suri M Dala North CHS
1668 Dala North Primary Robin Gnafu M Dala North CHS
1669 Dala North Primary Rose Mary F Dala North CHS
1670 Dala North Primary Sandy Mae M St John Dala Catholic Dala CHS
1671 Dala North Primary Sania Fafale F Dala North CHS
1672 Dala North Primary Simon Peter Fafale M Dala North CHS
1673 Dala North Primary Susan Tua F Dala North CHS
1674 Dala North Primary Terry Roni M Dala North CHS
1675 Dala North Primary Vashni Maetolea M Dala North CHS
1676 Dala Primary Baddly Gelei M Dala CHS
1677 Dala Primary Ben Pango M Dala CHS
1678 Dala Primary Catherine Reirei F Siota PSS
1679 Dala Primary Jecinta Linda F Dala CHS
1680 Dala Primary Jerolyn Nedi F Dala CHS
1681 Dala Primary Jumic Galo M Dala CHS
1682 Dala Primary Lisah Siama F Dala CHS
1683 Dala Primary Philistas Sara F Dala CHS
1684 Dala Primary Roselyn Sagupari F Dala CHS
1685 Dala Primary Walter Alu M Dala CHS
1686 Daolusu Primary Cyrine Faofia F Auki CHS
1687 Daolusu Primary Dorothy Siarani F Auki CHS
1688 Daolusu Primary Easther Isuli F Daolusu CHS
1689 Daolusu Primary Eddie Du'u M Daolusu CHS
1690 Daolusu Primary Ellen Maebiru F Daolusu CHS
1691 Daolusu Primary Fiona Allen F Aligegeo PSS
1692 Daolusu Primary Flony Albert F Daolusu CHS
1693 Daolusu Primary Grace Gali F Daolusu CHS
1694 Daolusu Primary Grace Lauramo F Daolusu CHS
1695 Daolusu Primary Ireen Sisili F Daolusu CHS
1696 Daolusu Primary Jayline Aramo F Daolusu CHS
1697 Daolusu Primary Jemina Iro F Daolusu CHS
1698 Daolusu Primary Josephine Manedika F Aligegeo PSS
1699 Daolusu Primary Mitchel Kouka F Gwaidingale CHS
1700 Daolusu Primary Nerish Foli F Daolusu CHS
1701 Daolusu Primary Pauline Rex F Daolusu CHS
1702 Daolusu Primary Sammy Kalafiu M Daolusu CHS
1703 Daolusu Primary Shem Sanga M Gwaidingale CHS
1704 Daolusu Primary Wendy Harry F Daolusu CHS
1705 Dava Extension Primary Dalapa Plisky M Choiseul Bay PSS
1706 Dava Extension Primary Galo Ray M Kukele CHS
1707 Dava Extension Primary Pitakaka Jonathan M Choiseul Bay PSS
1708 Dava Extension Primary Qoloni Jack M Kukele CHS
1709 Dende Primary Alex Rongonia M Vuranimala CHS
1710 Dende Primary Hanson Maedia M Vuranimala CHS
1711 Dende Primary Hubert Alaramo M Vuranimala CHS
1712 Dende Primary Judith Sulu F Su'u NSS
1713 Dende Primary June Tara F Vuranimala CHS
1714 Dende Primary Linethh Parahu F Vuranimala CHS
1715 Dende Primary Lydia Chanella F Vuranimala CHS
1716 Dende Primary Mewin Edith F Su'u NSS
1717 Dende Primary Michael Mewa M Vuranimala CHS
1718 Dende Primary Nesther Vatu F Vuranimala CHS
1719 Dende Primary Tony Relys M Vuranimala CHS
1720 Deva Primary Constance Enary F Allardyce PSS
1721 Deva Primary Erick Nerei M Allardyce PSS
1722 Deva Primary Ernest Traveller M Allardyce PSS
1723 Deva Primary Esther Qilavuru F Allardyce PSS
1724 Deva Primary Godfrey Buti M Allardyce PSS
1725 Deva Primary Jeremy Maidi M Allardyce PSS
1726 Deva Primary Margie Nairy F Allardyce PSS
1727 Deva Primary Rinnet Felinta F Allardyce PSS
1728 Dorio Primary Alibella Dagi F Dorio CHS
1729 Dorio Primary Angella Geboli F Su'u NSS
1730 Dorio Primary Bernadith Roikeni F Dorio CHS
1731 Dorio Primary Clare Bumae F Dorio CHS
1732 Dorio Primary Delwyn Bisini F Dorio CHS
1733 Dorio Primary Edmon Ieroka M Dorio CHS
1734 Dorio Primary Eron Belokona M Dorio CHS
1735 Dorio Primary Freda Elito'oa F Dorio CHS
1736 Dorio Primary Ishmael Telesuria M Dorio CHS
1737 Dorio Primary Jay Kouhoromae M Dorio CHS
1738 Dorio Primary Jr. Francis Tolamuri M Dorio CHS
1739 Dorio Primary Julieth Waálaramo F Aligegeo PSS
1740 Dorio Primary Junior Maehiana M Aligegeo PSS
1741 Dorio Primary Nelinda Dedefo F Dorio CHS
1742 Dorio Primary Olima Tove F Dorio CHS
1743 Dorio Primary Olson Galo M Dorio CHS
1744 Dorio Primary Opkin Moósumae M Su'u NSS
1745 Dorio Primary Patson Futaiburi M Dorio CHS
1746 Dorio Primary Prima Tafilau F Dorio CHS
1747 Dorio Primary Regina Tolariria F Dorio CHS
1748 Dorio Primary Rita Tefibata F Dorio CHS
1749 Dorio Primary Samuel Seda M Dorio CHS
1750 Dorio Primary Simon Gafui M Dorio CHS
1751 Dorio Primary Simon Kwaita'a M Dorio CHS
1752 Dota Primary Agnes Gina F Dota CHS
1753 Dota Primary Augustine Kakau M Dota CHS
1754 Dota Primary Betzy Lenzia F St Stephen Pamua NSS
1755 Dota Primary Catherine Rodah F Su'u NSS
1756 Dota Primary Dopema Rasta M Dota CHS
1757 Dota Primary Ella Vivian F Dota CHS
1758 Dota Primary Esther Ene F Dota CHS
1759 Dota Primary Ezykel Tia M Dota CHS
1760 Dota Primary Janet Pegoa F Dota CHS
1761 Dota Primary Joash Mae M Dota CHS
1762 Dota Primary John Mark Gegere M Dota CHS
1763 Dota Primary Junior Marvim M Dota CHS
1764 Dota Primary Liston Spencer M Dota CHS
1765 Dota Primary Margreth Tobana F Su'u NSS
1766 Dota Primary Margreth Viriala F Dota CHS
1767 Dota Primary Marvine Junior Parina M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1768 Dota Primary Roldan Vaivine liona F Siota PSS
1769 Dota Primary Salrine Bulo F Dota CHS
1770 Dota Primary Selwyn Singe M Dota CHS
1771 Dota Primary Tiva Anderson M Dota CHS
1772 Dudurava Primary Alvina Emry M Kukele CHS
1773 Dudurava Primary Bevlyn Qilaqorisi F Choiseul Bay PSS
1774 Dudurava Primary Christus Martha F Choiseul Bay PSS
1775 Dudurava Primary May Kerevavini F Choiseul Bay PSS
1776 Dudurava Primary Pitanoe Dalcy F Choiseul Bay PSS
1777 Dunde Primary Albert Laore M King George VI NSS
1778 Dunde Primary Alden Siope M Kokeqolo CHS
1779 Dunde Primary Alice Gasimata F Dunde CHS
1780 Dunde Primary Amata Wong F Dunde CHS
1781 Dunde Primary Ari Melei Gasimata F Dunde CHS
1782 Dunde Primary Betty Siru F Kokeqolo CHS
1783 Dunde Primary Chris Hitu M Dunde CHS
1784 Dunde Primary Christine Daopiqe Stephen F Dunde CHS
1785 Dunde Primary Christopher Bako M Dunde CHS
1786 Dunde Primary Claudy Bepapa Kelly M Betikama Adventist College
1787 Dunde Primary David Hitu M Dunde CHS
1788 Dunde Primary Dellinga Sasae M Dunde CHS
1789 Dunde Primary Desmond Zio M Dunde CHS
1790 Dunde Primary Dudi Kere F Dunde CHS
1791 Dunde Primary Emily Selsia Sio F Dunde CHS
1792 Dunde Primary Feggy Zara Natei F Dunde CHS
1793 Dunde Primary Ghove Chai M Dunde CHS
1794 Dunde Primary Gordon Drogba Zengana M Dunde CHS
1795 Dunde Primary Grace Zama F Dunde CHS
1796 Dunde Primary Hita Muno Mamupio F Dunde CHS
1797 Dunde Primary Jadin Paia M Dunde CHS
1798 Dunde Primary Jamelia Soakai F Dunde CHS
1799 Dunde Primary Jeldy Talasasa F Dunde CHS
1800 Dunde Primary Jenma Etuela F Dunde CHS
1801 Dunde Primary Jerado Vinivo M Dunde CHS
1802 Dunde Primary Jerry Ghina M Vonunu NSS
1803 Dunde Primary Joyce Meima Saepio F Dunde CHS
1804 Dunde Primary Junior Peter M Dunde CHS
1805 Dunde Primary Kyla Puia F Dunde CHS
1806 Dunde Primary Lizelle Seguiban F Goldie College NSS
1807 Dunde Primary Lyla Puia F Dunde CHS
1808 Dunde Primary Mapeli Homelo M Dunde CHS
1809 Dunde Primary Marvin Maia M Dunde CHS
1810 Dunde Primary Meling Yong F Kokeqolo CHS
1811 Dunde Primary Molia Homelo M Dunde CHS
1812 Dunde Primary Neitama Ege F Dunde CHS
1813 Dunde Primary Niko Maqiu Bea M Dunde CHS
1814 Dunde Primary Ofata Maezama F Dunde CHS
1815 Dunde Primary Pakuavara Ekoani F Dunde CHS
1816 Dunde Primary Pritus Fete Fono F Goldie College NSS
1817 Dunde Primary Romaji Raxton F Dunde CHS
1818 Dunde Primary Rondel Henry Jamakolo M Dunde CHS
1819 Dunde Primary Rovina Leve F Dunde CHS
1820 Dunde Primary Roylee Pio M Dunde CHS
1821 Dunde Primary Samson Tolosia M Dunde CHS
1822 Dunde Primary Savina Raxton F Dunde CHS
1823 Dunde Primary Selima Bosuri F Dunde CHS
1824 Dunde Primary Selina Bosuri F Dunde CHS
1825 Dunde Primary Simbia Gasimata F Dunde CHS
1826 Dunde Primary Simeon Tava M Dunde CHS
1827 Dunde Primary Stellar Narido F Dunde CHS
1828 Dunde Primary Teimon Hairiu M Kokeqolo CHS
1829 Dunde Primary Tolex Rove M Dunde CHS
1830 Dunde Primary Tony Valajay M Dunde CHS
1831 Dunde Primary Vanaiah Wane M Dunde CHS
1832 Dunde Primary Zari Pania F Kokeqolo CHS
1833 Dunde Primary Zarina Elizabeth Palmer F Goldie College NSS
1834 Eleoteve Primary Alokera Anis M Eleoteve CHS
1835 Eleoteve Primary Billywood Elopala M Eleoteve CHS
1836 Eleoteve Primary Chalton Damirara M Eleoteve CHS
1837 Eleoteve Primary Chris Rolley M Eleoteve CHS
1838 Eleoteve Primary Clausy Jamity M Eleoteve CHS
1839 Eleoteve Primary Cliffton Karos M Eleoteve CHS
1840 Eleoteve Primary Daren Tahiuru M Eleoteve CHS
1841 Eleoteve Primary David Sokea M Eleoteve CHS
1842 Eleoteve Primary Eddie Ngajikesa M Eleoteve CHS
1843 Eleoteve Primary Elosi Vaeda F Eleoteve CHS
1844 Eleoteve Primary Harden Jikutu M Eleoteve CHS
1845 Eleoteve Primary Isano Naukari F Eleoteve CHS
1846 Eleoteve Primary Jayson Apiri M Eleoteve CHS
1847 Eleoteve Primary Jerence Bisa M Eleoteve CHS
1848 Eleoteve Primary Jolisah Messy F Eleoteve CHS
1849 Eleoteve Primary Junior Jeffery M Eleoteve CHS
1850 Eleoteve Primary Levis Zialo M Eleoteve CHS
1851 Eleoteve Primary Lynmah Hardson F Eleoteve CHS
1852 Eleoteve Primary Nathan Thompson M Eleoteve CHS
1853 Eleoteve Primary Newton Madini M Eleoteve CHS
1854 Eleoteve Primary Petset Toqasa M Eleoteve CHS
1855 Eleoteve Primary Philip Malu M Eleoteve CHS
1856 Eleoteve Primary Pilomah Olaze F Vonunu NSS
1857 Eleoteve Primary Primilla Kakeo M Eleoteve CHS
1858 Eleoteve Primary Prine Bose M Eleoteve CHS
1859 Eleoteve Primary Richie Nelson M Eleoteve CHS
1860 Eleoteve Primary Serah Rizah F Eleoteve CHS
1861 Eleoteve Primary Toddy Likia M Eleoteve CHS
1862 Eleoteve Primary Vanisah Tolarade F Vonunu NSS
1863 Emmanuel Primary Alden Forest M Gizo CHS
1864 Emmanuel Primary Andre Brant M Betikama Adventist College
1865 Emmanuel Primary Anifa Mamupio F Gizo CHS
1866 Emmanuel Primary Erina Bale F Kukudu Adventist College
1867 Emmanuel Primary Ethel Sasa F Gizo CHS
1868 Emmanuel Primary Frank Malasa M Allardyce PSS
1869 Emmanuel Primary Greenlyn Vestina F Gizo CHS
1870 Emmanuel Primary Henry Tanakesa M Gizo CHS
1871 Emmanuel Primary Janeth Kwalaine F Gizo CHS
1872 Emmanuel Primary Jenny Tozaka F Vonunu NSS
1873 Emmanuel Primary Junior Massive M Kukudu Adventist College
1874 Emmanuel Primary Kubalyn Irava F Gizo CHS
1875 Emmanuel Primary Linet Asa F Kukudu Adventist College
1876 Emmanuel Primary Lucy Bosma F Kukudu Adventist College
1877 Emmanuel Primary Shirly Peter F Kukudu Adventist College
1878 Emmanuel Primary Tiffany Ling F Goldie College NSS
1879 Emmaus Christian Primary Aisha Maesa F Emmaus Christian CHS
1880 Emmaus Christian Primary Aldin Ben M Emmaus Christian CHS
1881 Emmaus Christian Primary Angelle Kukiti F Emmaus Christian CHS
1882 Emmaus Christian Primary Angellina N. Kiri F Emmaus Christian CHS
1883 Emmaus Christian Primary Bateni Billy M Emmaus Christian CHS
1884 Emmaus Christian Primary Benjamin Folia M Emmaus Christian CHS
1885 Emmaus Christian Primary Bettram Losi M Emmaus Christian CHS
1886 Emmaus Christian Primary Betty Folabu F Emmaus Christian CHS
1887 Emmaus Christian Primary Bianca Ika F Emmaus Christian CHS
1888 Emmaus Christian Primary Cedela Honi F Emmaus Christian CHS
1889 Emmaus Christian Primary Gareth Limaradi M Emmaus Christian CHS
1890 Emmaus Christian Primary Graham Ben M Emmaus Christian CHS
1891 Emmaus Christian Primary Hellen Rubinson F Emmaus Christian CHS
1892 Emmaus Christian Primary Ivan Iro M Emmaus Christian CHS
1893 Emmaus Christian Primary Jahvin Maki M Emmaus Christian CHS
1894 Emmaus Christian Primary Japheth Rocksly M Emmaus Christian CHS
1895 Emmaus Christian Primary Jayden Saru M Emmaus Christian CHS
1896 Emmaus Christian Primary Jayloditer Saelea F Emmaus Christian CHS
1897 Emmaus Christian Primary Jayvance Baura M Emmaus Christian CHS
1898 Emmaus Christian Primary Jimmina Kaifiti F Emmaus Christian CHS
1899 Emmaus Christian Primary Joana Kaua F Emmaus Christian CHS
1900 Emmaus Christian Primary Joddy Ray M Emmaus Christian CHS
1901 Emmaus Christian Primary Jowaynmer Futa M Emmaus Christian CHS
1902 Emmaus Christian Primary Junior Mama M Emmaus Christian CHS
1903 Emmaus Christian Primary Kate Junita F Emmaus Christian CHS
1904 Emmaus Christian Primary Leeandra Marau F Emmaus Christian CHS
1905 Emmaus Christian Primary Losalyn Solo F Emmaus Christian CHS
1906 Emmaus Christian Primary Matol Sam F Emmaus Christian CHS
1907 Emmaus Christian Primary Melitha Maefelo F Emmaus Christian CHS
1908 Emmaus Christian Primary Rosalyn Alex Iduri F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
1909 Emmaus Christian Primary Rosella Kware F Emmaus Christian CHS
1910 Emmaus Christian Primary Sancia Leilani F Emmaus Christian CHS
1911 Emmaus Christian Primary Sherannah Feris F Emmaus Christian CHS
1912 Emmaus Christian Primary Steward Buira M Emmaus Christian CHS
1913 Emmaus Christian Primary Susan Baura F Emmaus Christian CHS
1914 Emmaus Christian Primary Sylvia Iamaea F Emmaus Christian CHS
1915 Emmaus Christian Primary Winnie Oloifana F Emmaus Christian CHS
1916 Etemwarore Primary Abana Devin M Tawatana CHS
1917 Etemwarore Primary I'a Lenon M Tawatana CHS
1918 Etemwarore Primary Katarihu Elleron Bessed F Tawatana CHS
1919 Etemwarore Primary Oha Barry M Tawatana CHS
1920 Etemwarore Primary Sau Everlyn F Tawatana CHS
1921 Etemwarore Primary Solowaieu Chelsea F St Stephen Pamua NSS
1922 Etemwarore Primary Taro Isaac M Tawatana CHS
1923 Etemwarore Primary Tegu Relany F Tawatana CHS
1924 Etemwarore Primary Tii Maryon F Pawa PSS
1925 Fa’adila Primary Emson Maitale M Rameai CHS
1926 Fa’adila Primary Florence Edana F Arnon Atomea PSS
1927 Fa’adila Primary Linson Stanly M Walo CHS
1928 Fa’adila Primary Nethelyn Jack F Adaua Secondary
1929 Fa’adila Primary Oliva Suluka M Walo CHS
1930 Fa’adila Primary Owneal Rokona F Aligegeo PSS
1931 Fa’adila Primary Spencer Tiotau M Rameai CHS
1932 Faiako Primary Adrian Misuka F Faiako CHS
1933 Faiako Primary Alice Salome F Faiako CHS
1934 Faiako Primary Alick Urau M Faiako CHS
1935 Faiako Primary Aljayson Fangaz M Faiako CHS
1936 Faiako Primary Barry Lufi M Faiako CHS
1937 Faiako Primary Basu Junior M Faiako CHS
1938 Faiako Primary Bendy Ofatalau F Faiako CHS
1939 Faiako Primary Conny Taigwata F Faiako CHS
1940 Faiako Primary Daisy Esther F Faiako CHS
1941 Faiako Primary Darren Mae M Faiako CHS
1942 Faiako Primary David Hale M Faiako CHS
1943 Faiako Primary Douglas Kaifiti M Faiako CHS
1944 Faiako Primary Eddison Peter M Faiako CHS
1945 Faiako Primary Ellen Fandola F Faiako CHS
1946 Faiako Primary Emily Wasifoa F Faiako CHS
1947 Faiako Primary Everlyn Atoa F Faiako CHS
1948 Faiako Primary Frank Hagi M Faiako CHS
1949 Faiako Primary Gwendalyn Aba F Faiako CHS
1950 Faiako Primary Hellen Nata F Faiako CHS
1951 Faiako Primary Janet Rilaunia F Faiako CHS
1952 Faiako Primary Janet Sade F Faiako CHS
1953 Faiako Primary Jeffery Manu M Faiako CHS
1954 Faiako Primary Joyce Deborah F Faiako CHS
1955 Faiako Primary Leona Ado F Faiako CHS
1956 Faiako Primary Mark Siarani M Faiako CHS
1957 Faiako Primary Mulbry Mercy F Faiako CHS
1958 Faiako Primary Muriel Fanosui F Faiako CHS
1959 Faiako Primary Nester Ngaleta F Aligegeo PSS
1960 Faiako Primary Rocky Simani M Faiako CHS
1961 Faiako Primary Rubinta Taka F Faiako CHS
1962 Faiako Primary Samuel Junior M Faiako CHS
1963 Faiako Primary Selly Tolo F Faiako CHS
1964 Faiako Primary Serah Brightlyn F Faiako CHS
1965 Faiako Primary Unity Hale F Faiako CHS
1966 Faiako Primary Veronica Musu F Faiako CHS
1967 Faiako Primary William Tela M Faiako CHS
1968 Faubaba Primary Alani Franis M Faubaba CHS
1969 Faubaba Primary Anisi John M Aligegeo PSS
1970 Faubaba Primary Anitalau Berlinda F Faubaba CHS
1971 Faubaba Primary Arifanawai Albert M Faubaba CHS
1972 Faubaba Primary Balailamo Modesto M Faubaba CHS
1973 Faubaba Primary Basini Kiuki M Faubaba CHS
1974 Faubaba Primary Batagana Abraham M Faubaba CHS
1975 Faubaba Primary Fanasi Elvis M Faubaba CHS
1976 Faubaba Primary Fato’Ogana Bendict M Faubaba CHS
1977 Faubaba Primary Fuia Japhet M Su'u NSS
1978 Faubaba Primary Iatoea Clarita F Faubaba CHS
1979 Faubaba Primary Ilala Paul M Faubaba CHS
1980 Faubaba Primary Killian John F Faubaba CHS
1981 Faubaba Primary Kofae Unity F Faubaba CHS
1982 Faubaba Primary Kokoi Abigaile F Faubaba CHS
1983 Faubaba Primary Koleta Cindy F Faubaba CHS
1984 Faubaba Primary Liomola Antonate F Aligegeo PSS
1985 Faubaba Primary Lolarii Gabriella F Faubaba CHS
1986 Faubaba Primary Loleaia Betty F Su'u NSS
1987 Faubaba Primary Maesuda Japhet F Faubaba CHS
1988 Faubaba Primary Mausafi John M Faubaba CHS
1989 Faubaba Primary Nofa Noelyn F Faubaba CHS
1990 Faubaba Primary Olotoo Aron M Faubaba CHS
1991 Faubaba Primary Otana Loonia F Faubaba CHS
1992 Faubaba Primary Pancras Alika M Faubaba CHS
1993 Faubaba Primary Rex Graham M Faubaba CHS
1994 Faubaba Primary Saola Felisty F Faubaba CHS
1995 Faubaba Primary Saviour Franis M Faubaba CHS
1996 Faubaba Primary Suifi Edward M Faubaba CHS
1997 Faubaba Primary Tana Junior M Faubaba CHS
1998 Faubaba Primary Telefananagana Naymax M Faubaba CHS
1999 Faubaba Primary Teleisuria Akraet M Faubaba CHS
2000 Faubaba Primary Tobio Franis M Faubaba CHS
2001 Faubaba Primary U’ufi Sadlyn M Faubaba CHS
2002 Faubaba Primary Wemani Jude M Faubaba CHS
2003 Faufanea Primary Augustine Fono'ota M Faufanea CHS
2004 Faufanea Primary Clarita Dinge F Faufanea CHS
2005 Faufanea Primary Elizabeth Kona F Faufanea CHS
2006 Faufanea Primary Everlyn Adu F Faufanea CHS
2007 Faufanea Primary Francis Kesty M Faufanea CHS
2008 Faufanea Primary Hillary Bobo F Faufanea CHS
2009 Faufanea Primary Ireen Mcroy F Faufanea CHS
2010 Faufanea Primary Jesmar Arifu F Faufanea CHS
2011 Faufanea Primary Joseph Kio M Faufanea CHS
2012 Faufanea Primary Lovelyn Pamela F Faufanea CHS
2013 Faufanea Primary Lucy Tarifa F Faufanea CHS
2014 Faufanea Primary Madalena Ba'ata F Faufanea CHS
2015 Faufanea Primary Pollin Arifu F Faufanea CHS
2016 Faufanea Primary Rose Rafe F Faufanea CHS
2017 Faufanea Primary Stanley Buriao M Faufanea CHS
2018 Faumalefo Extension Primary Agwata Cyrine F Gwaiau CHS
2019 Faumalefo Extension Primary Fiulaua Ashley M Gwaiau CHS
2020 Faumalefo Extension Primary Fiuniala Rockson M Gwaiau CHS
2021 Faumalefo Extension Primary Irokona Bernard M Gwaiau CHS
2022 Faumalefo Extension Primary Irokona David M Gwaiau CHS
2023 Faumalefo Extension Primary Maeta Esther F Gwaiau CHS
2024 Faumalefo Extension Primary Osibiata Reginald M Gwaiau CHS
2025 Faumamanu Primary Alasina Sulu M Faumamanu CHS
2026 Faumamanu Primary Albert Toto F Faumamanu CHS
2027 Faumamanu Primary Andrea Siru F Adaua Secondary
2028 Faumamanu Primary Brendy Peter F Faumamanu CHS
2029 Faumamanu Primary Bridly Titimi M Aligegeo PSS
2030 Faumamanu Primary Charity Duku F Faumamanu CHS
2031 Faumamanu Primary Danny Billy M Faumamanu CHS
2032 Faumamanu Primary Edwin Toómae M Faumamanu CHS
2033 Faumamanu Primary Funarii Iniakalo F Faumamanu CHS
2034 Faumamanu Primary Ireen Dau F Faumamanu CHS
2035 Faumamanu Primary Javelyn Sam F Aligegeo PSS
2036 Faumamanu Primary Jina George F Faumamanu CHS
2037 Faumamanu Primary John Lomani M Faumamanu CHS
2038 Faumamanu Primary Joyce Alasina F Aligegeo PSS
2039 Faumamanu Primary Judith Konai F Faumamanu CHS
2040 Faumamanu Primary Margret Sam F Faumamanu CHS
2041 Faumamanu Primary Mary Takisi F Faumamanu CHS
2042 Faumamanu Primary Nelly Gerea F Faumamanu CHS
2043 Faumamanu Primary Rhoda Timothy F Faumamanu CHS
2044 Faumamanu Primary Rose Ladusu F Faumamanu CHS
2045 Faumamanu Primary Rose Nelson F Faumamanu CHS
2046 Faumamanu Primary Susan Rex F Faumamanu CHS
2047 Faumamanu Primary Thompson Sukulu M Faumamanu CHS
2048 Faurere Primary Alsydia Gesuna F Faurere CHS
2049 Faurere Primary Clement Lakwafoa M Faurere CHS
2050 Faurere Primary Dalton Tome M Faurere CHS
2051 Faurere Primary Danny Paul M Faurere CHS
2052 Faurere Primary David Bura M Faurere CHS
2053 Faurere Primary Elizabeth Bokona F Faurere CHS
2054 Faurere Primary Everlyn Kaeni F Faurere CHS
2055 Faurere Primary Flicsion Sukidi M Faurere CHS
2056 Faurere Primary Florence Ra'aga F Faurere CHS
2057 Faurere Primary Fred Maeta M Faurere CHS
2058 Faurere Primary Fredrick Bosa M Faurere CHS
2059 Faurere Primary Jeriel Suliau M Faurere CHS
2060 Faurere Primary Karon Idu M Faurere CHS
2061 Faurere Primary Lensily Tolido M Faurere CHS
2062 Faurere Primary Luiza Kevin F Faurere CHS
2063 Faurere Primary Margaret Suuga F Faurere CHS
2064 Faurere Primary Maritinia Anginia F Faurere CHS
2065 Faurere Primary Melody Gesu F Faurere CHS
2066 Faurere Primary Meltus Kiko F Faurere CHS
2067 Faurere Primary Pasepa Warren F Faurere CHS
2068 Faurere Primary Precilla Concy F Faurere CHS
2069 Faurere Primary Richard Kiko M Faurere CHS
2070 Faurere Primary Rose Oruna F Faurere CHS
2071 Faurere Primary Simon Ben M Faurere CHS
2072 Faurere Primary Timothy Ometa M Faurere CHS
2073 Faurere Primary Tome Philip M Faurere CHS
2074 Faurere Primary Tony Waelesia M Faurere CHS
2075 Faurere Primary Vincencia Jenny F Faurere CHS
2076 Fausiana Primary Clifton Ofia M Fausiana CHS
2077 Fausiana Primary Graylin Afea F Fausiana CHS
2078 Fausiana Primary Hellen Tome F Fausiana CHS
2079 Fausiana Primary Ileen Isitalau F Fausiana CHS
2080 Fausiana Primary Jackson Billy M Fausiana CHS
2081 Fausiana Primary Janet Maeramo F Fausiana CHS
2082 Fausiana Primary Lynn Maelakosia F Fausiana CHS
2083 Fausiana Primary Mary Agali F Fausiana CHS
2084 Fausiana Primary Redly Sale Jnr M Fausiana CHS
2085 Fausiana Primary Stanley Lea M Fausiana CHS
2086 Fausiana Primary Susan Talamani F Fausiana CHS
2087 Fausiana Primary Wendy Kini F Fausiana CHS
2088 Fenualoa Primary Bauwe Barnabas M Fenualoa CHS
2089 Fenualoa Primary Hawkins Joe M Fenualoa CHS
2090 Fenualoa Primary Joni Greg M Fenualoa CHS
2091 Fenualoa Primary Kate Tamula F Fenualoa CHS
2092 Fenualoa Primary Laiyo Thomas M Fenualoa CHS
2093 Fenualoa Primary Markson Tenuu M Fenualoa CHS
2094 Fenualoa Primary Misikeni Lincoln M Fenualoa CHS
2095 Fenualoa Primary Mota'a Lency M Fenualoa CHS
2096 Fenualoa Primary Muiye Mathew M Fenualoa CHS
2097 Fenualoa Primary Nughosime Julnath F Fenualoa CHS
2098 Fenualoa Primary Scraton Henry M Fenualoa CHS
2099 Fenualoa Primary Solomon Emmanuel M Fenualoa CHS
2100 Fenualoa Primary Toaphili Nicholas M Fenualoa CHS
2101 Florence Young Primary Alaáuloreta F Florence Young Christain School
2102 Florence Young Primary Anisi Johnson M Florence Young Christain School
2103 Florence Young Primary Arilausi M Florence Young Christain School
2104 Florence Young Primary Arufoa Janet F Florence Young Christain School
2105 Florence Young Primary Aruhu Nathan Henry M Florence Young Christain School
2106 Florence Young Primary Bau Lynjeal F Florence Young Christain School
2107 Florence Young Primary Bengasi Evan M Florence Young Christain School
2108 Florence Young Primary Beuka B. Sarina F Florence Young Christain School
2109 Florence Young Primary Bird Tavaleana Alfred M Florence Young Christain School
2110 Florence Young Primary Deve Jesmine F Florence Young Christain School
2111 Florence Young Primary Diake Nobert M Florence Young Christain School
2112 Florence Young Primary Dudula Tina F Florence Young Christain School
2113 Florence Young Primary Duna Generisia F Florence Young Christain School
2114 Florence Young Primary Erekali Francis Arden M Florence Young Christain School
2115 Florence Young Primary Etaipora Joylyn Rarao F Florence Young Christain School
2116 Florence Young Primary Fafale Ryan M Florence Young Christain School
2117 Florence Young Primary Fifiri Humilton M Florence Young Christain School
2118 Florence Young Primary Figua Gramson M Florence Young Christain School
2119 Florence Young Primary Figua Grayson M Florence Young Christain School
2120 Florence Young Primary Fono Frank Junior M King George VI NSS
2121 Florence Young Primary Fugui Alfred John M Florence Young Christain School
2122 Florence Young Primary Fugui Augustine Makizana M Florence Young Christain School
2123 Florence Young Primary Galo Victoria F Florence Young Christain School
2124 Florence Young Primary Hataihanua Micah M Florence Young Christain School
2125 Florence Young Primary Huniehu John Xavier M Florence Young Christain School
2126 Florence Young Primary Hutaiwairaha Glen M Florence Young Christain School
2127 Florence Young Primary Igita Saniel M Florence Young Christain School
2128 Florence Young Primary Irofo'oa Ruth Carina F Florence Young Christain School
2129 Florence Young Primary Jakabatu Nerikha F Florence Young Christain School
2130 Florence Young Primary Kako Crystal F Florence Young Christain School
2131 Florence Young Primary Kalioae Cushla F Florence Young Christain School
2132 Florence Young Primary Kosui Kostino M Florence Young Christain School
2133 Florence Young Primary Laesanau Lyon M Florence Young Christain School
2134 Florence Young Primary Laesango Franco M Florence Young Christain School
2135 Florence Young Primary Laesango Ruben M Florence Young Christain School
2136 Florence Young Primary Leni Heylie F Florence Young Christain School
2137 Florence Young Primary Luiramo Pricianna F Florence Young Christain School
2138 Florence Young Primary Maefilia Majorah F Florence Young Christain School
2139 Florence Young Primary Maenuita Joel M Florence Young Christain School
2140 Florence Young Primary Mahli Aldrean M Florence Young Christain School
2141 Florence Young Primary Mahli Alphy M Florence Young Christain School
2142 Florence Young Primary Manekana Curtis M Florence Young Christain School
2143 Florence Young Primary Mesa John M Florence Young Christain School
2144 Florence Young Primary Nasi Kwanao Junior M Florence Young Christain School
2145 Florence Young Primary Nasi Lovinia Minanota F Florence Young Christain School
2146 Florence Young Primary Nate Ziron Nemuel M Florence Young Christain School
2147 Florence Young Primary Oli Chad M Florence Young Christain School
2148 Florence Young Primary Olofia Melinta F Florence Young Christain School
2149 Florence Young Primary Orisi Vincent M Florence Young Christain School
2150 Florence Young Primary Ote Mali Ivupitu F Florence Young Christain School
2151 Florence Young Primary Ote'e Ireen F Florence Young Christain School
2152 Florence Young Primary Otoaraá Hasiamane Bryna F Florence Young Christain School
2153 Florence Young Primary Poepoe Glen M Florence Young Christain School
2154 Florence Young Primary Poisua Angela F Florence Young Christain School
2155 Florence Young Primary Pwaouou Francis M Florence Young Christain School
2156 Florence Young Primary Ramo Jentazeen F Florence Young Christain School
2157 Florence Young Primary Ramoilugu Azalia Kenialatha F Florence Young Christain School
2158 Florence Young Primary Rongomea Ethel F Florence Young Christain School
2159 Florence Young Primary Ronie Anderson F Florence Young Christain School
2160 Florence Young Primary Saii Fredrick Stephen M Florence Young Christain School
2161 Florence Young Primary Saii Wilson M Florence Young Christain School
2162 Florence Young Primary Salole Jayden M Florence Young Christain School
2163 Florence Young Primary Sato James Kenroku M Florence Young Christain School
2164 Florence Young Primary Satu Trevis M Florence Young Christain School
2165 Florence Young Primary Sauredeia Javis M Florence Young Christain School
2166 Florence Young Primary Sofu Abilyn F Florence Young Christain School
2167 Florence Young Primary Sofu Christina F Florence Young Christain School
2168 Florence Young Primary Suirara Anna F Florence Young Christain School
2169 Florence Young Primary Taho'o David William M Florence Young Christain School
2170 Florence Young Primary Taonaru Jemillah F Florence Young Christain School
2171 Florence Young Primary Tauto Shane Harry M Florence Young Christain School
2172 Florence Young Primary Tohibangu Abia M Florence Young Christain School
2173 Florence Young Primary Toiraena Lalita F Florence Young Christain School
2174 Florence Young Primary Toro'ohi Hexalyn F Florence Young Christain School
2175 Florence Young Primary Tuke Paul Newei M King George VI NSS
2176 Florence Young Primary Viuru Howard F Florence Young Christain School
2177 Florence Young Primary Votua Amory M Florence Young Christain School
2178 Florence Young Primary Wasiia Basil M Florence Young Christain School
2179 Florence Young Primary Wore Immaculata F Florence Young Christain School
2180 Florence Young Primary Zobule Rosalind F Florence Young Christain School
2181 Fly Harbour Primary Agnes Pavalu F Fly Harbour CHS
2182 Fly Harbour Primary Angelina Voveala F Fly Harbour CHS
2183 Fly Harbour Primary Benjamin Talike M Fly Harbour CHS
2184 Fly Harbour Primary Camilla Vasau F Fly Harbour CHS
2185 Fly Harbour Primary Catherine Jezylyn F Fly Harbour CHS
2186 Fly Harbour Primary Chrisma Ginora F Fly Harbour CHS
2187 Fly Harbour Primary Clare Betsy F Fly Harbour CHS
2188 Fly Harbour Primary Debson Suba F Fly Harbour CHS
2189 Fly Harbour Primary Elizabeth Lengas F Fly Harbour CHS
2190 Fly Harbour Primary Emmanuel Matson M Fly Harbour CHS
2191 Fly Harbour Primary Francina Gata F Fly Harbour CHS
2192 Fly Harbour Primary Gladis Pilau F Fly Harbour CHS
2193 Fly Harbour Primary Hencliff Foufaka M Fly Harbour CHS
2194 Fly Harbour Primary Josan Finin M Fly Harbour CHS
2195 Fly Harbour Primary Junior Kamme M Fly Harbour CHS
2196 Fly Harbour Primary Lizian Amihinta F Fly Harbour CHS
2197 Fly Harbour Primary Obed Jackson M Fly Harbour CHS
2198 Fly Harbour Primary Pricilla Mefi F Fly Harbour CHS
2199 Fly Harbour Primary Rebi Silvia F Fly Harbour CHS
2200 Fly Harbour Primary Reginal Kapu M Fly Harbour CHS
2201 Fly Harbour Primary Rominal Gibson M Fly Harbour CHS
2202 Fly Harbour Primary Rusila Pentina M Fly Harbour CHS
2203 Fly Harbour Primary Steven Gavuna M Fly Harbour CHS
2204 FM Campbel Primary Aroha Linda F FM Campbel CHS
2205 FM Campbel Primary Aubara Feybrian F FM Campbel CHS
2206 FM Campbel Primary Aubara Frandy M FM Campbel CHS
2207 FM Campbel Primary Baukuku Martina F FM Campbel CHS
2208 FM Campbel Primary Bwagi Alex M FM Campbel CHS
2209 FM Campbel Primary Bwagi Irish F FM Campbel CHS
2210 FM Campbel Primary Campbell Steven M FM Campbel CHS
2211 FM Campbel Primary Diau Francis M FM Campbel CHS
2212 FM Campbel Primary Faga Jack Jnr M FM Campbel CHS
2213 FM Campbel Primary Gapu Paul E. M FM Campbel CHS
2214 FM Campbel Primary Gapu Winifred F FM Campbel CHS
2215 FM Campbel Primary Goroani Fiona F FM Campbel CHS
2216 FM Campbel Primary Higa Princely M FM Campbel CHS
2217 FM Campbel Primary Himane Henrita F FM Campbel CHS
2218 FM Campbel Primary Hirohavi Jayeen F FM Campbel CHS
2219 FM Campbel Primary Hote Ephraim M Pawa PSS
2220 FM Campbel Primary Hui Nelson M FM Campbel CHS
2221 FM Campbel Primary Huta Najoleen F Pawa PSS
2222 FM Campbel Primary Inatoa Beniteti M FM Campbel CHS
2223 FM Campbel Primary Jnr. Robert Rex M FM Campbel CHS
2224 FM Campbel Primary Jovita Nancy F FM Campbel CHS
2225 FM Campbel Primary Kagamuri Lucian F FM Campbel CHS
2226 FM Campbel Primary Kaioa Rayla F FM Campbel CHS
2227 FM Campbel Primary Kanunua June F FM Campbel CHS
2228 FM Campbel Primary Kapua Lalisha F FM Campbel CHS
2229 FM Campbel Primary Kapua Sammila F FM Campbel CHS
2230 FM Campbel Primary Katage Selina F FM Campbel CHS
2231 FM Campbel Primary Katawo Neverlyn F FM Campbel CHS
2232 FM Campbel Primary Kawake Maria F FM Campbel CHS
2233 FM Campbel Primary Keniasina Loyd M Selwyn College NSS
2234 FM Campbel Primary Kinika Antonio M Wainoni CHS
2235 FM Campbel Primary Kinika Rosinta F FM Campbel CHS
2236 FM Campbel Primary Koroa Irish F FM Campbel CHS
2237 FM Campbel Primary Kuata Jared M FM Campbel CHS
2238 FM Campbel Primary Kuku Gorethy F FM Campbel CHS
2239 FM Campbel Primary Mafuara Stanley M FM Campbel CHS
2240 FM Campbel Primary Maha Karldean M Pawa PSS
2241 FM Campbel Primary Mamulalo Jed Mark M FM Campbel CHS
2242 FM Campbel Primary Mane Robertson M FM Campbel CHS
2243 FM Campbel Primary Manekaoa Obrie M FM Campbel CHS
2244 FM Campbel Primary Marita Nesma F FM Campbel CHS
2245 FM Campbel Primary Muri Bradley M FM Campbel CHS
2246 FM Campbel Primary Nahumae Moflin M FM Campbel CHS
2247 FM Campbel Primary Ngiriapu Mamsteen M FM Campbel CHS
2248 FM Campbel Primary Pinihiara Unity F FM Campbel CHS
2249 FM Campbel Primary Pirione Michael M FM Campbel CHS
2250 FM Campbel Primary Pulu Hetina F Pawa PSS
2251 FM Campbel Primary Pwiesanau Andrew M FM Campbel CHS
2252 FM Campbel Primary Rahea Lovette M FM Campbel CHS
2253 FM Campbel Primary Raura Hanson M FM Campbel CHS
2254 FM Campbel Primary Rongoa Fredson M FM Campbel CHS
2255 FM Campbel Primary Sau Pricillar F FM Campbel CHS
2256 FM Campbel Primary Siapu Simon M FM Campbel CHS
2257 FM Campbel Primary Siare Justine M FM Campbel CHS
2258 FM Campbel Primary Sitai Jeoffrey M FM Campbel CHS
2259 FM Campbel Primary Sitai John M FM Campbel CHS
2260 FM Campbel Primary Suruma Festus M FM Campbel CHS
2261 FM Campbel Primary Tagi Ronny William M FM Campbel CHS
2262 FM Campbel Primary Tagi Zivilon M FM Campbel CHS
2263 FM Campbel Primary Tako Deborah F FM Campbel CHS
2264 FM Campbel Primary Taremae Colwin M FM Campbel CHS
2265 FM Campbel Primary Taro Jumar M FM Campbel CHS
2266 FM Campbel Primary Taro Lusio M FM Campbel CHS
2267 FM Campbel Primary Taro Provosky M FM Campbel CHS
2268 FM Campbel Primary Taumauri Samina F FM Campbel CHS
2269 FM Campbel Primary Teava Moffat M FM Campbel CHS
2270 FM Campbel Primary Teo Selwyn M FM Campbel CHS
2271 FM Campbel Primary Tingo Jude M FM Campbel CHS
2272 FM Campbel Primary Tolifaga Joy F FM Campbel CHS
2273 FM Campbel Primary Tora Giles M FM Campbel CHS
2274 FM Campbel Primary Tufou Feneais M FM Campbel CHS
2275 FM Campbel Primary Wa'ao Delma F Waimapuru NSS
2276 FM Campbel Primary Wakao Alwin M FM Campbel CHS
2277 FM Campbel Primary Waokea Joseph M FM Campbel CHS
2278 FM Campbel Primary Wate Alister M FM Campbel CHS
2279 FM Campbel Primary Watoto Churchill M FM Campbel CHS
2280 FM Campbel Primary Wau Jnr. Fred M FM Campbel CHS
2281 FM Campbel Primary Waura Patrick M FM Campbel CHS
2282 FM Campbel Primary Waurateha Grandson M FM Campbel CHS
2283 FM Campbel Primary Weago Cyril M FM Campbel CHS
2284 FM Campbel Primary Webster Joy F FM Campbel CHS
2285 Foóndo Primary Alton Kwaiga M Fo'ondo CHS
2286 Foóndo Primary Flory Olita F Fo'ondo CHS
2287 Foóndo Primary Hally Urukona F Fo'ondo CHS
2288 Foóndo Primary Haris Talosui M Fo'ondo CHS
2289 Foóndo Primary Jesentar Ofena F Fo'ondo CHS
2290 Foóndo Primary Jessy Basitau M Fo'ondo CHS
2291 Foóndo Primary Jevalyn Daefa F Fo'ondo CHS
2292 Foóndo Primary Junior Konari'i M Fo'ondo CHS
2293 Foóndo Primary Raphael Urukona M Fo'ondo CHS
2294 Foóndo Primary Tommy Erega M Fo'ondo CHS
2295 Foóndo Primary Zachaeus Tagi M Fo'ondo CHS
2296 Fote Primary Abigail Kwaimamu F Fote CHS
2297 Fote Primary Alfred Tua M Fote CHS
2298 Fote Primary Anna Afea F Fote CHS
2299 Fote Primary Assanet Billy F St John Dala Catholic Dala CHS
2300 Fote Primary Benjamin Talo M Kakara CHS
2301 Fote Primary Betty Osifelo F Fote CHS
2302 Fote Primary Bridget Maedani F Fote CHS
2303 Fote Primary Clarisah Daufala F St John Dala Catholic Dala CHS
2304 Fote Primary David Mamani M Fote CHS
2305 Fote Primary Everlyn Aubaea F Faiako CHS
2306 Fote Primary Francis Junior M Fote CHS
2307 Fote Primary Hebry Kana F Fote CHS
2308 Fote Primary Jackson Lui M Kakara CHS
2309 Fote Primary Javelyn Quwen F Fote CHS
2310 Fote Primary Jenna Muamao F Fote CHS
2311 Fote Primary Jenny Iro F Fote CHS
2312 Fote Primary Jidth Teéwane F Fote CHS
2313 Fote Primary Joseph Aquila M Fote CHS
2314 Fote Primary Junior Talo M Fote CHS
2315 Fote Primary Kaemas Fouele M Fote CHS
2316 Fote Primary Linda Tegu F Fote CHS
2317 Fote Primary Maria Inifata F Fote CHS
2318 Fote Primary Mercy Tari F Fote CHS
2319 Fote Primary Michael Iroga M Fote CHS
2320 Fote Primary Nerine Kate F Fote CHS
2321 Fote Primary Philklence Sufelo M Fote CHS
2322 Fote Primary Sandy Kio F Fote CHS
2323 Fote Primary Sede Niurara F Fote CHS
2324 Fote Primary Selina Te'ewane F Fote CHS
2325 Fote Primary Semuel Sulia M Fote CHS
2326 Fote Primary Thomas Lae M Fote CHS
2327 Fote Primary Vicky Mosena F Fote CHS
2328 Fuliabu Primary Gweana Roselyn F Fuliabu CHS
2329 Fuliabu Primary Hellen Monica F Fuliabu CHS
2330 Fuliabu Primary Kako Joseph M Fuliabu CHS
2331 Fuliabu Primary Kasutee Junior M Fuliabu CHS
2332 Fuliabu Primary Lifiramo Daisy F Fuliabu CHS
2333 Fuliabu Primary Ramo Alvin M Fuliabu CHS
2334 Fuliabu Primary Ramo Jude M Fuliabu CHS
2335 Fuliabu Primary Samson Kaely F Fuliabu CHS
2336 Fuliabu Primary Silas Joy F Fuliabu CHS
2337 Fuliabu Primary Sulu Hilda F Fuliabu CHS
2338 Fuliabu Primary Willy Esther F Fuliabu CHS
2339 Fulifo’oe Primary Javelyn Abuofa F Afufu CHS
2340 Fulifo’oe Primary Jemista Ludita F Afufu CHS
2341 Fulifo’oe Primary Joshua Raramo M Afufu CHs
2342 Fulisango Primary Abilyn Talana F Fulisango CHS
2343 Fulisango Primary Abilyn Tolo F Fulisango CHS
2344 Fulisango Primary Alice A Diau F Fulisango CHS
2345 Fulisango Primary Alvin Kko'ofa F Fulisango CHS
2346 Fulisango Primary Andy Basi F Fulisango CHS
2347 Fulisango Primary Bobby Chalton F Fulisango CHS
2348 Fulisango Primary Brenden Tu'u F Fulisango CHS
2349 Fulisango Primary Caroline Alick F Fulisango CHS
2350 Fulisango Primary Christina Selea F Fulisango CHS
2351 Fulisango Primary David Iro M Fulisango CHS
2352 Fulisango Primary Elijah Komasi F Fulisango CHS
2353 Fulisango Primary Esther Totobae M Fulisango CHS
2354 Fulisango Primary Flory Watari'i F Fulisango CHS
2355 Fulisango Primary Francina Taifua M Fulisango CHS
2356 Fulisango Primary Fredrick Mata M Fulisango CHS
2357 Fulisango Primary Fredrick Ri'itoli M Fulisango CHS
2358 Fulisango Primary Gladys Betty F Fulisango CHS
2359 Fulisango Primary Hilson Nare F Fulisango CHS
2360 Fulisango Primary Ivory Siko M Fulisango CHS
2361 Fulisango Primary Janet Osley M Fulisango CHS
2362 Fulisango Primary Javin Tani F Fulisango CHS
2363 Fulisango Primary Jenilla Filoa F Fulisango CHS
2364 Fulisango Primary Jerry Bua F Fulisango CHS
2365 Fulisango Primary Jessie Manu M Fulisango CHS
2366 Fulisango Primary Jimmah Kalaka M Fulisango CHS
2367 Fulisango Primary John Kiri M Fulisango CHS
2368 Fulisango Primary Juliyan Peter M Fulisango CHS
2369 Fulisango Primary Junior Richard M Fulisango CHS
2370 Fulisango Primary Justin Hane F Fulisango CHS
2371 Fulisango Primary Malon Michael F Fulisango CHS
2372 Fulisango Primary Mary Cloey F Fulisango CHS
2373 Fulisango Primary Mary Maesilia F Fulisango CHS
2374 Fulisango Primary Mary Vicky M Fulisango CHS
2375 Fulisango Primary Melanie Funu M Fulisango CHS
2376 Fulisango Primary Melisha Pete M Fulisango CHS
2377 Fulisango Primary Michael Billy F Fulisango CHS
2378 Fulisango Primary Monika Rii M Fulisango CHS
2379 Fulisango Primary Neverlyn Lae M Fulisango CHS
2380 Fulisango Primary Pateson Abana M Fulisango CHS
2381 Fulisango Primary Patricia Sala F Fulisango CHS
2382 Fulisango Primary Patricia Sam F Fulisango CHS
2383 Fulisango Primary Primo Ednal M Fulisango CHS
2384 Fulisango Primary Priscilia Peter F Fulisango CHS
2385 Fulisango Primary Pritus Mau M Fulisango CHS
2386 Fulisango Primary Prudence Ini F Fulisango CHS
2387 Fulisango Primary Rodney Filiga F Fulisango CHS
2388 Fulisango Primary Sammy Tauta M Fulisango CHS
2389 Fulisango Primary Samuel Raomae M Fulisango CHS
2390 Fulisango Primary Sandy Anisi M Aligegeo PSS
2391 Fulisango Primary Sanu Tolo F Fulisango CHS
2392 Fulisango Primary Steven Ako F Fulisango CHS
2393 Fulisango Primary Tresha Ha'a M Fulisango CHS
2394 Fulisango Primary Vellarie Palma M Fulisango CHS
2395 Furona Primary Bravily Jarish M Muana CHS
2396 Furona Primary Daoleni Texy M Muana CHS
2397 Furona Primary Gorosania Lise F Kalenga CHS
2398 Furona Primary Ini Jackson M Kalenga CHS
2399 Furona Primary Kalin Hilda F Muana CHS
2400 Furona Primary Kelesia Mary F Kalenga CHS
2401 Furona Primary Lonsy Brandonly M Muana CHS
2402 Furona Primary Manedika Jeffgenson M Muana CHS
2403 Furona Primary Manegnelea Max M Allardyce PSS
2404 Furona Primary Miuri Desma F Kalenga CHS
2405 Furona Primary Tango Gordon M Allardyce PSS
2406 Furona Primary Tanopiru Kevin M Allardyce PSS
2407 Furona Primary Tehe Timothy M Kalenga CHS
2408 Furona Primary Valaka Greenwill M Allardyce PSS
2409 Furona Primary Vikeara Hilda F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2410 Gagaolo Primary Amelda Minnet F Jejevo CHS
2411 Gagaolo Primary Carolyn Neisa F Muana CHS
2412 Gagaolo Primary Hagegamu Holish M Muana CHS
2413 Gagaolo Primary Havilegu Philimon M Allardyce PSS
2414 Gagaolo Primary Hosea Trence M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2415 Gagaolo Primary Jelyn Hilda F Muana CHS
2416 Gagaolo Primary Jessie Crzilyn F Guguha CHS
2417 Gagaolo Primary Joana Lolina F Allardyce PSS
2418 Gagaolo Primary Johnlee Resimana M Allardyce PSS
2419 Gagaolo Primary Julian Leumana M Muana CHS
2420 Gagaolo Primary Kasadi Kervin M Muana CHS
2421 Gagaolo Primary Lanton Wakinson M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2422 Gagaolo Primary Naánoda Julia F Allardyce PSS
2423 Gagaolo Primary Nester Lira F Muana CHS
2424 Gagaolo Primary Pola Joylyn F Muana CHS
2425 Gagaolo Primary Shavine Joses M Allardyce PSS
2426 Gagaolo Primary Walex Vijon M Muana CHS
2427 Garanga Primary Febi Serah F Guguha CHS
2428 Garanga Primary Kolesi Wendy F Guguha CHS
2429 Garanga Primary Lelefu Ellison M Guguha CHS
2430 Garanga Primary Lenny Timmy M Guguha CHS
2431 Garanga Primary Lokha Collen M Guguha CHS
2432 Garanga Primary Luna Merrilina F Guguha CHS
2433 Garanga Primary Philia Ishmael M Guguha CHS
2434 Garanga Primary Rowen Johnson M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2435 Garanga Primary Sammy Granstan M Guguha CHS
2436 Garanga Primary Sulu Collin M Guguha CHS
2437 Garanga Primary Tivo Andrew M Guguha CHS
2438 Garanga Primary Ziporah Dorah F Guguha CHS
2439 Garden Primary Amanaki Wilson M Tehila CHS
2440 Garden Primary Barivudu Jelmina M Tehila CHS
2441 Garden Primary Brenda Alphy F Bekabeka CHS
2442 Garden Primary Jenky Pitabose M Kukudu Adventist College
2443 Garden Primary Jesmine Elliot F Kukudu Adventist College
2444 Garden Primary Jule Robinson M Tehila CHS
2445 Garden Primary Kenzly Kabolo M Bekabeka CHS
2446 Garden Primary Kovo Stanley F Tehila CHS
2447 Garden Primary Labangi Steven M Tehila CHS
2448 Garden Primary Manakavele Betty F Tehila CHS
2449 Garden Primary Marke Jackson F Tehila CHS
2450 Garden Primary Masiaro Davidson M Tehila CHS
2451 Garden Primary Nataly Maina F Kukudu Adventist College
2452 Garden Primary Pita Naru M Tehila CHS
2453 Garden Primary Rihuaro Placinta F Tehila CHS
2454 Garden Primary Soko Dailee M Tehila CHS
2455 Garden Primary Stanley Kovo M Puzivai CHS
2456 Garden Primary Taniveke Tavin F Tehila CHS
2457 Garden Primary Tara Junior F Tehila CHS
2458 Garden Primary Tara Raynon F Tehila CHS
2459 Garden Primary Tione Julian F Goldie College NSS
2460 Garden Primary Tumapiqe Rineisa F Tehila CHS
2461 Garden Primary Valapiqe Melisa M Tehila CHS
2462 Garota Primary Adrian Magima F Garota CHS
2463 Garota Primary Alice Abua F Garota CHS
2464 Garota Primary Alice Tome F Adaua Secondary
2465 Garota Primary Betty Jack F Garota CHS
2466 Garota Primary George Diau M Garota CHS
2467 Garota Primary Gladys Tafili F Garota CHS
2468 Garota Primary Gloria Sale F Su'u NSS
2469 Garota Primary Jemimah Laugwaro F Garota CHS
2470 Garota Primary Jenny Gwafolo F Garota CHS
2471 Garota Primary John Midi M Garota CHS
2472 Garota Primary Julian Mereani F Garota CHS
2473 Garota Primary Junior Tom M Garota CHS
2474 Garota Primary Martin Alufurai M Garota CHS
2475 Garota Primary Mathew Maelasi M Garota CHS
2476 Garota Primary Muriel Koramo F Garota CHS
2477 Garota Primary Nickson Musuota M Garota CHS
2478 Garota Primary Philclens Billy M Aligegeo PSS
2479 Garota Primary Refly Sale M King George VI NSS
2480 Garota Primary Rodney Tome M Garota CHS
2481 Garota Primary Rosalyn Oimae F Garota CHS
2482 Garota Primary Steven Sade M Garota CHS
2483 Garota Primary Sylvia Kaua F Garota CHS
2484 Garota Primary Watson Iro M Garota CHS
2485 Gauwa Primary Drizilla Nuale F Gauwa CHS
2486 Gauwa Primary Leah Gomong F Gauwa CHS
2487 Gauwa Primary Leiau Dairest F Gauwa CHS
2488 Gauwa Primary Mala Joando F Gauwa CHS
2489 Gauwa Primary Menapa Francis M Gauwa CHS
2490 Gauwa Primary Napuni Roy M Gauwa CHS
2491 Gauwa Primary Nawa Mirriam F Gauwa CHS
2492 Gauwa Primary Niua Gabrella F Gauwa CHS
2493 Gauwa Primary Onaki Mary F Gauwa CHS
2494 Gauwa Primary Paem Keithzman M Gauwa CHS
2495 Gauwa Primary Poki Selwyn M Gauwa CHS
2496 Gauwa Primary Saleima Gina F Gauwa CHS
2497 Gauwa Primary Sipala Judy F Gauwa CHS
2498 Gauwa Primary Teibwa Rose F Gauwa CHS
2499 Gauwa Primary Valuk Rachel F Gauwa CHS
2500 Gauwa Primary Wayne Stephen M Gauwa CHS
2501 Ghaobata Primary Bana Fathlyn F Ghaobata CHS
2502 Ghaobata Primary Bola Margret F Ghaobata CHS
2503 Ghaobata Primary Bosa Debry M Ghaobata CHS
2504 Ghaobata Primary Bosa Tiroduri Zobel F Ghaobata CHS
2505 Ghaobata Primary Bosamete Brendalyn F Ghaobata CHS
2506 Ghaobata Primary Diau Joseph M Ghaobata CHS
2507 Ghaobata Primary Ida Cathra F Ghaobata CHS
2508 Ghaobata Primary Kakai Charles M Ghaobata CHS
2509 Ghaobata Primary Kemwel Gilliann F Ghaobata CHS
2510 Ghaobata Primary Kibo Kendys F Ghaobata CHS
2511 Ghaobata Primary Kuvu Batholomew M Ghaobata CHS
2512 Ghaobata Primary Mane Brendon M Ghaobata CHS
2513 Ghaobata Primary Mary Maili F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
2514 Ghaobata Primary Nunuvia Daniel M Ghaobata CHS
2515 Ghaobata Primary Onoa Chelcy Monica F Ghaobata CHS
2516 Ghaobata Primary Pathea Victorina F Ghaobata CHS
2517 Ghaobata Primary Primo Bennet M Ghaobata CHS
2518 Ghaobata Primary Saki Maria F Ghaobata CHS
2519 Ghaobata Primary Saki Zenian M Ghaobata CHS
2520 Ghaobata Primary Selo Jaymah F Ghaobata CHS
2521 Ghaobata Primary Sikua Bernadette F Ghaobata CHS
2522 Ghaobata Primary Tanza Clenda F Visale CHS
2523 Ghaobata Primary Tuti Roselyn F Ghaobata CHS
2524 Ghaobata Primary Vathagi Ernestino M Ghaobata CHS
2525 Ghatere Primary Bao Darcy M Jones Adventist College
2526 Ghatere Primary Brelina Taupa F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
2527 Ghatere Primary Chris Dana M Kukudu Adventist College
2528 Ghatere Primary Esilyn Bana F Jones Adventist College
2529 Ghatere Primary Florisha Tefenoli F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
2530 Ghatere Primary Jerom Simbi M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
2531 Ghatere Primary Jerry Saeve M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
2532 Ghatere Primary Lienda Simbi F Kukudu Adventist College
2533 Ghatere Primary Nathan Wale M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
2534 Ghatere Primary Shayne Bulehite Taupa M Betikama Adventist College
2535 Ghole Primary Hatimoana Johnly M Belaga CHS
2536 Ghole Primary Kuanu Grace F Siota PSS
2537 Ghole Primary Manebona Patrick M Belaga CHS
2538 Ghole Primary Nongo Ellen F Belaga CHS
2539 Ghole Primary Pitu Marion F Belaga CHS
2540 Ghole Primary Rosela David M Belaga CHS
2541 Ghole Primary Thomas Lilian F Siota PSS
2542 Ghole Primary Tobakeha Naomi F Belaga CHS
2543 Ghole Primary Vulele Victor John M Belaga CHS
2544 Ghombua Primary Aldrin Manegelea M Ghombua CHS
2545 Ghombua Primary Alfred Sa'a M Ghombua CHS
2546 Ghombua Primary Amose Douglas M Ghombua CHS
2547 Ghombua Primary Clevelan Moses M Ghombua CHS
2548 Ghombua Primary Daizymah Eddie F Ghombua CHS
2549 Ghombua Primary Danica Hendry F Ghombua CHS
2550 Ghombua Primary Debrinah Rolter F Ghombua CHS
2551 Ghombua Primary Demah Galasa F Ghombua CHS
2552 Ghombua Primary Denick Calwin M Ghombua CHS
2553 Ghombua Primary Deslee Totogi M Ghombua CHS
2554 Ghombua Primary Dilean Ngaroa M Ghombua CHS
2555 Ghombua Primary Dorish Erry F Ghombua CHS
2556 Ghombua Primary Hansol Robert M Ghombua CHS
2557 Ghombua Primary Harol Billy M Ghombua CHS
2558 Ghombua Primary Hendrick Sikua M Ghombua CHS
2559 Ghombua Primary Jannel Nathan F Ghombua CHS
2560 Ghombua Primary Jaymie Lawson M Ghombua CHS
2561 Ghombua Primary Jelton Jack M Ghombua CHS
2562 Ghombua Primary Jillian Jeffery F Ghombua CHS
2563 Ghombua Primary Junior Jack M Ghombua CHS
2564 Ghombua Primary Kelly Jack M Ghombua CHS
2565 Ghombua Primary Macleen Maneghua M Ghombua CHS
2566 Ghombua Primary Narilyn John F Ghombua CHS
2567 Ghombua Primary Peter Alfred M Ghombua CHS
2568 Ghombua Primary Shirlian Ligo F Ghombua CHS
2569 Ghombua Primary Smith Luvu M Ghombua CHS
2570 Ghombua Primary Soffia Gideon F Ghombua CHS
2571 Ghombua Primary Vaelinta Wilson F Ghombua CHS
2572 Ghombua Primary Vaelyn David F Ghombua CHS
2573 Ghombua Primary Vaygan Jacob F Ghombua CHS
2574 Ghombua Primary Wendy Presly F Ghombua CHS
2575 Ghombua Primary Yesminah Lee F Ghombua CHS
2576 Ghove Primary Angelina Anetpio F Numbu CHS
2577 Ghove Primary Dafney Lebe F Tangarare PSS
2578 Ghove Primary Hilda Vivi F Tangarare PSS
2579 Ghove Primary Joanna Lehu F Numbu CHS
2580 Ghove Primary Rachel Tova F Tangarare PSS
2581 Ghove Primary Rosela Maria F Tangarare PSS
2582 Ghove Primary Sabrina Vale F Tangarare PSS
2583 Ghove Primary Telma Kemakesa F Tangarare PSS
2584 Ghove Primary Theresia Vana F Tangarare PSS
2585 Ghumu Primary Hunter Tome M Halavo CHS
2586 Ghumu Primary Jeavalyn Leah F Siota PSS
2587 Ghumu Primary Margret Luve F Halavo CHS
2588 Ghumu Primary Petlyn Rao F Halavo CHS
2589 Ghumu Primary Rolland Manebona M Halavo CHS
2590 Gifu Primary Adena Joyce F Zion Christian Academy
2591 Gifu Primary Brenda Koti F Lunga CHS
2592 Gifu Primary Catherine Bechangi F Lunga CHS
2593 Gifu Primary Emry Ruel F Zion Christian Academy
2594 Gifu Primary Euan Atu M Lunga CHS
2595 Gifu Primary Francis Selea M Marara CHS
2596 Gifu Primary Glorish Jenny F Lunga CHS
2597 Gifu Primary Ireen Hohosi F Zion Christian Academy
2598 Gifu Primary Jariat Tome M Zion Christian Academy
2599 Gifu Primary Jefter W. Jeffry M Zion Christian Academy
2600 Gifu Primary Junior Alfred M Marara CHS
2601 Gifu Primary Junior Kaputi M Lunga CHS
2602 Gifu Primary Lavinta Mosunu F Marara CHS
2603 Gifu Primary Michelle V. Abu F Zion Christian Academy
2604 Gifu Primary Philomena A. Mackini F Zion Christian Academy
2605 Gifu Primary Ramaga Mesach M Zion Christian Academy
2606 Gifu Primary Rayton Cladius M Lunga CHS
2607 Gifu Primary Sadam Jeremaiah M Marara CHS
2608 Gifu Primary Sapina Bernadeth F Zion Christian Academy
2609 Gifu Primary Tekla Enny F Zion Christian Academy
2610 Gifu Primary William Ritchie M Marara CHS
2611 Gilo Primary Ada Janet F Numbu CHS
2612 Gilo Primary Bosamete Hellen F Ruavatu PSS
2613 Gilo Primary Gitoa Tina F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
2614 Gilo Primary Ibi Bexly M Numbu CHS
2615 Gilo Primary Joylyn Mary F Numbu CHS
2616 Gilo Primary Leua Delma F Numbu CHS
2617 Gilo Primary Lovanitila Divine M Numbu CHS
2618 Gilo Primary Maomara Rebecca F Kulu CHS
2619 Gilo Primary Sale Cynthia F Numbu CHS
2620 Gilo Primary Sepi Jerinma M Numbu CHS
2621 Gilo Primary Sule Dorothy F Numbu CHS
2622 Gilo Primary Tangile Joylyn F Numbu CHS
2623 Gilo Primary Tongoa Damaris F Ruavatu PSS
2624 Gilo Primary Vakalea Nareika F Numbu CHS
2625 Gizo Primary Alison Pitu M Gizo CHS
2626 Gizo Primary Allan Alepioh M Vonunu NSS
2627 Gizo Primary Allanson Sikomea M Gizo CHS
2628 Gizo Primary Alona Paekera F Kukudu Adventist College
2629 Gizo Primary Angelita Mazini F Gizo CHS
2630 Gizo Primary Anna Kamikera M Gizo CHS
2631 Gizo Primary Anthonina Haiea M Gizo CHS
2632 Gizo Primary Armstrong Kenoli Vini M Gizo CHS
2633 Gizo Primary Ashley Tepai Masa M Jones Adventist College
2634 Gizo Primary Brodellah Iputu F Gizo CHS
2635 Gizo Primary Cegily Semi F Biula PSS
2636 Gizo Primary Chechynia Qaloboe M Jones Adventist College
2637 Gizo Primary Edna Piosasa F Goldie College NSS
2638 Gizo Primary Emmanuel Maena M Goldie College NSS
2639 Gizo Primary Faletau Bingoto Maena M Gizo CHS
2640 Gizo Primary Gabert Pato M Gizo CHS
2641 Gizo Primary George Sotinawa M Gizo CHS
2642 Gizo Primary Hellen Owa Nomisa F Gizo CHS
2643 Gizo Primary Ivy Brenda Namau F Gizo CHS
2644 Gizo Primary Iyuchi Tauku M Gizo CHS
2645 Gizo Primary Jade Ghasapio M Gizo CHS
2646 Gizo Primary Janel Lalita Koinini F Vonunu NSS
2647 Gizo Primary Jarel Razid Tuza M Gizo CHS
2648 Gizo Primary Jaren Sabu Keka F Gizo CHS
2649 Gizo Primary Jendale Kobala F Kukudu Adventist College
2650 Gizo Primary Jendale Piqenoseh F Gizo CHS
2651 Gizo Primary Joan Mule F Gizo CHS
2652 Gizo Primary John Pata M Gizo CHS
2653 Gizo Primary Jonisha Sapei M Kukudu Adventist College
2654 Gizo Primary Joseph Junior Qorae M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
2655 Gizo Primary Joyce Galo F Gizo CHS
2656 Gizo Primary June Muriel Szetu F Gizo CHS
2657 Gizo Primary Junior Joseph Gorae M Kukudu Adventist College
2658 Gizo Primary Kelix Ara M Gizo CHS
2659 Gizo Primary Lanita Magu F Gizo CHS
2660 Gizo Primary Larry Graham M Biula PSS
2661 Gizo Primary Lorina Annie Dimu F Gizo CHS
2662 Gizo Primary Lovelyn Nure F Biula PSS
2663 Gizo Primary Marian Binoa F Gizo CHS
2664 Gizo Primary Marian Rokoto F Kukudu Adventist College
2665 Gizo Primary Marian Terry Rokoto F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
2666 Gizo Primary Martina Winnyfred Pitisopa F Gizo CHS
2667 Gizo Primary Matrina Lorah Sosota F Goldie College NSS
2668 Gizo Primary Mezie Numata F Gizo CHS
2669 Gizo Primary Miller Wate Boara M Biula PSS
2670 Gizo Primary Misack Poana M Gizo CHS
2671 Gizo Primary Moala Junior Pada M Kukudu Adventist College
2672 Gizo Primary Moana Ratu F Gizo CHS
2673 Gizo Primary Moses Terana Riqeo M Gizo CHS
2674 Gizo Primary Noella Loseni F Kukudu Adventist College
2675 Gizo Primary Norah Ruben F Vonunu NSS
2676 Gizo Primary Nose Malisa Buara F Goldie College NSS
2677 Gizo Primary Posala Aaron F Gizo CHS
2678 Gizo Primary Potang Carista Cheong F Gizo CHS
2679 Gizo Primary Prinsia Kiloe F Biula PSS
2680 Gizo Primary Rachael Za'a Ale F Gizo CHS
2681 Gizo Primary Rinell Peter F Kukudu Adventist College
2682 Gizo Primary Ronald Nikavaka M Biula PSS
2683 Gizo Primary Salyn Delma F Gizo CHS
2684 Gizo Primary Stanley Zala M Biula PSS
2685 Gizo Primary Tatagu Joseph F Gizo CHS
2686 Gizo Primary TolyndraTebitara F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
2687 Gizo Primary Tristan Wichkam M Gizo CHS
2688 Gizo Primary Warren Camilus M King George VI NSS
2689 Gizo Primary Zellion Hilarry M Betikama Adventist College
2690 Global Harvest Primary Alice Joan Uiga F Global Harvest CHS
2691 Global Harvest Primary Bisel Okea F Global Harvest CHS
2692 Global Harvest Primary Gora Manson M Global Harvest CHS
2693 Global Harvest Primary Grayton Koiramo M Global Harvest CHS
2694 Global Harvest Primary Gretal Maeusia F Global Harvest CHS
2695 Global Harvest Primary Jandy Torilofa M Global Harvest CHS
2696 Global Harvest Primary Jaylington Madi M Global Harvest CHS
2697 Global Harvest Primary Kevin Ifui M Global Harvest CHS
2698 Global Harvest Primary Lela Scotash Fito'o F Global Harvest CHS
2699 Global Harvest Primary Lorina Rii F Global Harvest CHS
2700 Global Harvest Primary Lynjane Sinala F Global Harvest CHS
2701 Global Harvest Primary Monica Madi F Global Harvest CHS
2702 Global Harvest Primary Rose Mary Biulasi F Global Harvest CHS
2703 Global Harvest Primary Walter Toena M Global Harvest CHS
2704 Gospel Light Primary Alisha Palusi F Gospel Light CHS
2705 Gospel Light Primary Aquila Piso M Gospel Light CHS
2706 Gospel Light Primary Augustus Fadasia M Gospel Light CHS
2707 Gospel Light Primary Bethseida Aunala F Gospel Light CHS
2708 Gospel Light Primary Cicilia Seo F Gospel Light CHS
2709 Gospel Light Primary Dian Rowena F Gospel Light CHS
2710 Gospel Light Primary Festus Fadasia M Gospel Light CHS
2711 Gospel Light Primary Fostina Jenny F Gospel Light CHS
2712 Gospel Light Primary Harold Junior M Gospel Light CHS
2713 Gospel Light Primary Hayson Finiasia M Gospel Light CHS
2714 Gospel Light Primary Jestin Asieu M Gospel Light CHS
2715 Gospel Light Primary Lester Te'eta M Gospel Light CHS
2716 Gospel Light Primary Loriene Kikolo F Gospel Light CHS
2717 Gospel Light Primary Mackenzy Housanau M Gospel Light CHS
2718 Gospel Light Primary Maria Pala F Gospel Light CHS
2719 Gospel Light Primary Melanie Kele F Gospel Light CHS
2720 Gospel Light Primary Natasha Iro F Gospel Light CHS
2721 Gospel Light Primary Ronald Velomana M Gospel Light CHS
2722 Gospel Light Primary Seralyn Frester F Gospel Light CHS
2723 Gospel Light Primary Stephany Philip F Coronation Christian CHS
2724 Gounabusu Primary Alice John F Gounabusu CHS
2725 Gounabusu Primary Angella Kwaria F Gounabusu CHS
2726 Gounabusu Primary Beverlyn Baefaka F Gounabusu CHS
2727 Gounabusu Primary Bobby Joe M Gounabusu CHS
2728 Gounabusu Primary Don Nomae M Gounabusu CHS
2729 Gounabusu Primary Joyce Gali F Gounabusu CHS
2730 Gounabusu Primary Junior Alefo M Gounabusu CHS
2731 Gounabusu Primary Kesiana Pita M Gounabusu CHS
2732 Gounabusu Primary Lobiala Takisi F Gounabusu CHS
2733 Gounabusu Primary Mara Geleia F Gounabusu CHS
2734 Gounabusu Primary Marion Belden F Gounabusu CHS
2735 Gounabusu Primary Melvina Genibata F Gounabusu CHS
2736 Gounabusu Primary Mishek Stedy M Gounabusu CHS
2737 Gounabusu Primary Prudence Jeffery F Gounabusu CHS
2738 Gounabusu Primary Rachel Stedy F Gounabusu CHS
2739 Gounabusu Primary Ramoga Dickson M Gounabusu CHS
2740 Gounabusu Primary Richard Maetafanua M Gounabusu CHS
2741 Gounabusu Primary Rodney Dudley M Gounabusu CHS
2742 Gounabusu Primary Rose Taefonu F Gounabusu CHS
2743 Gounabusu Primary Ruth Baefaka F Gounabusu CHS
2744 Gounabusu Primary Titus Waifanasafi M Gounabusu CHS
2745 Goveo Primary Ben Pota M Visena CHS
2746 Goveo Primary Daniel Kimata M Guguha CHS
2747 Goveo Primary Delsa Sabella F Visena CHS
2748 Goveo Primary Elia Kelo M Guguha CHS
2749 Goveo Primary Ellian Offo F Lilika CHS
2750 Goveo Primary Fednan Costard M Lilika CHS
2751 Goveo Primary Harry Alfred M Guguha CHS
2752 Goveo Primary Jerolyn Evans Silia F Guguha CHS
2753 Goveo Primary Lolinda Siana F Selwyn College NSS
2754 Goveo Primary Lorina Laomeha F Guguha CHS
2755 Goveo Primary Lot Luxman M Guguha CHS
2756 Goveo Primary Lovelyn Hagi F Visena CHS
2757 Goveo Primary Miza Manaseh M Lilika CHS
2758 Goveo Primary Rodney Harvey M Guguha CHS
2759 Goveo Primary Screvin Harry M Lilika CHS
2760 Goveo Primary Sensallyn Louisa F Lilika CHS
2761 Goveo Primary Shyrine Hoivala F Lilika CHS
2762 Guguha Primary Admin Elomamae M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2763 Guguha Primary Alex Hilton M Guguha CHS
2764 Guguha Primary Alice Fotede F Guguha CHS
2765 Guguha Primary Alvina Sokedy Clyde M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2766 Guguha Primary Beauty Cynthia F Guguha CHS
2767 Guguha Primary Carina Avinia F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2768 Guguha Primary Charles Dine M Guguha CHS
2769 Guguha Primary Dewin Kindrick M Guguha CHS
2770 Guguha Primary Diana Margret F Guguha CHS
2771 Guguha Primary Everlyn Joana F Guguha CHS
2772 Guguha Primary Frank Toni M Guguha CHS
2773 Guguha Primary Gift Veola M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2774 Guguha Primary Hilda Gloria F Guguha CHS
2775 Guguha Primary Jayson Maeaba M Guguha CHS
2776 Guguha Primary Jimmy Alisio M Guguha CHS
2777 Guguha Primary Johnson Grifin M Guguha CHS
2778 Guguha Primary Junior Eugen M Guguha CHS
2779 Guguha Primary Kemei Sina F Guguha CHS
2780 Guguha Primary Lindela Petty F Guguha CHS
2781 Guguha Primary Lioster Bontus M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2782 Guguha Primary Margret Koravo F Guguha CHS
2783 Guguha Primary Matilda Mary F Guguha CHS
2784 Guguha Primary May Gathoara F Muana CHS
2785 Guguha Primary Mevalyn Roroi F Guguha CHS
2786 Guguha Primary Moffet Sauboso M Guguha CHS
2787 Guguha Primary Nebat Bradly M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2788 Guguha Primary Neldon Vasede M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2789 Guguha Primary Norma Gloria F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
2790 Guguha Primary Olivia Olison M Allardyce PSS
2791 Guguha Primary Praisly Charles Fox M Allardyce PSS
2792 Guguha Primary Richard Arody M Guguha CHS
2793 Guguha Primary Robert Kale M Guguha CHS
2794 Guguha Primary Roelyn Vinana F Guguha CHS
2795 Guguha Primary Ronnie Harmony M Allardyce PSS
2796 Guguha Primary Salome Bata F GUGUHA CHS
2797 Guguha Primary Steward John M Guguha CHS
2798 Guguha Primary Watson Love M Guguha CHS
2799 Gwaiau Primary Angiramo Linston M Gwaiau CHS
2800 Gwaiau Primary Angiramo Tony M Gwaiau CHS
2801 Gwaiau Primary Arupata Cynthia F Gwaiau CHS
2802 Gwaiau Primary Aufalea Fred M Gwaiau CHS
2803 Gwaiau Primary Autoó Rolland M Gwaiau CHS
2804 Gwaiau Primary Fangarii Esther F Aligegeo PSS
2805 Gwaiau Primary Kofu Harina F Gwaiau CHS
2806 Gwaiau Primary Mani Lawrence M Gwaiau CHS
2807 Gwaiau Primary Ngeobuli Whitney F Gwaiau CHS
2808 Gwaiau Primary Ramoala Jonah M Gwaiau CHS
2809 Gwaiau Primary Taga'au Wilson M Gwaiau CHS
2810 Gwaiau Primary Takari'i Misba F Gwaiau CHS
2811 Gwaiau Primary Taloifei Jerry M Gwaiau CHS
2812 Gwaiau Primary Waneia Lawrence M Aligegeo PSS
2813 Gwaidinagale Primary Alfred Dila M Gwaidingale CHS
2814 Gwaidinagale Primary Alick Baba M Gwaidingale CHS
2815 Gwaidinagale Primary Anifaka F Gwaidingale CHS
2816 Gwaidinagale Primary Anna Rifuageni F Gwaidingale CHS
2817 Gwaidinagale Primary Apolonia Gito F Gwaidingale CHS
2818 Gwaidinagale Primary Ariel Sisili M Gwaidingale CHS
2819 Gwaidinagale Primary Augustine Saefo’oa M Gwaidingale CHS
2820 Gwaidinagale Primary Becham Samosia M Gwaidingale CHS
2821 Gwaidinagale Primary Bethany Siumae M Gwaidingale CHS
2822 Gwaidinagale Primary Bethlyn Taolo F Gwaidingale CHS
2823 Gwaidinagale Primary Billy Buia M Gwaidingale CHS
2824 Gwaidinagale Primary Bobby Thomas M Gwaidingale CHS
2825 Gwaidinagale Primary Brian Art F Gwaidingale CHS
2826 Gwaidinagale Primary Bronia Geniadia F Gwaidingale CHS
2827 Gwaidinagale Primary Cecilia Agatha F Gwaidingale CHS
2828 Gwaidinagale Primary Charles Keku M Gwaidingale CHS
2829 Gwaidinagale Primary Chris Dau M Gwaidingale CHS
2830 Gwaidinagale Primary Chris Sade M Gwaidingale CHS
2831 Gwaidinagale Primary Christina Advent M Gwaidingale CHS
2832 Gwaidinagale Primary Cintha Gwasu F Gwaidingale CHS
2833 Gwaidinagale Primary Claryne Maenu’u F Gwaidingale CHS
2834 Gwaidinagale Primary Clifton Agua M Gwaidingale CHS
2835 Gwaidinagale Primary David Esi M Gwaidingale CHS
2836 Gwaidinagale Primary David Junior M Gwaidingale CHS
2837 Gwaidinagale Primary Deborah Mae F Gwaidingale CHS
2838 Gwaidinagale Primary Diana Hono F Gwaidingale CHS
2839 Gwaidinagale Primary Dorothy Lefasa F Gwaidingale CHS
2840 Gwaidinagale Primary El.Jolian Sisili F Gwaidingale CHS
2841 Gwaidinagale Primary Esther Mae F Gwaidingale CHS
2842 Gwaidinagale Primary Esther Tolanamae F Gwaidingale CHS
2843 Gwaidinagale Primary Eunice Eresi M Gwaidingale CHS
2844 Gwaidinagale Primary Everlyn Julia F Gwaidingale CHS
2845 Gwaidinagale Primary Flory Rose F Gwaidingale CHS
2846 Gwaidinagale Primary Franis Hino M Gwaidingale CHS
2847 Gwaidinagale Primary Grace Lionala F Gwaidingale CHS
2848 Gwaidinagale Primary Gusgrendy Usi M Gwaidingale CHS
2849 Gwaidinagale Primary Helina Gossiara F Gwaidingale CHS
2850 Gwaidinagale Primary Hopkin Kwailangi F Gwaidingale CHS
2851 Gwaidinagale Primary Indy Walekwate F Gwaidingale CHS
2852 Gwaidinagale Primary Isaiah Seda M Gwaidingale CHS
2853 Gwaidinagale Primary James Santalau M Gwaidingale CHS
2854 Gwaidinagale Primary Janet Fanakalo F Gwaidingale CHS
2855 Gwaidinagale Primary Janet Lona F Gwaidingale CHS
2856 Gwaidinagale Primary Janet Obi F Gwaidingale CHS
2857 Gwaidinagale Primary Jimmy Nage F Gwaidingale CHS
2858 Gwaidinagale Primary Job Sika’a M Gwaidingale CHS
2859 Gwaidinagale Primary John Labani M Gwaidingale CHS
2860 Gwaidinagale Primary John Sirimaea M Gwaidingale CHS
2861 Gwaidinagale Primary John Wane M Gwaidingale CHS
2862 Gwaidinagale Primary Josiah Ben M Gwaidingale CHS
2863 Gwaidinagale Primary Joyce Melody F Gwaidingale CHS
2864 Gwaidinagale Primary Joylyn Engo F Gwaidingale CHS
2865 Gwaidinagale Primary Joylyn Sugata F Gwaidingale CHS
2866 Gwaidinagale Primary Junita Ileme F Gwaidingale CHS
2867 Gwaidinagale Primary Justin Tasi Dau M Gwaidingale CHS
2868 Gwaidinagale Primary Leonard Rara F Gwaidingale CHS
2869 Gwaidinagale Primary Linda Ekerifo F Gwaidingale CHS
2870 Gwaidinagale Primary Lindra Behe F Gwaidingale CHS
2871 Gwaidinagale Primary Lydia Masiala F Gwaidingale CHS
2872 Gwaidinagale Primary Mavis Madalena F Gwaidingale CHS
2873 Gwaidinagale Primary Maxnillian Kuki M Gwaidingale CHS
2874 Gwaidinagale Primary Melisa Dau F Gwaidingale CHS
2875 Gwaidinagale Primary Mirriam Abiso F Gwaidingale CHS
2876 Gwaidinagale Primary Moses Waeka M Gwaidingale CHS
2877 Gwaidinagale Primary Nelly Taolo M Gwaidingale CHS
2878 Gwaidinagale Primary Newton To’ofanasi M Gwaidingale CHS
2879 Gwaidinagale Primary Patson Wale F Gwaidingale CHS
2880 Gwaidinagale Primary Philma Ofosi F Gwaidingale CHS
2881 Gwaidinagale Primary Philoimena Wale F Gwaidingale CHS
2882 Gwaidinagale Primary Pretty Maegugua F Gwaidingale CHS
2883 Gwaidinagale Primary Prudence Kakasi F Gwaidingale CHS
2884 Gwaidinagale Primary Rose Hatamana F Gwaidingale CHS
2885 Gwaidinagale Primary Rose Riia F Gwaidingale CHS
2886 Gwaidinagale Primary Rose Romi M Gwaidingale CHS
2887 Gwaidinagale Primary Ruby Gege F Gwaidingale CHS
2888 Gwaidinagale Primary Sedrick Angifaka M Gwaidingale CHS
2889 Gwaidinagale Primary Shalma Koti F Gwaidingale CHS
2890 Gwaidinagale Primary Simon Kala M Gwaidingale CHS
2891 Gwaidinagale Primary Simon Sale M Gwaidingale CHS
2892 Gwaidinagale Primary Soniella Sara F Gwaidingale CHS
2893 Gwaidinagale Primary Sreneth Oda M Gwaidingale CHS
2894 Gwaidinagale Primary Sterlin Sifona F Gwaidingale CHS
2895 Gwaidinagale Primary Susan Ufsi F Gwaidingale CHS
2896 Gwaidinagale Primary Takiri'i Anisisiu F Gwaidingale CHS
2897 Gwaidinagale Primary Thomas Fiuto’o M Gwaidingale CHS
2898 Gwaidinagale Primary Thomas Mule M Gwaidingale CHS
2899 Gwaidinagale Primary Tosah Ofe M Gwaidingale CHS
2900 Gwaidinagale Primary Wilson To’osia M Gwaidingale CHS
2901 Gwaigeo Primary Alaani Keslar Kamosu F Gwaigeo CHS
2902 Gwaigeo Primary Carol Jullian Kristee F Gwaigeo CHS
2903 Gwaigeo Primary Diko Dolwin F Gwaigeo CHS
2904 Gwaigeo Primary Ellen Mary F Gwaigeo CHS
2905 Gwaigeo Primary Falasua James M Gwaigeo CHS
2906 Gwaigeo Primary Giloa Fiona F Gwaigeo CHS
2907 Gwaigeo Primary Hellina Florence F Gwaigeo CHS
2908 Gwaigeo Primary Iolani Betty F Gwaigeo CHS
2909 Gwaigeo Primary Jnr George Agustine M Gwaigeo CHS
2910 Gwaigeo Primary Kofana Robinson M Gwaigeo CHS
2911 Gwaigeo Primary Kwalea Raylin F Aligegeo PSS
2912 Gwaigeo Primary Mao Christobal F Aligegeo PSS
2913 Gwaigeo Primary Mason Philip M Aligegeo PSS
2914 Gwaigeo Primary Rarangia Lydia F Gwaigeo CHS
2915 Gwaigeo Primary Sade Martin M Aligegeo PSS
2916 Gwaigeo Primary Sauota Nesther F Aligegeo PSS
2917 Gwaunaoa Primary Burafi Denelson M Gwaunaoa CHS
2918 Gwaunaoa Primary Fafale Justine M Gwaunaoa CHS
2919 Gwaunaoa Primary Ganiofa Joyce Hill F Gwaunaoa CHS
2920 Gwaunaoa Primary Gerefo’o Timothy M Gwaunaoa CHS
2921 Gwaunaoa Primary Gerefoa Johnson M Gwaunaoa CHS
2922 Gwaunaoa Primary Ini Marlon M Aligegeo PSS
2923 Gwaunaoa Primary Kae Esther F Monene CHS
2924 Gwaunaoa Primary Kala Cecil M Gwaunaoa CHS
2925 Gwaunaoa Primary Konairara Winny F Aligegeo PSS
2926 Gwaunaoa Primary Koole Suntha F Gwaunaoa CHS
2927 Gwaunaoa Primary Laega Donkenly M Gwaunaoa CHS
2928 Gwaunaoa Primary Maete’e Sophie F Gwaunaoa CHS
2929 Gwaunaoa Primary Malefodola Lindra F Auki CHS
2930 Gwaunaoa Primary Mata Nytay M Gwaunaoa CHS
2931 Gwaunaoa Primary Melebo Rose F Gwaunaoa CHS
2932 Gwaunaoa Primary Nare Judy F Gwaunaoa CHS
2933 Gwaunaoa Primary Nurau Hellen F Gwaunaoa CHS
2934 Gwaunaoa Primary Ofo Ana F Gwaunaoa CHS
2935 Gwaunaoa Primary Pamela Grace F Gwaunaoa CHS
2936 Gwaunaoa Primary Ramotalau George M Gwaunaoa CHS
2937 Gwaunaoa Primary Raunala Joycelyn F Gwaunaoa CHS
2938 Gwaunaoa Primary Saelea Willie M Gwaunaoa CHS
2939 Gwaunaoa Primary Sautolea Margret F Gwaunaoa CHS
2940 Gwaunaoa Primary Serah Josphine F Gwaunaoa CHS
2941 Gwaunaoa Primary Sifouligao Andrina F Gwaunaoa CHS
2942 Gwaunaoa Primary Silifiu Mathina F Gwaunaoa CHS
2943 Gwaunaoa Primary Veronica Cathy F Gwaunaoa CHS
2944 Gwaunaoa Primary Wakio Eddie M Gwaunaoa CHS
2945 Gwaunaoa Primary Wale Lody M Gwaunaoa CHS
2946 Gwaunasu Primary Agnes Osigeni F Gwaunasu CHS
2947 Gwaunasu Primary Alice Afu F Gwaunasu CHS
2948 Gwaunasu Primary Anga M Gwaunasu CHS
2949 Gwaunasu Primary Chris Diau M Gwaunasu CHS
2950 Gwaunasu Primary Debora Joe F Gwaunasu CHS
2951 Gwaunasu Primary Elisabeth Solodia F Gwaunasu CHS
2952 Gwaunasu Primary Ellen Benjamin F Gwaunasu CHS
2953 Gwaunasu Primary Emma Patson F Gwaunasu CHS
2954 Gwaunasu Primary Esther Newton F Gwaunasu CHS
2955 Gwaunasu Primary Esther Samani F Gwaunasu CHS
2956 Gwaunasu Primary Felix Samani M Gwaunasu CHS
2957 Gwaunasu Primary Leon Ramoi M Gwaunasu CHS
2958 Gwaunasu Primary Nelly Dara F Gwaunasu CHS
2959 Gwaunasu Primary Philippa Mae F Gwaunasu CHS
2960 Gwaunasu Primary Prudence Bou F Gwaunasu CHS
2961 Gwaunasu Primary Roselyn Iro F Gwaunasu CHS
2962 Gwaunasu Primary Sammy Ukanisi M Gwaunasu CHS
2963 Gwaunasu Primary Theresa John F Gwaunasu CHS
2964 Gwaunasu Primary Thomas Teika M Gwaunasu CHS
2965 Gwounatolo Primary Alex Anita F Gwounatolo CHS
2966 Gwounatolo Primary Alfreda Adlyn F Aligegeo PSS
2967 Gwounatolo Primary Brandon M Gwounatolo CHS
2968 Gwounatolo Primary Charles Buga M Adaua Secondary
2969 Gwounatolo Primary Christopher Takisi M Gwounatolo CHS
2970 Gwounatolo Primary Delma Glency F Gwounatolo CHS
2971 Gwounatolo Primary Ellam Fikona F Gwounatolo CHS
2972 Gwounatolo Primary Ernest Afia M Adaua Secondary
2973 Gwounatolo Primary Felisha Lui F Gwounatolo CHS
2974 Gwounatolo Primary Frank Defe M Gwounatolo CHS
2975 Gwounatolo Primary Gabriel Doli M Gwounatolo CHS
2976 Gwounatolo Primary Greg Rongodale M Gwounatolo CHS
2977 Gwounatolo Primary Hansol Aubulu M Gwounatolo CHS
2978 Gwounatolo Primary Hilda Saufo F Gwounatolo CHS
2979 Gwounatolo Primary Iverlyn Kwaimasi F Adaua Secondary
2980 Gwounatolo Primary Janet Roko F Gwounatolo CHS
2981 Gwounatolo Primary Jasper Ngota M Gwounatolo CHS
2982 Gwounatolo Primary Jessica Sousou F Gwounatolo CHS
2983 Gwounatolo Primary Junior Sali M Gwounatolo CHS
2984 Gwounatolo Primary Lyncy Kaua F Gwounatolo CHS
2985 Gwounatolo Primary Neiso Lui M Gwounatolo CHS
2986 Gwounatolo Primary Nicholas Akulu M Gwounatolo CHS
2987 Gwounatolo Primary Pamela Samani F Gwounatolo CHS
2988 Gwounatolo Primary Paul Buga M Gwounatolo CHS
2989 Gwounatolo Primary Rose Kwaiala F Gwounatolo CHS
2990 Gwounatolo Primary Ruth Lusi F Gwounatolo CHS
2991 Gwounatolo Primary Simon Uramoa M Gwounatolo CHS
2992 Gwounatolo Primary Walter Suri M Gwounatolo CHS
2993 Ha'a Primary Edwin Tugulu M Halavo CHS
2994 Ha'a Primary John Mark Kelo M Halavo CHS
2995 Ha'a Primary Joycelyn Kaelonga F Halavo CHS
2996 Ha'a Primary McQuin Roti M Siota PSS
2997 Ha'apai Primary Amotali Zikutina F Dunde CHS
2998 Ha'apai Primary Kekevu Limariko Rosemary F Dunde CHS
2999 Ha'apai Primary Kisuna Radzy F Dunde CHS
3000 Ha'apai Primary Rotu Christmas F Dunde CHS
3001 Ha'apai Primary Silver Jasmin F Dunde CHS
3002 Ha'apai Primary Zauma Marella F Dunde CHS
3003 Hae Primary Aplali Simon M Hae CHS
3004 Hae Primary Brian Lesley M Hae CHS
3005 Hae Primary Concey Lina F Siota PSS
3006 Hae Primary Deslyn Manata F St Stephen Pamua NSS
3007 Hae Primary Ghase Mildred F Hae CHS
3008 Hae Primary Hilton Lalo M Hae CHS
3009 Hae Primary Ivon Jema F Hae CHS
3010 Hae Primary Jamila Lakekoa F Hae CHS
3011 Hae Primary Jason Honiaka M Hae CHS
3012 Hae Primary Jeromy Ha'apona M Hae CHS
3013 Hae Primary Joel Rex M Hae CHS
3014 Hae Primary Jones Silton M Waimapuru NSS
3015 Hae Primary Junior Ramo M Hae CHS
3016 Hae Primary Kalon Moli M Hae CHS
3017 Hae Primary Laua Santu M Hae CHS
3018 Hae Primary Lesley Iro M Hae CHS
3019 Hae Primary Lunchlot Tuhenua M Hae CHS
3020 Hae Primary Mary Mahinta F Hae CHS
3021 Hae Primary Prehud M Hae CHS
3022 Hae Primary Roko Rose F Hae CHS
3023 Hae Primary Rose Ota F Hae CHS
3024 Hae Primary Ruth E'eda F Hae CHS
3025 Hae Primary Stacy Maveia F Hae CHS
3026 Hae Primary Talyn Huari F Hae CHS
3027 Hae Primary Urelesley Manaseh M Hae CHS
3028 Hae Primary Walter Rakei M Hae CHS
3029 Hae Primary Wickliff Jack M Hae CHS
3030 Hagaruhi Primary Boniara Henson M Hagaruhi CHS
3031 Hagaruhi Primary Kaisuru Melvina F Hagaruhi CHS
3032 Hagaruhi Primary Karibongi Lenny M Pawa PSS
3033 Hagaruhi Primary Sugui Wilma F Hagaruhi CHS
3034 Hagaruhi Primary Tewongi Anjay M Hagaruhi CHS
3035 Hagaura Primay Barageni Melisha F Tawatana CHS
3036 Hagaura Primay Bo'a Bazil M Tawatana CHS
3037 Hagaura Primay Inny Hellen F Tawatana CHS
3038 Hagaura Primay Kidman Brian M Tawatana CHS
3039 Hagaura Primay Melza Anson M Tawatana CHS
3040 Hagaura Primay Roageni Majayna F Tawatana CHS
3041 Hagaura Primay Siba Desma F Tawatana CHS
3042 Hagaura Primay Taranihoda Dodridge M Tawatana CHS
3043 Hagaura Primay Taro Everlyn F Tawatana CHS
3044 Hagaura Primay Teguabu Sondria F Betikama Adventist College
3045 Hagaura Primay Teha Rojin M Tawatana CHS
3046 Hagaura Primay Wales Zackry M Pawa PSS
3047 Hagaura Primay Wataha Jayvan M Tawatana CHS
3048 Halavo Primary Alice Nongia F St Stephen Pamua NSS
3049 Halavo Primary Alison Jecky Kulebe F King George VI NSS
3050 Halavo Primary Davidson Nodi M Halavo CHS
3051 Halavo Primary Isaac Leana M Halavo CHS
3052 Halavo Primary John Waihura M Halavo CHS
3053 Halavo Primary Shallyn Malamo F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
3054 Halavo Primary Smith Francisco M Halavo CHS
3055 Halavo Primary Vincent Paulei Hora M Su'u NSS
3056 Halavo Primary Vivian Lota F Waimapuru NSS
3057 Halisi Primary Auther Meli M Goldie College NSS
3058 Halisi Primary Carison Jotham M Halisi CHS
3059 Halisi Primary Emiton Hilly M Halisi CHS
3060 Halisi Primary Floche Patrol F Halisi CHS
3061 Halisi Primary Jacyntha Batram F Goldie College NSS
3062 Halisi Primary Jeblon Eritaia M Halisi CHS
3063 Halisi Primary Joseph Hopu M Halisi CHS
3064 Halisi Primary Kavele Max M Halisi CHS
3065 Halisi Primary Mase Haqa F Halisi CHS
3066 Halisi Primary Nataly Havoro F Halisi CHS
3067 Halisi Primary Naupepe Kito M Halisi CHS
3068 Halisi Primary Rodona Max F Halisi CHS
3069 Halisi Primary Sydonly Namukari M Halisi CHS
3070 Halisi Primary Sylvia Boby F Halisi CHS
3071 Halisi Primary Unisi Siope F Halisi CHS
3072 Halisi Primary Zelot Hoda M Halisi CHS
3073 Hamariko Primary Bola Billy M Waimapuru NSS
3074 Hamariko Primary Faith Phyllistus F Hamariko CHS
3075 Hamariko Primary Fay Anita F Hamariko CHS
3076 Hamariko Primary Haugusu Jenilstar F Hamariko CHS
3077 Hamariko Primary Kari Brenda F Hamariko CHS
3078 Hamariko Primary Kasukeia Ellen F Hamariko CHS
3079 Hamariko Primary Lavinia Grace F Hamariko CHS
3080 Hamariko Primary Nasi Amanda F Hamariko CHS
3081 Hamariko Primary Samae Gerard M Hamariko CHS
3082 Hamariko Primary Sau Channella F Pawa PSS
3083 Hamariko Primary Tanasiahu Melky M Hamariko CHS
3084 Hamariko Primary Tawaia Charles M Hamariko CHS
3085 Hamariko Primary Tehavinu Remalyn F Hamariko CHS
3086 Hamariko Primary Tosa Alison F Hamariko CHS
3087 Hamariko Primary Watawa Bradford M Hamariko CHS
3088 Haroro Primary Balea Samuel M Dala CHS
3089 Haroro Primary Gipa Jenmah F Siota PSS
3090 Haroro Primary Kaku Selwyn M Dala CHS
3091 Haroro Primary Mali Elisha F Siota PSS
3092 Haroro Primary Polorongo Luke M Siota PSS
3093 Haroro Primary Sade Nathan M Dala CHS
3094 Haroro Primary Sasaka Molina F Dala CHS
3095 Haroro Primary Sekona Elsie F Dala CHS
3096 Haroro Primary Sogo Emmie F Dala CHS
3097 Haroro Primary Tarai Wiiliam M Dala CHS
3098 Haroro Primary Tove Edward M Dala CHS
3099 Hauale Primary Albert Peter Torrot M Wanderer Bay CHS
3100 Hauale Primary Brandly Bani M Tiaro CHS
3101 Hauale Primary Catherine Tafea F Waimapuru NSS
3102 Hauale Primary Davis Roena M Ruavatu PSS
3103 Hauale Primary Fostina Mary Kutu F Avuavu PSS
3104 Hauale Primary Mavis Roena F St Stephen Pamua NSS
3105 Hauale Primary Peter Malai M Wanderer Bay CHS
3106 Haura Primary Funua Danton Defrish M Pawa PSS
3107 Haura Primary Kagopai Annette F Haura CHS
3108 Haura Primary Kaofa Jevallyn Sussy F Haura CHS
3109 Haura Primary Kataroramo Alice F Haura CHS
3110 Haura Primary Kauwatai Brightlyn F Haura CHS
3111 Haura Primary Koevania Patricia F Haura CHS
3112 Haura Primary Maebania Kelly M Haura CHS
3113 Haura Primary Maebania Sandra F Haura CHS
3114 Haura Primary Mafa Cecil Rampton M Haura CHS
3115 Haura Primary Mehare Trina F Haura CHS
3116 Haura Primary Murisi Damarish F Haura CHS
3117 Haura Primary Nunuia Chrismah F Haura CHS
3118 Haura Primary Rifua Jerry James M St Stephen Pamua NSS
3119 Haura Primary Taarifu Lent M Haura CHS
3120 Haura Primary Tafa Emily Jellar F Haura CHS
3121 Haura Primary Wari Liziantina F Waimapuru NSS
3122 Haura Primary Watara Rayhan M Haura CHS
3123 Hauta Primary Beraimae Geridine F Ramah CHS
3124 Hauta Primary Raronia Calisto Carlos M Ramah CHS
3125 Hauta Primary Raronia Clinton M Ramah CHS
3126 Hauta Primary Tahi Sharon F Ramah CHS
3127 Hauta Primary Watea Bereoka Judy F Ramah CHS
3128 Hautahe Primary Esther Resiaro F Hautahe CHS
3129 Hautahe Primary Haizle Haikeni F Hautahe CHS
3130 Hautahe Primary Judith Kamuwa'a F Hautahe CHS
3131 Hautahe Primary Junita Kiriohimane F Hautahe CHS
3132 Hautahe Primary Justin Toiwapu M Hautahe CHS
3133 Hautahe Primary Luis Morosine Arahatara M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
3134 Hautahe Primary Mary Oihia F Hautahe CHS
3135 Hautahe Primary Maximillan Mane M Hautahe CHS
3136 Hautahe Primary Morosin Luis Arahatara M Hautahe CHS
3137 Hautahe Primary Norma Wakio F Hautahe CHS
3138 Hautahe Primary Philomena Naohia F Hautahe CHS
3139 Hautahe Primary Sandra One'au F Hautahe CHS
3140 Hautahe Primary William Horoto M Hautahe CHS
3141 Hautahe Primary Wilson Wateou M Hautahe CHS
3142 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Burue Junior M Gelailau CHS
3143 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Buti Ellen F Gelailau CHS
3144 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Koga Hadassah F Gelailau CHS
3145 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Maukoni Annie F Gelailau CHS
3146 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Meto Maylyn F Gelailau CHS
3147 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Pikaria Hellena F Gelailau CHS
3148 Henry Koga Memorial Primary Vau Jayden M Gelailau CHS
3149 Henua Primary Ehapolo Nancy F Su'u NSS
3150 Henua Primary Ivory Teganoika F Su'u NSS
3151 Henua Primary Lalisah Tehekau F Henua CHS
3152 Henua Primary Niu’usi Lora F Henua CHS
3153 Henua Primary Sa'ohenua Selwyn M Henua CHS
3154 Henua Primary Teganoika Ivory F Su'u NSS
3155 Henua Primary Tehekau Lalisah F Henua CHS
3156 Henua Primary Teikanoa William F Henua CHS
3157 Henua Primary Teikatoa Sammy M Henua CHS
3158 Henua Primary Te'ugumoenga Verena F Henua CHS
3159 Henue Primary Brandon Tiliwe M Rokera PSS
3160 Henue Primary Grimah Hou F Rokera PSS
3161 Henue Primary Harrison Hite M Takaito CHS
3162 Henue Primary Jason Talo M Tawaro CHS
3163 Henue Primary Javelyn Houtoro F Tawaro CHS
3164 Henue Primary Layland Manolakeni F Rokera PSS
3165 Henue Primary Randy Tahu M Rokera PSS
3166 Henue Primary Robert Purotu M Tawaro CHS
3167 Henue Primary Trevor Teapaine M Tawaro CHS
3168 Henue Primary Trey Laekeni F Tawaro CHS
3169 Henue Primary Tunnie Awa M Tawaro CHS
3170 Henue Primary Vincely Wasi M Rokera PSS
3171 Heranigau Primary Orioma Malburry F Tawaraha CHS
3172 Heranigau Primary Rarasi Miltred F Tawaraha CHS
3173 Heranigau Primary Robotaki Dexstar M Tawaraha CHS
3174 Heranigau Primary Tarobaewa Hilson M Tawaraha CHS
3175 Heupota'asi Primary Allison Houmola M Tawaro CHS
3176 Heupota'asi Primary Angella Wate F Tawaro CHS
3177 Heupota'asi Primary Beverlyn Ini'ie F Tawaro CHS
3178 Heupota'asi Primary Clivet Sihoitala M Tawaro CHS
3179 Heupota'asi Primary Franisha Awa F Tawaro CHS
3180 Heupota'asi Primary Grace Laekeni F Rokera PSS
3181 Heupota'asi Primary Hareth Sanga F Tawaro CHS
3182 Heupota'asi Primary Jecinta Awa F Tawaro CHS
3183 Heupota'asi Primary Jenarvish Helopala M Tawaro CHS
3184 Heupota'asi Primary Nellar Wate F Rokera PSS
3185 Heupota'asi Primary Roseco Wala M Tawaro CHS
3186 Heupota'asi Primary Sammy Fred Wai M Tawaro CHS
3187 Heupota'asi Primary Sandy Torokeni F Rokera PSS
3188 Heupota'asi Primary Trina Oa F Tawaro CHS
3189 Heuru Primary Buro Chrisanto F Tawatana CHS
3190 Heuru Primary Mcdevitt Glenn M Pawa PSS
3191 Heuru Primary Mono Edward M Tawatana CHS
3192 Heuru Primary Namalique Jeene F Pawa PSS
3193 Heuru Primary Nunusi Audry M Tawatana CHS
3194 Heuru Primary Rihu Mayden F Tawatana CHS
3195 Heuru Primary Rora Edith F Pawa PSS
3196 Heuru Primary Siwa Delmary F Tawatana CHS
3197 Heuru Primary Taki Junior M Tawatana CHS
3198 Heuru Primary Taro Charmine F Tawatana CHS
3199 Heuru Primary Taroi Silas M Tawatana CHS
3200 Heuru Primary Ugi Martin M Tawatana CHS
3201 Heuru Primary Uwanimae Michael M Tawatana CHS
3202 Heuru Primary Ysabellar Lyneth F Tawatana CHS
3203 Hill Memorial Primary Nunutala Phil Smith M Pawa PSS
3204 Hill Memorial Primary Akoiwaiau George M Suena CHS
3205 Hill Memorial Primary Ha'aramo Lavinta F Suena CHS
3206 Hill Memorial Primary Hoteóhu Vellyn F Suena CHS
3207 Hill Memorial Primary Lawa Pscomar M Pawa PSS
3208 Hill Memorial Primary Luiramo Alphonse M Suena CHS
3209 Hill Memorial Primary Ngaritora William M Suena CHS
3210 Hill Memorial Primary Pae Duncan M Pawa PSS
3211 Hill Memorial Primary Pua Jameson M Suena CHS
3212 Hill Memorial Primary Ramoni Nester F Suena CHS
3213 Hill Memorial Primary Rorakeni Miracle F Suena CHS
3214 Hill Memorial Primary Waiaupurua Bradford M Suena CHS
3215 Hinakole Primary Aleziru Dicks M SR Academy Secondary
3216 Hinakole Primary Biljame Fresah M Kukudu Adventist College
3217 Hinakole Primary Bule Rex M SR Academy Secondary
3218 Hinakole Primary Dalson Kennedy M SR Academy Secondary
3219 Hinakole Primary Emay Tingo F SR Academy Secondary
3220 Hinakole Primary Evans Leslie M SR Academy Secondary
3221 Hinakole Primary Jesinter Halu F SR Academy Secondary
3222 Hinakole Primary Junior Harrington M SR Academy Secondary
3223 Hinakole Primary Lynex Philip M SR Academy Secondary
3224 Hinakole Primary Maurish George F SR Academy Secondary
3225 Hinakole Primary Mayteko Wilkai F SR Academy Secondary
3226 Hinakole Primary Melan Glyn F Jones Adventist College
3227 Hinakole Primary Muke Jabeth M SR Academy Secondary
3228 Hinakole Primary Ronen Sae M SR Academy Secondary
3229 Hinakole Primary Traywin Douglas M SR Academy Secondary
3230 Hinakole Primary Triffany Ridley F SR Academy Secondary
3231 Hirobuka Primary Ajay Neason M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3232 Hirobuka Primary Artica Marie F Muana CHS
3233 Hirobuka Primary Chariot Olivet F Visena CHS
3234 Hirobuka Primary Chelcy Pitu F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3235 Hirobuka Primary Colency Enolae F Allardyce PSS
3236 Hirobuka Primary Donsia Sango F Allardyce PSS
3237 Hirobuka Primary Ellia Kay M Guguha CHS
3238 Hirobuka Primary Gasemai Emily F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3239 Hirobuka Primary Hanley Kotu M Allardyce PSS
3240 Hirobuka Primary Hedley Lokha M Guguha CHS
3241 Hirobuka Primary Hilston Teonigna M Muana CHS
3242 Hirobuka Primary Hurence Hebala F Kalenga CHS
3243 Hirobuka Primary Jales Pulomana M Guguha CHS
3244 Hirobuka Primary Jinia Tote F Muana CHS
3245 Hirobuka Primary Joel Thimbo M Allardyce PSS
3246 Hirobuka Primary Levi Elomana M Guguha CHS
3247 Hirobuka Primary Lezzy Veronica F Muana CHS
3248 Hirobuka Primary Melinta Gasetore F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3249 Hirobuka Primary Meredith Emily F Allardyce PSS
3250 Hirobuka Primary Milford Thomas M Allardyce PSS
3251 Hirobuka Primary Misack Hiro M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3252 Hirobuka Primary Nason Togarade M Guguha CHS
3253 Hirobuka Primary Nevalyn Tuiao F Muana CHS
3254 Hirobuka Primary Patnish Lauren F Muana CHS
3255 Hirobuka Primary Raen Lausia F Allardyce PSS
3256 Hirobuka Primary Torex Ihomana M Guguha CHS
3257 Hirobuka Primary Uria Alick M Guguha CHS
3258 Hirobuka Primary Zidel Thanks M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3259 Hirolegu Primary Abigail Seleai F Kalenga CHS
3260 Hirolegu Primary Adlyn Hirohavi F Muana CHS
3261 Hirolegu Primary Ashly Junior M Muana CHS
3262 Hirolegu Primary Ausia Jinnet F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3263 Hirolegu Primary Darren Aurade M Muana CHS
3264 Hirolegu Primary Hendry Taulasi M Muana CHS
3265 Hirolegu Primary John Dolikana M Kalenga CHS
3266 Hirolegu Primary Junior Tobasala M Kalenga CHS
3267 Hirolegu Primary Mary Bana F Kalenga CHS
3268 Hirolegu Primary Moses Obed M Kalenga CHS
3269 Hirolegu Primary Thomas Nafa M Muana CHS
3270 Hirolegu Primary Walter Fox M Kalenga CHS
3271 Hofi Primary Bridget Charisma F Guguha CHS
3272 Hofi Primary Devi Junior M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3273 Hofi Primary Ferha S Veronica F Guguha CHS
3274 Hofi Primary Fusu Beatrish F Visena CHS
3275 Hofi Primary Gaserikha Nancy F Visena CHS
3276 Hofi Primary Ginity Walter M Guguha CHS
3277 Hofi Primary Gito Lency M Guguha CHS
3278 Hofi Primary Gosunoda Grace F Visena CHS
3279 Hofi Primary Henry Rex M Guguha CHS
3280 Hofi Primary Ihotafri Lisa F Guguha CHS
3281 Hofi Primary Johnson Vaike M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3282 Hofi Primary Kelisia Adelina F Visena CHS
3283 Hofi Primary Kelly Rayden M Guguha CHS
3284 Hofi Primary Loloi Max M Visena CHS
3285 Hofi Primary Maedia Jefa F Visena CHS
3286 Hofi Primary Marigi Stephen M Visena CHS
3287 Hofi Primary Markson Peter M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3288 Hofi Primary Rusu Judy F Guguha CHS
3289 Hofi Primary Sagemana Daniel M Guguha CHS
3290 Hofi Primary Veola Reginal M Visena CHS
3291 Hong Sun Primary Alvina Adi F Adaua Secondary
3292 Hong Sun Primary Bessie Tatiana F Sa'a (CE Fox) CHS
3293 Hong Sun Primary Bonvenja M Zion Christian Academy
3294 Hong Sun Primary Chelsea Alalo F Zion Christian Academy
3295 Hong Sun Primary Collinray Stanley Manedetea M King George VI NSS
3296 Hong Sun Primary Diana Loata F Zion Christian Academy
3297 Hong Sun Primary Elijah Maeke M Coronation Christian CHS
3298 Hong Sun Primary Gwen Iro F Advance Christian CHS
3299 Hong Sun Primary Jackson Langa M Koloale CHS
3300 Hong Sun Primary Janisha Kenike'Ea F Coronation Christian CHS
3301 Hong Sun Primary Jason Akwal M Koloale CHS
3302 Hong Sun Primary Joash David M Koloale CHS
3303 Hong Sun Primary Joje Maeke M Coronation Christian CHS
3304 Hong Sun Primary Jolinka. Komasi F Betikama Adventist College
3305 Hong Sun Primary Jonathan Dafe M Koloale CHS
3306 Hong Sun Primary Joylinka K F Coronation Christian CHS
3307 Hong Sun Primary Katie Aebalo F Koloale CHS
3308 Hong Sun Primary Natalie Ogradi F Siota PSS
3309 Hong Sun Primary Sivia Tika F Naha CHS
3310 Hong Sun Primary Tyron Palmer M Siota PSS
3311 Honiara Integrated Primary Agnes Buakalo F Zion Christian Academy
3312 Honiara Integrated Primary Aligra Memea Elena F Honiara Integrated CHS
3313 Honiara Integrated Primary Allen Makana M Honiara Integrated CHS
3314 Honiara Integrated Primary Amora Nolland M Zion Christian Academy
3315 Honiara Integrated Primary Azaleah Vinano F Honiara Integrated CHS
3316 Honiara Integrated Primary Bradley Vato M Honiara Integrated CHS
3317 Honiara Integrated Primary Cain Otolea M Honiara Integrated CHS
3318 Honiara Integrated Primary Cassandra Misiosi Roroii F Honiara Integrated CHS
3319 Honiara Integrated Primary Catherine Kuata Ramonah F Honiara Integrated CHS
3320 Honiara Integrated Primary Damaris Namo Goi F Honiara Integrated CHS
3321 Honiara Integrated Primary Darian Mana F Honiara Integrated CHS
3322 Honiara Integrated Primary Elizabeth Tinoni Yana F King George VI NSS
3323 Honiara Integrated Primary Ella Niroau F Honiara Integrated CHS
3324 Honiara Integrated Primary Ephraim Lasimae Watu'u M Honiara Integrated CHS
3325 Honiara Integrated Primary Esmy Temoa F Honiara Integrated CHS
3326 Honiara Integrated Primary Gina Neluo F Honiara Integrated CHS
3327 Honiara Integrated Primary Grace Olitani Lisa F Honiara Integrated CHS
3328 Honiara Integrated Primary Hansol Joachim M Honiara Integrated CHS
3329 Honiara Integrated Primary Hilmar Nanau Oihaiori F Honiara Integrated CHS
3330 Honiara Integrated Primary Hirisken Tatau M Honiara Integrated CHS
3331 Honiara Integrated Primary Huang Albert M Honiara Integrated CHS
3332 Honiara Integrated Primary Israel Duta M Honiara Integrated CHS
3333 Honiara Integrated Primary Jaddin Zuna Bei M Zion Christian Academy
3334 Honiara Integrated Primary Jasmina Kemakua F Zion Christian Academy
3335 Honiara Integrated Primary Jayden Idurara M Honiara Integrated CHS
3336 Honiara Integrated Primary Jayson Malao M Honiara Integrated CHS
3337 Honiara Integrated Primary Joe Leau'u M Honiara Integrated CHS
3338 Honiara Integrated Primary John Saemanea M Zion Christian Academy
3339 Honiara Integrated Primary Joseph Junior Hatahoho M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
3340 Honiara Integrated Primary Jovell Riolo Jared M Honiara Integrated CHS
3341 Honiara Integrated Primary Kim Gulu F Zion Christian Academy
3342 Honiara Integrated Primary Lalita Bana Linda F King George VI NSS
3343 Honiara Integrated Primary Luisa Sulobo F Zion Christian Academy
3344 Honiara Integrated Primary Lyndrie Kona Daona F Honiara Integrated CHS
3345 Honiara Integrated Primary Madline Hulanga F Honiara Integrated CHS
3346 Honiara Integrated Primary Michael Soma Benjamin M Honiara Integrated CHS
3347 Honiara Integrated Primary Nadim Taisia M Honiara Integrated CHS
3348 Honiara Integrated Primary Nehemiah Kealoe Junior M Zion Christian Academy
3349 Honiara Integrated Primary Pasmilta Mairi F Honiara Integrated CHS
3350 Honiara Integrated Primary Patrick Pehu Gabi M Selwyn College NSS
3351 Honiara Integrated Primary Philicity Patapata F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
3352 Honiara Integrated Primary Rishap Prasad Kartik M Honiara Integrated CHS
3353 Honiara Integrated Primary Rosemary Orisau Blesseth F Honiara Integrated CHS
3354 Honiara Integrated Primary Shane Sutamauri M Zion Christian Academy
3355 Honiara Integrated Primary Stallone Kohia Huruasia M Honiara Integrated CHS
3356 Honiara Integrated Primary Sunita Haletiak F Honiara Integrated CHS
3357 Honiara Integrated Primary Tasman Jionisi M Honiara Integrated CHS
3358 Honiara Integrated Primary Tina Kambe F Zion Christian Academy
3359 Honiara Integrated Primary Tom Beti Raqoso M Zion Christian Academy
3360 Honiara Integrated Primary Velsma Majavato F Honiara Integrated CHS
3361 Honiara Integrated Primary Virginia Hatahoho F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
3362 Honoa Primary Daniel Riosikanei M Rokera PSS
3363 Honoa Primary Javerlyn Oipatanamae F Rokera PSS
3364 Honoa Primary Mace Mat Ra'ata M Betikama Adventist College
3365 Honoa Primary Phylistus Kamupio F Rokera PSS
3366 Horohana Primary Challe David M Tenakoga CHS
3367 Horohana Primary Junior Sele M Tenakoga CHS
3368 Horohana Primary Mavita Willy F Tenakoga CHS
3369 Hovi SDA Primary Lanita Gigini F Betikama Adventist College
3370 Hovi SDA Primary Annie Taranghe F Hovi CHS
3371 Hovi SDA Primary Caroline Salt F Hovi CHS
3372 Hovi SDA Primary David Oliver M Hovi CHS
3373 Hovi SDA Primary Denest Feitei M Hovi CHS
3374 Hovi SDA Primary Exodus Wemu M Hovi CHS
3375 Hovi SDA Primary Lazando Paul M Hovi CHS
3376 Hovi SDA Primary Lorrison Lot M Hovi CHS
3377 Hovi SDA Primary Lucy Feitei F Hovi CHS
3378 Hovi SDA Primary Lyndria Adrian F Hovi CHS
3379 Hovi SDA Primary Magreth Ralei F Hovi CHS
3380 Hovi SDA Primary Richard Ragoso M Hovi CHS
3381 Hovoro Primary Endrick Mavijay M Dekurana CHS
3382 Hovoro Primary Janny Sida M Dekurana CHS
3383 Hovoro Primary Kala Noely M Dekurana CHS
3384 Hovoro Primary Kosa Teko F Dekurana CHS
3385 Hovoro Primary Michael Leniter F Dekurana CHS
3386 Hovoro Primary Rence Tiabule M Dekurana CHS
3387 Hovoro Primary Sake Pinaqula F Dekurana CHS
3388 Hunanawa Primary Aladin Wateou'ou M Hunanawa CHS
3389 Hunanawa Primary Bernadeth Toromeimei F Rokera PSS
3390 Hunanawa Primary Chrisma Mary Watekari F Rokera PSS
3391 Hunanawa Primary Chrispin Waiaraha M Hunanawa CHS
3392 Hunanawa Primary Claire Niroau F Hunanawa CHS
3393 Hunanawa Primary Cynthia Oritareamae F Hunanawa CHS
3394 Hunanawa Primary Fredonia Unuaru F Hunanawa CHS
3395 Hunanawa Primary Hellen Raupito F Hunanawa CHS
3396 Hunanawa Primary Jamilyn Narahaia F Hunanawa CHS
3397 Hunanawa Primary Lency Herowai M Hunanawa CHS
3398 Hunanawa Primary Mansely Rausi M Hunanawa CHS
3399 Hunanawa Primary Noellar Houpurikeni F Hunanawa CHS
3400 Hunanawa Primary Samanda Houpurikeni F Hunanawa CHS
3401 Huni Primary Bare Reubenson M Ramah CHS
3402 Huni Primary Haga Peter Moses M Ramah CHS
3403 Huni Primary Hui Mark M Ramah CHS
3404 Huni Primary Ka'atata Edrine F Wainoni CHS
3405 Huni Primary Kahiga Jacinta F Ramah CHS
3406 Huni Primary Kamae Mary F Wainoni CHS
3407 Huni Primary Kata'ata Jeniffer F Ramah CHS
3408 Huni Primary Kata'ata Nelmah F Ramah CHS
3409 Huni Primary Maeasi Damrish F Wainoni CHS
3410 Huni Primary Meni Rodney M Ramah CHS
3411 Huni Primary Muri William M Wainoni CHS
3412 Huni Primary Tarigu Quincy M Ramah CHS
3413 Huni Primary Wa'apa Hency M Ramah CHS
3414 Huni Primary Waibo Macmillian M Pawa PSS
3415 Huni Primary Wea Fredrick M Ramah CHS
3416 Ilia Primary Abana Lalogo M Ilia CHS
3417 Ilia Primary Agnes Hagi F Ilia CHS
3418 Ilia Primary Alice Silimanu F Ilia CHS
3419 Ilia Primary Alick Saeni M Ilia CHS
3420 Ilia Primary Amalyn Riu F Ilia CHS
3421 Ilia Primary Amenda Masa F Ilia CHS
3422 Ilia Primary Andrew Susan F Ilia CHS
3423 Ilia Primary Anna Abei F Ilia CHS
3424 Ilia Primary Barbara Lolana F Ilia CHS
3425 Ilia Primary Betty Jack Rido F Ilia CHS
3426 Ilia Primary Betty Naika F Ilia CHS
3427 Ilia Primary Betty Titus F Ilia CHS
3428 Ilia Primary Bolinda Sitobala F Ilia CHS
3429 Ilia Primary Calvin Hou M Ilia CHS
3430 Ilia Primary Charlie Maenaotu M Ilia CHS
3431 Ilia Primary Charlyn Neniduri F Ilia CHS
3432 Ilia Primary Chris Sade M Ilia CHS
3433 Ilia Primary Dansel Tailaga M Ilia CHS
3434 Ilia Primary David Hou M Ilia CHS
3435 Ilia Primary Donald Mamangon M Ilia CHS
3436 Ilia Primary Edna Kwaiga F Ilia CHS
3437 Ilia Primary Edna Malefo F Ilia CHS
3438 Ilia Primary Eieylla Ha'asia F Ilia CHS
3439 Ilia Primary Elizabeth Hagi F Ilia CHS
3440 Ilia Primary Evalyn Robo F Ilia CHS
3441 Ilia Primary Fraction Bae M Ilia CHS
3442 Ilia Primary Freda Gege F Ilia CHS
3443 Ilia Primary Freeman Jimmy M Ilia CHS
3444 Ilia Primary Gabriel Junior M Ilia CHS
3445 Ilia Primary Grege Kiriau M Ilia CHS
3446 Ilia Primary Hadassah Magreth F Ilia CHS
3447 Ilia Primary Henry Keso M Ilia CHS
3448 Ilia Primary Hilda Lalawa F Ilia CHS
3449 Ilia Primary Ireen Bunabo F Ilia CHS
3450 Ilia Primary Jacinta Maefasia F Ilia CHS
3451 Ilia Primary Janet Manata F Ilia CHS
3452 Ilia Primary Javelyn Hano F Ilia CHS
3453 Ilia Primary Jean Kukibo F Ilia CHS
3454 Ilia Primary Jerolyn Sau F Ilia CHS
3455 Ilia Primary Jeron Akoa F Ilia CHS
3456 Ilia Primary Jimimah Taloa F Ilia CHS
3457 Ilia Primary Joy Suakini F Ilia CHS
3458 Ilia Primary Joy Tomani F Ilia CHS
3459 Ilia Primary Joyce Amelea F Ilia CHS
3460 Ilia Primary Lent Blessing M Ilia CHS
3461 Ilia Primary Lorina Site F Ilia CHS
3462 Ilia Primary Margaret Iro F Ilia CHS
3463 Ilia Primary Martha Silimanu F Ilia CHS
3464 Ilia Primary Matima Fo'ori F Ilia CHS
3465 Ilia Primary Melca Salome F Ilia CHS
3466 Ilia Primary Metrick Daufi M Ilia CHS
3467 Ilia Primary Nelson Cole M Ilia CHS
3468 Ilia Primary Orina Didimae F Ilia CHS
3469 Ilia Primary Peter Maeni M Ilia CHS
3470 Ilia Primary Philip Manui M Ilia CHS
3471 Ilia Primary Presly Babete'e M Ilia CHS
3472 Ilia Primary Pricilla Dofe F Ilia CHS
3473 Ilia Primary Rachel Filoa F Ilia CHS
3474 Ilia Primary Rosalyn Tolo F Ilia CHS
3475 Ilia Primary Rose Hemina F Ilia CHS
3476 Ilia Primary Shane Futaiburi M Ilia CHS
3477 Ilia Primary Shero Oge F Ilia CHS
3478 Ilia Primary Stephany Idu F Ilia CHS
3479 Ilia Primary Sulyn Salome F Ilia CHS
3480 Ilia Primary Swelyn Hrega F Ilia CHS
3481 Ilia Primary Tony Wycliff M Ilia CHS
3482 Ilia Primary Tricia Savindo F Ilia CHS
3483 Ilia Primary Vernon Hoamae F Ilia CHS
3484 Ilia Primary Wicky Kabe M Ilia CHS
3485 Ilia Primary Zena Feratelia F Ilia CHS
3486 Ilia Primary Zylah Tagini F Ilia CHS
3487 Imbo Primary Anthony Wesley M Imbo CHS
3488 Imbo Primary Clerah Nelson F Imbo CHS
3489 Imbo Primary Dafua Selwyn F Imbo CHS
3490 Imbo Primary Eric Amos M Imbo CHS
3491 Imbo Primary Henson Chillion M Imbo CHS
3492 Imbo Primary Jenny Samo F Imbo CHS
3493 Imbo Primary Junior Amos M Imbo CHS
3494 Imbo Primary Lina Wilmoth F Imbo CHS
3495 Imbo Primary Minalish Max F Imbo CHS
3496 Imbo Primary Nancy John F Imbo CHS
3497 Imbo Primary Prihad Ben F Imbo CHS
3498 Imbo Primary Raylinter John F Imbo CHS
3499 Imbo Primary Ru'ubata Alex M Imbo CHS
3500 Imbo Primary William Solo M Imbo CHS
3501 Imbo Primary Yanny Frank M Imbo CHS
3502 Iriqila Primary Alma Dorolyn F Iriqila CHS
3503 Iriqila Primary Bari Nose F Iriqila CHS
3504 Iriqila Primary Bisi Richmond M Iriqila CHS
3505 Iriqila Primary David Rayson M Iriqila CHS
3506 Iriqila Primary Didivuru Mailyn F Iriqila CHS
3507 Iriqila Primary Erick Collin M Iriqila CHS
3508 Iriqila Primary Gina Floyd M Iriqila CHS
3509 Iriqila Primary Harry Vanny M Iriqila CHS
3510 Iriqila Primary Kamekaso Ryan M Iriqila CHS
3511 Iriqila Primary Kiada Moses M Iriqila CHS
3512 Iriqila Primary Kiko Nildrin M Vonunu NSS
3513 Iriqila Primary Kueke Alert M Iriqila CHS
3514 Iriqila Primary Lere Joyce F Iriqila CHS
3515 Iriqila Primary Mirriam Tracy F Vonunu NSS
3516 Iriqila Primary Nathan Jentha M Iriqila CHS
3517 Iriqila Primary Palazia Alphy M Iriqila CHS
3518 Iriqila Primary Poloso Joseph M Iriqila CHS
3519 Iriqila Primary Rauba Roneso M Iriqila CHS
3520 Iriqila Primary Rive Skyline F Iriqila CHS
3521 Iriqila Primary Ronso Troylick M Iriqila CHS
3522 Iriqila Primary Sibidive Oliver M Iriqila CHS
3523 Iriqila Primary Simono Dalcy F Iriqila CHS
3524 Iriqila Primary Solomon Kalisto M Iriqila CHS
3525 Iriqila Primary Susan Avalyn F Iriqila CHS
3526 Iriqila Primary Taka Arthur M Iriqila CHS
3527 Iriqila Primary Zairopitu Flouna F Iriqila CHS
3528 Iriqila Primary Zijopa Jonathan M Iriqila CHS
3529 Iriqila Primary Zoqo Allan M Iriqila CHS
3530 Iriri Primary James Medosi M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3531 Iriri Primary Jeffina Kendrick F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3532 Iriri Primary Jelinta Mekai F Kukudu Adventist College
3533 Iriri Primary Kozo Benny M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3534 Iriri Primary Oxly Nomae M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3535 Iriri Primary Reginal Max M Kaza CHS
3536 Iriri Primary Silas Pitu M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3537 Iriri Primary Tony Brenson M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3538 JAC SDA Primary Lizmah Carl F Jones Adventist College
3539 JAC SDA Primary Pakiela Joel M Jones Adventist College
3540 Jack Harbour Primary Elmah Elton F Bekabeka CHS
3541 Jack Harbour Primary Ileen Rocky F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3542 Jack Harbour Primary Joan Sony F Bekabeka CHS
3543 Jack Harbour Primary Lorence Lotion M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3544 Jack Harbour Primary Melly Presah F Kaza CHS
3545 Jack Harbour Primary Meyrine Hurison F Kaza CHS
3546 Jack Harbour Primary Rolland Tutua M Kukudu Adventist College
3547 Jack Harbour Primary Sam Tosbah M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
3548 Jack Harbour Primary Venalyn Isanga F Kaza CHS
3549 Jack Harbour Primary Wilson Felix M Kukudu Adventist College
3550 Jack Harbour Primary Yvonne Akusia F Jones Adventist College
3551 Jare SDA Primary Andrew Kinston M Kukele CHS
3552 Jare SDA Primary Brandly Zesapa M Kukudu Adventist College
3553 Jare SDA Primary Denmark Macron M Jones Adventist College
3554 Jare SDA Primary Dennis Derick M Jones Adventist College
3555 Jare SDA Primary Jimmy Galokia M Kukele CHS
3556 Jare SDA Primary Savina Vaekum F Kukele CHS
3557 Jare SDA Primary Seth Poloso M Kukele CHS
3558 Jare SDA Primary Vancy Ramton F Kukele CHS
3559 Jejevo Primary Aleziru Kingstone M Jejevo CHS
3560 Jejevo Primary Aleziru Winston M Jejevo CHS
3561 Jejevo Primary Alfred Chris Meimana M Jejevo CHS
3562 Jejevo Primary Annestar Winfred F Jejevo CHS
3563 Jejevo Primary Arathegu Iro Victor M Jejevo CHS
3564 Jejevo Primary Au Derick M Jejevo CHS
3565 Jejevo Primary Aurade Hilda F Jejevo CHS
3566 Jejevo Primary Billy Fransis M Allardyce PSS
3567 Jejevo Primary Brandon Comminis M Jejevo CHS
3568 Jejevo Primary Charlyn Relma F Jejevo CHS
3569 Jejevo Primary Dakatia Richard M Jejevo CHS
3570 Jejevo Primary Devine Freeman M Ngalibiu CHS
3571 Jejevo Primary Doli Junior M Jejevo CHS
3572 Jejevo Primary Emmanuel Kirio M Jejevo CHS
3573 Jejevo Primary Esther Melvina F Jejevo CHS
3574 Jejevo Primary Fatoto Pedical M Jejevo CHS
3575 Jejevo Primary Filia Tania F Jejevo CHS
3576 Jejevo Primary Folyn Gwenis F Visena CHS
3577 Jejevo Primary Grazita Cresentia Ora F Jejevo CHS
3578 Jejevo Primary Hara Hezel F Guguha CHS
3579 Jejevo Primary Havi Gasei Chelsy F Visena CHS
3580 Jejevo Primary Hirovaka Betrisha F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3581 Jejevo Primary Hoga Charles M Allardyce PSS
3582 Jejevo Primary Holara Donwin M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3583 Jejevo Primary Hugo Manegegu Jnr M Lilika CHS
3584 Jejevo Primary Jalisma Salvina F Jejevo CHS
3585 Jejevo Primary Kelin Wendy F Jejevo CHS
3586 Jejevo Primary Kimbrad Amos M Jejevo CHS
3587 Jejevo Primary Kokonodan Rosalyn F Jejevo CHS
3588 Jejevo Primary Lisi Annete F Jejevo CHS
3589 Jejevo Primary Loko Zephaniah Bessen M Jejevo CHS
3590 Jejevo Primary Lorah Diana F Visena CHS
3591 Jejevo Primary Luse Ridau F Jejevo CHS
3592 Jejevo Primary Maedia Cyrol M Kalenga CHS
3593 Jejevo Primary Mason Cyrol M Jejevo CHS
3594 Jejevo Primary Matuana Stefanas M Jejevo CHS
3595 Jejevo Primary Maysase Lina F Jejevo CHS
3596 Jejevo Primary Melisa Ihonogu F Visena CHS
3597 Jejevo Primary Misty Jecinta F Jejevo CHS
3598 Jejevo Primary Nesta Marion F Guguha CHS
3599 Jejevo Primary Nigra Gabriel M Jejevo CHS
3600 Jejevo Primary Oda Jessica Gaseria F Jejevo CHS
3601 Jejevo Primary Pauline Margret F Kesao CHS
3602 Jejevo Primary Pijay Alex M King George VI NSS
3603 Jejevo Primary Princennald John Vatana M Visena CHS
3604 Jejevo Primary Remin Breland M Jejevo CHS
3605 Jejevo Primary Rotu Joenita F Jejevo CHS
3606 Jejevo Primary Rozo Kingstone M Jejevo CHS
3607 Jejevo Primary Rozo Reyna M Jejevo CHS
3608 Jejevo Primary Sumi Robert Lin M Jejevo CHS
3609 Jejevo Primary Teimana Junior Ceson M Kalenga CHS
3610 Jejevo Primary Teku Meody F Jejevo CHS
3611 Jejevo Primary Tige Joseph M Kalenga CHS
3612 Jejevo Primary Tuagai Scravenson M Jejevo CHS
3613 Jejevo Primary Vahimana Moven M Jejevo CHS
3614 Jejevo Primary Walyat Hudson M Jejevo CHS
3615 Jella Primary Annie Podokera F Dekurana CHS
3616 Jella Primary Carlson Colex M Dekurana CHS
3617 Jella Primary Elson Pane M Dekurana CHS
3618 Jella Primary Esmond Halu M Dekurana CHS
3619 Jella Primary Junika Kahi F Gerasi CHS
3620 Jella Primary Junior Marky M Dekurana CHS
3621 Jella Primary Lotima Isaac F Gerasi CHS
3622 Jella Primary Lyndel Halu F Gerasi CHS
3623 Jella Primary Nelisma Fordy F Gerasi CHS
3624 Jella Primary Rendah Carlson F Dekurana CHS
3625 Jengunu Primary David Raymond M Puzivai CHS
3626 Jengunu Primary Galokipoto Natalyn F Choiseul Bay PSS
3627 Jengunu Primary Luckinilla Junior M Katupika CHS
3628 Jengunu Primary Philip Valory F Puzivai CHS
3629 Jengunu Primary Pitavato Christina F Katupika CHS
3630 Jengunu Primary Pitaveke Jasper M Katupika CHS
3631 Jengunu Primary Reichart Oliver M Katupika CHS
3632 Jengunu Primary Sovekimbo Cathrinella F Choiseul Bay PSS
3633 Jengunu Primary Tanito Max M Choiseul Bay PSS
3634 Jengunu Primary Tolo Stanly M Katupika CHS
3635 Jengunu Primary Tovabule Junior M Choiseul Bay PSS
3636 Jericho Primary Alex Parasodoa M Longu Kaoka CHS
3637 Jericho Primary Chris Paul M Sanalumu CHS
3638 Jericho Primary Derick Pesoa M Bolale CHS
3639 Jericho Primary Emily Huhugu F Longu Kaoka CHS
3640 Jericho Primary James Leua M Sanalumu CHS
3641 Jericho Primary Joseph Olo M Sanalumu CHS
3642 Jeta Primary Benjamin Tukali M Marara CHS
3643 Jeta Primary Douglas Smith M Marara CHS
3644 Jeta Primary Emmalyn Takona F Marara CHS
3645 Jeta Primary Kalista Varo M Marara CHS
3646 Jeta Primary Kevin Logino M Marara CHS
3647 Jeta Primary Margreth Donkezi F Marara CHS
3648 Jeta Primary Reneta Tuasongo F Marara CHS
3649 Jeta Primary Revidence Uupau M Marara CHS
3650 Jeta Primary Roselyn Osi F Marara CHS
3651 Jeta Primary Sarina Sabena F Marara CHS
3652 Jeta Primary Sharlyn Blaisharlyn F Marara CHS
3653 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Batista Alwosuga M Lunga CHS
3654 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Bevan Tuita M Perch CHS
3655 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Elisa Ata F Lunga CHS
3656 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Glen Karuku M Lunga CHS
3657 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Jeremy Pepena M Perch CHS
3658 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Linsha Kila F Lunga CHS
3659 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Zain Mataki M Lunga CHS
3660 Jewels Christian Academy Primary Zummanuella Muliko F Lunga CHS
3661 Juniper Primary Danny Roland M Ilia CHS
3662 Juniper Primary Dorah Elizabeth F Ilia CHS
3663 Juniper Primary Ethel Diau F Ilia CHS
3664 Juniper Primary Grant Ramo M Ilia CHS
3665 Juniper Primary Greg Talau M Ilia CHS
3666 Juniper Primary Ivy Ivory F Ilia CHS
3667 Juniper Primary Jack Arnold M Ilia CHS
3668 Juniper Primary Lingesi Mae F Ilia CHS
3669 Juniper Primary Redley Raramo M Selwyn College NSS
3670 Justus Ganifiri Primary Andrew Porainao M Su'u NSS
3671 Justus Ganifiri Primary Ben Hama M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3672 Justus Ganifiri Primary Calson Salu M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3673 Justus Ganifiri Primary Dedrian Tolana M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3674 Justus Ganifiri Primary Edna Tomani F Aligegeo PSS
3675 Justus Ganifiri Primary Edward Tomani M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3676 Justus Ganifiri Primary Elsie Nukuramo F Su'u NSS
3677 Justus Ganifiri Primary Ennetty Haraikeni F Su'u NSS
3678 Justus Ganifiri Primary Hellen Sia F Aligegeo PSS
3679 Justus Ganifiri Primary Jamie Wawari M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3680 Justus Ganifiri Primary Janet Maeusia F Justus Ganifiri CHS
3681 Justus Ganifiri Primary Joana Robert F Florence Young Christain School
3682 Justus Ganifiri Primary Lucy Samo F Justus Ganifiri CHS
3683 Justus Ganifiri Primary Petrum Firigeni M Su'u NSS
3684 Justus Ganifiri Primary Roni Sia M Su'u NSS
3685 Justus Ganifiri Primary Roy Tomani M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3686 Justus Ganifiri Primary Samson Lodo M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3687 Justus Ganifiri Primary Wilson Lae M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3688 Justus Ganifiri Primary Wilson Umai M Justus Ganifiri CHS
3689 Kaekae Primary Araiasi Hilkiah M Potau CHS
3690 Kaekae Primary Harui Jethro F Potau CHS
3691 Kaekae Primary Huaori Gorethy F Ruavatu PSS
3692 Kaekae Primary Iahaniamae Elizabeth F Avuavu PSS
3693 Kaekae Primary Ikau Francisco M Bubunuhu CHS
3694 Kaekae Primary Mamania Nelcia F Ruavatu PSS
3695 Kaekae Primary Maratahana Stephany F Potau CHS
3696 Kaekae Primary Naraiparu Cleophas M Avuavu PSS
3697 Kaekae Primary Osihanua Wilfred M Longu Kaoka CHS
3698 Kaekae Primary Rauka Grayna F Ruavatu PSS
3699 Kaekae Primary Riropo Bridget F Potau CHS
3700 Kaekae Primary Tafea Peter M Potau CHS
3701 Kafoasila Primary Alinta Betarii F Kafoasila CHS
3702 Kafoasila Primary Barnabas Oliuria M Kafoasila CHS
3703 Kafoasila Primary Betalyn Siunaliko F Kafoasila CHS
3704 Kafoasila Primary Betty Nisa F Kafoasila CHS
3705 Kafoasila Primary Disks Riiau M Kafoasila CHS
3706 Kafoasila Primary Fiona Arusi F Kafoasila CHS
3707 Kafoasila Primary Halady Finiala F Kafoasila CHS
3708 Kafoasila Primary Hellen Waneta F Kafoasila CHS
3709 Kafoasila Primary Henson Konata M Kafoasila CHS
3710 Kafoasila Primary Ivalyn Takana F Kafoasila CHS
3711 Kafoasila Primary Jayden Saufafo M Kafoasila CHS
3712 Kafoasila Primary Jeffcar Irotalau M Kafoasila CHS
3713 Kafoasila Primary Joshua Iaukona M Kafoasila CHS
3714 Kafoasila Primary Leonie Afuga M Kafoasila CHS
3715 Kafoasila Primary Lovelyn Muita F Kafoasila CHS
3716 Kafoasila Primary Luise Rarara F Kafoasila CHS
3717 Kafoasila Primary Mason Malasa M Kafoasila CHS
3718 Kafoasila Primary Presly Shemmy M Kafoasila CHS
3719 Kafoasila Primary Raylynta Mamani F Kafoasila CHS
3720 Kafoasila Primary Rex Rockson M Kafoasila CHS
3721 Kafoasila Primary Rosemary Lioi F Kafoasila CHS
3722 Kafoasila Primary Rudy Iro M Kafoasila CHS
3723 Kafoasila Primary Sanie Thaoalatha F Kafoasila CHS
3724 Kafoasila Primary Sherolyn Parlmer F Kafoasila CHS
3725 Kafoasila Primary Susan Fred F Kafoasila CHS
3726 Kafoasila Primary Wilson Wanetonateo M Kafoasila CHS
3727 Kafolulae Primary Betharlyn Peter F Gwaunasu CHS
3728 Kafolulae Primary Bobby Griala F Gwaunasu CHS
3729 Kafolulae Primary Desmond Ben M Gwaunasu CHS
3730 Kafolulae Primary Madlyn Seth F Gwaunasu CHS
3731 Kafolulae Primary Margaret Mamu F Rameai CHS
3732 Kafolulae Primary Wendell Rueben F Gwaunasu CHS
3733 Kagua Primary Tepuke Joseph M New Place PSS
3734 Kakara Primary Allen Tokibo M Kakara CHS
3735 Kakara Primary Angela Maenu F Kakara CHS
3736 Kakara Primary Bridget Iduka F Kakara CHS
3737 Kakara Primary Carlos Immanuel M Kakara CHS
3738 Kakara Primary Cynthia Hauwakia F Kakara CHS
3739 Kakara Primary Daeles Siana F Kakara CHS
3740 Kakara Primary Deborah Ngosantabu F Kakara CHS
3741 Kakara Primary Feslyn Kwaimani M Naha CHS
3742 Kakara Primary Gariyn Joel F Kakara CHS
3743 Kakara Primary Iisimba Tafai F Kakara CHS
3744 Kakara Primary Javelyn Hanly F Kakara CHS
3745 Kakara Primary Jerolyn Lumerii F Kakara CHS
3746 Kakara Primary Joy Linda F Kakara CHS
3747 Kakara Primary Kennedy Fafale M Kakara CHS
3748 Kakara Primary Lawrence Mimidi M Kakara CHS
3749 Kakara Primary Michael Fulo M Kakara CHS
3750 Kakara Primary Narish Joel F Kakara CHS
3751 Kakara Primary Rabbael Iiesui M Kakara CHS
3752 Kakara Primary Rex Baekalia M Kakara CHS
3753 Kakara Primary Sally Sau F Kakara CHS
3754 Kakara Primary Silvester Dinga F Kakara CHS
3755 Kakara Primary Timmy Joel M Su'u NSS
3756 Kakara Primary Willie Rukumana M Kakara CHS
3757 Kakara Primary Zorick Irofia M Kakara CHS
3758 Kalaka Primary Ben Roko M Kalaka CHS
3759 Kalaka Primary Christina M. Daru F Kalaka CHS
3760 Kalaka Primary Jacklyn Salesio F Kalaka CHS
3761 Kalaka Primary Lencia Narasia F Kalaka CHS
3762 Kalaka Primary Marilla Pepa F Kalaka CHS
3763 Kalaka Primary Poline Nako F Kalaka CHS
3764 Kalaka Primary Selestina Pasalu F Kalaka CHS
3765 Kalaka Primary Taha Timo Rex M Kalaka CHS
3766 Kalaka Primary Veronica Bebetu F Kalaka CHS
3767 Kalaro Primary Brain Basufalu M Lengana CHS
3768 Kalaro Primary Clery Seue M Lengana CHS
3769 Kalaro Primary Harol Kuta M Lengana CHS
3770 Kalaro Primary Hazi Tonuki M Lengana CHS
3771 Kalaro Primary Lili Stanley M Lengana CHS
3772 Kalaro Primary Obed Alekera M Lengana CHS
3773 Kalaro Primary Riqeo Loke M Goldie College NSS
3774 Kalaro Primary Sharlyn Hong F Vonunu NSS
3775 Kalaro Primary Tavelo Tonga M Lengana CHS
3776 Kalenga Primary Barbra Staicey F Kalenga CHS
3777 Kalenga Primary Billy Tarai M Kalenga CHS
3778 Kalenga Primary Brown Remisio Nori M Kalenga CHS
3779 Kalenga Primary Brownly Kaukau M Allardyce PSS
3780 Kalenga Primary Charles Manata Sikihi M Visena CHS
3781 Kalenga Primary Dainica Lina F Visena CHS
3782 Kalenga Primary Danyeta Firuusia Titus M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3783 Kalenga Primary Dudley Mameri M Barasile CHS
3784 Kalenga Primary Edmond Koti Junior M Guguha CHS
3785 Kalenga Primary Ezekiel Tavity M King George VI NSS
3786 Kalenga Primary Fremy Konai F Koloale CHS
3787 Kalenga Primary Gwency Hiroa F Muana CHS
3788 Kalenga Primary Lot Dediff M Kalenga CHS
3789 Kalenga Primary Margeret Aruga F Kalenga CHS
3790 Kalenga Primary Mirriam Vuruale F Kalenga CHS
3791 Kalenga Primary Patrick Fransly Poza M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3792 Kalenga Primary Robson Maneteo M Kalenga CHS
3793 Kalenga Primary Roselyn M. Dufumeha F Kalenga CHS
3794 Kalenga Primary Rovaly Luckson M Kalenga CHS
3795 Kalenga Primary Selistar Eurince F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3796 Kalenga Primary Shywin Limagna M Kalenga CHS
3797 Kalenga Primary Stency Clayton M Kalenga CHS
3798 Kalenga Primary Stephany Sikuwaae M Kalenga CHS
3799 Kalenga Primary Titus Malfy M Muana CHS
3800 Kalenga Primary Wilson Mapuru M Kalenga CHS
3801 Kalenga Primary Wilson Okifi Junior M Kalenga CHS
3802 Kamaosi Primary Ashanty Raen F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3803 Kamaosi Primary Basil Oku M Visena CHS
3804 Kamaosi Primary Brenden Pulo M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3805 Kamaosi Primary Brendon Taheri M Visena CHS
3806 Kamaosi Primary Charles Fox M Kalenga CHS
3807 Kamaosi Primary Charlyn Adoa F Visena CHS
3808 Kamaosi Primary Dewen Sogedi M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3809 Kamaosi Primary Hellen Maemae F Visena CHS
3810 Kamaosi Primary Junior Dix Denny M Visena CHS
3811 Kamaosi Primary Kalistor Waheve M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3812 Kamaosi Primary Kirsty Brethlyn F Kalenga CHS
3813 Kamaosi Primary Michael Taheri M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3814 Kamaosi Primary Rousa Kaelonga F Visena CHS
3815 Kamaosi Primary Steven Oddy M Kalenga CHS
3816 Kamaosi Primary Trevor Tapuana M Kalenga CHS
3817 Kamaosi Primary Wenzel Amo M Kalenga CHS
3818 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Denis Leua M Tau SDA CHS
3819 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Helinah Bulo F Tenakoga CHS
3820 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Johnie Sura M Betikama Adventist College
3821 Kamau Babala SDA Primary June Bosamete M Kopiu CHS
3822 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Kaolah Bulo F Tenakoga CHS
3823 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Karen Selea F Kopiu CHS
3824 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Lavinia Bosamete F Tenakoga CHS
3825 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Loerine Kakamo F Ghombua CHS
3826 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Lybryn Selea M Tau SDA CHS
3827 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Mary Francis F Tau SDA CHS
3828 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Owen Barani M Tau SDA CHS
3829 Kamau Babala SDA Primary Zimmaerah Bulo F Ghombua CHS
3830 Kaokaorangana Primary Kasumarone Lillian F Taripara CHS
3831 Kaokaorangana Primary Monosurigarena Samantha F Taripara CHS
3832 Kaokaorangana Primary Murisia'atana Scofi M Taripara CHS
3833 Kaokaorangana Primary Omanisau Jello F Taripara CHS
3834 Kaokaorangana Primary Rosa Nester F Taripara CHS
3835 Kaokaorangana Primary Sau Clandy F Taripara CHS
3836 Kaokaorangana Primary Susiota Simon M Taripara CHS
3837 Kaokaorangana Primary Taro Barbra F Taripara CHS
3838 Kaokaorangana Primary Waitoro Rhavin M Taripara CHS
3839 Kaonasugu Primary Haga Jedial M St Stephen Pamua NSS
3840 Kaonasugu Primary Hauhi Elison M Hamariko CHS
3841 Kaonasugu Primary Kagiro Maryson F St Stephen Pamua NSS
3842 Kaonasugu Primary Karihisau Josephine F Ramah CHS
3843 Kaonasugu Primary Kataruru Chrisphill F Ramah CHS
3844 Kaonasugu Primary Kumi Stevris M St Stephen Pamua NSS
3845 Kaonasugu Primary Lui Florence F Hamariko CHS
3846 Kaonasugu Primary Maninga Lindray M Hamariko CHS
3847 Kaonasugu Primary Manoah Donald M Hamariko CHS
3848 Kaonasugu Primary Rongomae Lesly M Hamariko CHS
3849 Kaonasugu Primary Rono Braindon M Hamariko CHS
3850 Kaonasugu Primary Taky Shania F St Stephen Pamua NSS
3851 Kariki Primary Emapie Sambrina F Vonunu NSS
3852 Kariki Primary Frank Law Vijay M Goldie College NSS
3853 Kariki Primary Lotty Vatsekevea M Choiseul Bay PSS
3854 Kariki Primary Lydia Eresi F Tuha CHS
3855 Kariki Primary Randy Kopana M Tuha CHS
3856 Kariki Primary Velary Vaeloduri F Choiseul Bay PSS
3857 Karokesa Primary Haru Martha F Sibila CHS
3858 Karokesa Primary Judith Jelinia F Sibila CHS
3859 Karokesa Primary Kurutu Charlister M Sibila CHS
3860 Karokesa Primary Manuera Wilton M Sibila CHS
3861 Karokesa Primary Radio Banabas M Sibila CHS
3862 Karokesa Primary Riga Frank M Sibila CHS
3863 Karokesa Primary Rozah Miriam F Sibila CHS
3864 Karokesa Primary Urada George M Sibila CHS
3865 Karokesa Primary Zingoto Indy M Vonunu NSS
3866 Karokesa Primary Zorima Monisa F Sibila CHS
3867 Karu'u Primary Dalcy Tanuhi F Karu'u CHS
3868 Karu'u Primary Edith Nuakeni F Karu'u CHS
3869 Karu'u Primary Henry Ramo M Karu'u CHS
3870 Karu'u Primary Huddlyn Mamuhui F Karu'u CHS
3871 Karu'u Primary John Hoia M Su'u NSS
3872 Karu'u Primary Julius Huirea F Karu'u CHS
3873 Karu'u Primary Junior Tauhoi M Karu'u CHS
3874 Karu'u Primary Mary Karirana F Sa'a (CE Fox) CHS
3875 Karu'u Primary Mary Poia F Karu'u CHS
3876 Karu'u Primary Matilda Waipara F Karu'u CHS
3877 Karu'u Primary Nester Rainihaa F Karu'u CHS
3878 Karu'u Primary Prince Haupea M Hunanawa CHS
3879 Karu'u Primary Stanley Purinimane M Hunanawa CHS
3880 Karu'u Primary Yolenda Pola F Karu'u CHS
3881 Kati Primary Aunga Marissa F Mona CHS
3882 Kati Primary Garry Jezriel M Mona CHS
3883 Kati Primary Inane Pepelynta F Mona CHS
3884 Kati Primary Inangnao Jerolyn F Luesalemba PSS
3885 Kati Primary Itrkir Salome F Luesalemba PSS
3886 Kati Primary Iwa Prudence F Luesalemba PSS
3887 Kati Primary Karau Thelma F Luesalemba PSS
3888 Kati Primary Kola Rowen F Mona CHS
3889 Kati Primary Laukera Yvonne F Luesalemba PSS
3890 Kati Primary Me'eke Junior M Mona CHS
3891 Kati Primary Me'ela James M Mona CHS
3892 Kati Primary Melake Rayllian F Luesalemba PSS
3893 Kati Primary Menamwi Jeneral M Mona CHS
3894 Kati Primary Menivi Billy M Luesalemba PSS
3895 Kati Primary Mewa Kenslyn M Mona CHS
3896 Kati Primary Mnoesanga Jane F Luesalemba PSS
3897 Kati Primary Natei Lenin M Luesalemba PSS
3898 Kati Primary Noel Peter M Luesalemba PSS
3899 Kati Primary Pouli David M Mona CHS
3900 Kati Primary Sikua Commins M Luesalemba PSS
3901 Kati Primary Vagi Jeston M Mona CHS
3902 Kati Primary Yabirk Selwyna F Mona CHS
3903 Kati Primary Anne Ibanie F Waimapuru NSS
3904 Kati Primary Francina Lemoba F Waimapuru NSS
3905 Kati Primary Jerard Danah M Waimapuru NSS
3906 Kati Primary Nivalyn Menesa F Waimapuru NSS
3907 Kati Primary Sophie Lapo F Waimapuru NSS
3908 Katurasele SDA Primary Aljo Polosovai M Jones Adventist College
3909 Katurasele SDA Primary Davis Kavake M Papara CHS
3910 Katurasele SDA Primary Jemmie Rinter M Kukudu Adventist College
3911 Katurasele SDA Primary Korina Minton F Kukele CHS
3912 Katurasele SDA Primary Magreth Gilavisu F Puzivai CHS
3913 Katurasele SDA Primary Newton Leveke M Puzivai CHS
3914 Katurasele SDA Primary Noxie Gamana M Jones Adventist College
3915 Katurasele SDA Primary Pitamama Mason M Kukele CHS
3916 Katurasele SDA Primary Rosna Galo F Papara CHS
3917 Katurasele SDA Primary Samalyn Lance F Puzivai CHS
3918 Katurasele SDA Primary Selly Musae F Bekabeka CHS
3919 Katurasele SDA Primary Sodie Papo M Puzivai CHS
3920 Kavolavata Primary Abisae Reeves M SR Academy Secondary
3921 Kavolavata Primary Aleck Wickham M SR Academy Secondary
3922 Kavolavata Primary Dizen Londi F SR Academy Secondary
3923 Kavolavata Primary Flora Joseph F SR Academy Secondary
3924 Kavolavata Primary Herly John F SR Academy Secondary
3925 Kavolavata Primary Janila Pelobule F SR Academy Secondary
3926 Kavolavata Primary Jayneol Hove F SR Academy Secondary
3927 Kavolavata Primary Junior Boku M SR Academy Secondary
3928 Kavolavata Primary Linsma Vincent F SR Academy Secondary
3929 Kavolavata Primary Melanie Jamakalo F SR Academy Secondary
3930 Kavolavata Primary Regen Alimana M SR Academy Secondary
3931 Kaza SDA Primary Jacky Pitukolo M Kaza CHS
3932 Kaza SDA Primary Junior Paul Wale M Kaza CHS
3933 Kaza SDA Primary Kevena Kiko M Kaza CHS
3934 Kaza SDA Primary Mayleen Muse F Kukudu Adventist College
3935 Kaza SDA Primary Reearsly Kinio M Kaza CHS
3936 Kaza SDA Primary Rinevah Mosah F Betikama Adventist College
3937 Kaza SDA Primary Seden Misleen M Kukudu Adventist College
3938 Keara Primary Clera Ria F Sidoko CHS
3939 Keara Primary Israel Obe M Sidoko CHS
3940 Keara Primary Jemolyn Chrisma F Sidoko CHS
3941 Keara Primary Micky Sunili M Sidoko CHS
3942 Keara Primary Nelson Turueke M Sidoko CHS
3943 Keara Primary Obed Obe M Sidoko CHS
3944 Keara Primary Samuel Hite M Sidoko CHS
3945 Kelyn Primary Danny Toloáu F Kelyn CHS
3946 Kelyn Primary Elsie Ofi F Kelyn CHS
3947 Kelyn Primary Frank Lautu Matangani M Kelyn CHS
3948 Kelyn Primary Havy Bokolonga Kundu M Kelyn CHS
3949 Kelyn Primary Henson Animamu M Kelyn CHS
3950 Kelyn Primary Josiah Kule M Kelyn CHS
3951 Kelyn Primary Juanita Abuni F Kelyn CHS
3952 Kelyn Primary Magareth Daoga F Kelyn CHS
3953 Kelyn Primary Nathalie Moeangoha Taupongi F Kelyn CHS
3954 Kelyn Primary Petra Wejeiesango F Kelyn CHS
3955 Kelyn Primary Rachael Koroi F Kelyn CHS
3956 Kelyn Primary Ruci Grace Mosese F Kelyn CHS
3957 Kelyn Primary Ruth Maára F Kelyn CHS
3958 Kelyn Primary Sheron Mostain F Kelyn CHS
3959 Kelyn Primary Simalyn John F Kelyn CHS
3960 Kelyn Primary Velyntha Kasa F Kelyn CHS
3961 Kesao Primary Alisha June F Lilika CHS
3962 Kesao Primary Alma Keni F Kesao CHS
3963 Kesao Primary Anderson Kennedy M Kesao CHS
3964 Kesao Primary Denleen Sipunaru F Kesao CHS
3965 Kesao Primary Drumand Ata M Kesao CHS
3966 Kesao Primary Duddley Tuti M Kesao CHS
3967 Kesao Primary Elizabeth Zilyn F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3968 Kesao Primary Elvis Iula F Kesao CHS
3969 Kesao Primary Evlita Ulara F Kesao CHS
3970 Kesao Primary Fermintas Boi F King George VI NSS
3971 Kesao Primary Florence Margina F Allardyce PSS
3972 Kesao Primary Hellen Bana F Allardyce PSS
3973 Kesao Primary Jollanda Dyan F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
3974 Kesao Primary Lilian Nicola F Kesao CHS
3975 Kesao Primary Nizal Vakaso M Kesao CHS
3976 Kesao Primary Owen Selwyn M Kesao CHS
3977 Kesao Primary Patteson Sinod M Kesao CHS
3978 Kesao Primary Rosai Annie F Kesao CHS
3979 Kesao Primary Rose Mauriasi F Kesao CHS
3980 Kesao Primary Selsa Soli F Kesao CHS
3981 Kesao Primary Sussie Gila F Kesao CHS
3982 Kilokaka Primary Agnes Mary F Allardyce PSS
3983 Kilokaka Primary Betsy Roronu F Allardyce PSS
3984 Kilokaka Primary Bradson Molesty M Allardyce PSS
3985 Kilokaka Primary John Devine M Muana CHS
3986 Kilokaka Primary Marlyn Gaselao F Muana CHS
3987 Kilokaka Primary Michael Angil M Muana CHS
3988 Kilokaka Primary Trisa Nelta F Allardyce PSS
3989 Kilokaka Primary Yolenda Vasilisa F Allardyce PSS
3990 Kilusakwalo Primary Alex Bario M Kilusakwalo CHS
3991 Kilusakwalo Primary Arnon Luito'o M Kilusakwalo CHS
3992 Kilusakwalo Primary Barnabas Waki M Kilusakwalo CHS
3993 Kilusakwalo Primary Ben Hede M Kilusakwalo CHS
3994 Kilusakwalo Primary Brian Derik M Kilusakwalo CHS
3995 Kilusakwalo Primary Brian Kele M Kilusakwalo CHS
3996 Kilusakwalo Primary Browyn Logai F Kilusakwalo CHS
3997 Kilusakwalo Primary Chris Sale M Kilusakwalo CHS
3998 Kilusakwalo Primary David Jr Daununu M Su'u NSS
3999 Kilusakwalo Primary David Kono M Kilusakwalo CHS
4000 Kilusakwalo Primary Emmily Ganifiri F Kilusakwalo CHS
4001 Kilusakwalo Primary Emmy Solo F Kilusakwalo CHS
4002 Kilusakwalo Primary Enny Nare F Kilusakwalo CHS
4003 Kilusakwalo Primary Gabriel Oligari M Kilusakwalo CHS
4004 Kilusakwalo Primary Japhet Manethutu M Aligegeo PSS
4005 Kilusakwalo Primary Jaydie Ganifiri M Su'u NSS
4006 Kilusakwalo Primary John Foatai M Kilusakwalo CHS
4007 Kilusakwalo Primary Lydia Lagwai F Su'u NSS
4008 Kilusakwalo Primary Micah Manibili M Su'u NSS
4009 Kilusakwalo Primary Mitchel Filiga F Aligegeo PSS
4010 Kilusakwalo Primary Moana Filoisi M Kilusakwalo CHS
4011 Kilusakwalo Primary Moli Bowena F Kilusakwalo CHS
4012 Kilusakwalo Primary Murial Koto F Kilusakwalo CHS
4013 Kilusakwalo Primary Nicholas Wesley M Kilusakwalo CHS
4014 Kilusakwalo Primary Philip Misialo M Kilusakwalo CHS
4015 Kilusakwalo Primary Regina Ofea F Su'u NSS
4016 Kilusakwalo Primary Richie Rikuthu M Kilusakwalo CHS
4017 Kilusakwalo Primary Rita Maelagi F Kilusakwalo CHS
4018 Kilusakwalo Primary Robert Misimaka M Gwaigeo CHS
4019 Kilusakwalo Primary Ronella Donga F Kilusakwalo CHS
4020 Kilusakwalo Primary Rosina Martn F Kilusakwalo CHS
4021 Kilusakwalo Primary Sania Koto F Kilusakwalo CHS
4022 Kilusakwalo Primary Sherolyn Oto F Kilusakwalo CHS
4023 Kilusakwalo Primary Sony Clifford M Gwaigeo CHS
4024 Kilusakwalo Primary Veronica Mani F Kilusakwalo CHS
4025 Kinamara Primary Aqarau Laela F Goldie College NSS
4026 Kinamara Primary August John M Barasipo CHS
4027 Kinamara Primary Bea Danny M Barasipo CHS
4028 Kinamara Primary Boaz Ken M Vonunu NSS
4029 Kinamara Primary Devgo Gray M Barasipo CHS
4030 Kinamara Primary Duri Keithy Norma F Barasipo CHS
4031 Kinamara Primary Emia Lorina F Barasipo CHS
4032 Kinamara Primary Hagareki Hiva M Barasipo CHS
4033 Kinamara Primary Halima May F Barasipo CHS
4034 Kinamara Primary Kion Jing M Barasipo CHS
4035 Kinamara Primary Laini Jamedson M Barasipo CHS
4036 Kinamara Primary Makini Lawrence Naqu M Goldie College NSS
4037 Kinamara Primary Mason Frank M Barasipo CHS
4038 Kinamara Primary Ovanga Ezra M Barasipo CHS
4039 Kinamara Primary Rebeto Zeaberth M Barasipo CHS
4040 Kinamara Primary Saepio Ivylin F Vonunu NSS
4041 Kinamara Primary Sale Nickson M Barasipo CHS
4042 Kinamara Primary Sasa Oregon M Barasipo CHS
4043 Kinamara Primary Siwai Steven M Barasipo CHS
4044 Kinamara Primary Soto Borode M Barasipo CHS
4045 Kiu Primary Bethsaida Ro’oikeni F Kiu CHS
4046 Kiu Primary Beverlyn Sale F Kiu CHS
4047 Kiu Primary Carolyn Terahanapata F Kiu CHS
4048 Kiu Primary Cherlyn Kana'au F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
4049 Kiu Primary Clifton Suri M Kiu CHS
4050 Kiu Primary Concy Kamuha F Kiu CHS
4051 Kiu Primary David Kwasi M Su'u NSS
4052 Kiu Primary Derick Ahehoro M Kiu CHS
4053 Kiu Primary Eddie Kwaite’e M Kiu CHS
4054 Kiu Primary Ellaine Waira’a F Kiu CHS
4055 Kiu Primary Elmah Warana F Su'u NSS
4056 Kiu Primary Elson Oaitara M Kiu CHS
4057 Kiu Primary Hellen Horoura F Kiu CHS
4058 Kiu Primary Joan Merakeni F Su'u NSS
4059 Kiu Primary Jullet Kokanihau M Kiu CHS
4060 Kiu Primary Lina Rikiasi F Su'u NSS
4061 Kiu Primary Melani Eresiau F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
4062 Kiu Primary Melanie Eresiau F Kiu CHS
4063 Kiu Primary Nadia Agatha F Kiu CHS
4064 Kiu Primary Patricia Kera’apu F Kiu CHS
4065 Kiu Primary Patrick Saba M Kiu CHS
4066 Kiu Primary Polyann Gagahe F Kiu CHS
4067 Kiu Primary Rayna Teakeni F Kiu CHS
4068 Kiu Primary Rose Supisi F Kiu CHS
4069 Kiu Primary Solovic Irumai M Kiu CHS
4070 Kiu Primary Zarine Supisi F Kiu CHS
4071 Kmaga Primary Boldwin Norland M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4072 Kmaga Primary Bolohu David M Visena CHS
4073 Kmaga Primary Chee Donald M Visena CHS
4074 Kmaga Primary Erick Leonard M Visena CHS
4075 Kmaga Primary Gasekosi Marion F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4076 Kmaga Primary Jamalyn Susan F Visena CHS
4077 Kmaga Primary Lay Panish M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4078 Kmaga Primary Leguau Malach M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4079 Kmaga Primary Linma Nancy Raru F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4080 Kmaga Primary Lokupetu Robert M Visena CHS
4081 Kmaga Primary Meiden Rosepaniel F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4082 Kmaga Primary Nelsa Mary F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4083 Kmaga Primary Newlyn Lindra F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4084 Kmaga Primary Puhimana Nason Palmer M Visena CHS
4085 Kmaga Primary Ravemana Malfred M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4086 Kmaga Primary Rofen Ella F Guguha CHS
4087 Kmaga Primary Rolex Liasa F Visena CHS
4088 Kmaga Primary Salen Rosepaniel F Visena CHS
4089 Kmaga Primary Sanda Basil M Visena CHS
4090 Kmaga Primary Sulu Able M Visena CHS
4091 Kmaga Primary Tali Engie F Visena CHS
4092 Kmaga Primary Talu Lesley M Visena CHS
4093 Kmaga Primary Tavei Aganes F Visena CHS
4094 Kmaga Primary Thegu Florence F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4095 Kmaga Primary Uka Hubert M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4096 Kmaga Primary Vuhana Anne F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4097 Kmaga Primary Wakutaku Wilson M Visena CHS
4098 Kmaga Primary Wesley Fredson M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4099 Kobiloko Primary Edna Jessy F Lambi CHS
4100 Kobiloko Primary Georgina Nancy F Lambi CHS
4101 Kobiloko Primary Jimalyn Keli F Lambi CHS
4102 Kobiloko Primary Joseph Paulsen M Lambi CHS
4103 Kobiloko Primary Loreta Grace F Lambi CHS
4104 Kobiloko Primary Patrick Richard M Lambi CHS
4105 Kobito Primary Angelis Lilian Sanafina F Kobito CHS
4106 Kobito Primary Bedon Wale M Kobito CHS
4107 Kobito Primary Casper Supa M Kobito CHS
4108 Kobito Primary Chrisma Vathagi F Kobito CHS
4109 Kobito Primary Dalren Area M Kobito CHS
4110 Kobito Primary Densdale Sau M Kobito CHS
4111 Kobito Primary Esther Gela F Kobito CHS
4112 Kobito Primary Filma Karren F Kobito CHS
4113 Kobito Primary Francis Jason M Kobito CHS
4114 Kobito Primary Gadansly Para M Kobito CHS
4115 Kobito Primary Howard Justin M Kobito CHS
4116 Kobito Primary Jambrina Victoria Bosi F Kobito CHS
4117 Kobito Primary Jelinta Rose F Kobito CHS
4118 Kobito Primary Margareth Leni F Kobito CHS
4119 Kobito Primary Maria Mana F Kobito CHS
4120 Kobito Primary Mary June F Kobito CHS
4121 Kobito Primary Mavilyn Bosa F Kobito CHS
4122 Kobito Primary Mitcheell Margareth F Kobito CHS
4123 Kobito Primary Mitchell Faith F Kobito CHS
4124 Kobito Primary Osward Para M Kobito CHS
4125 Kobito Primary Paul Tara M Kobito CHS
4126 Kobito Primary Randansly Steward M Kobito CHS
4127 Kobito Primary Ronella Soniluvu F Kobito CHS
4128 Kobito Primary Salome Kwarukona F Kobito CHS
4129 Kobito Primary Titiali Riani F Kobito CHS
4130 Kobito Primary Trisha Kogua F Kobito CHS
4131 Koilovala Primary Agnes Hoka F Siota PSS
4132 Koilovala Primary Alice Viu F Siota PSS
4133 Koilovala Primary Catherine Gira F Dota CHS
4134 Koilovala Primary Cathrine Dara F Dota CHS
4135 Koilovala Primary George Reginal M Siota PSS
4136 Koilovala Primary Juniro Sasarau M Dota CHS
4137 Koilovala Primary Michael Rava M Dota CHS
4138 Koilovala Primary Ronny Manele M Dota CHS
4139 Koilovala Primary Wisely Likia M Dota CHS
4140 Kokeqolo Primary Anastasia Sasabule F Goldie College NSS
4141 Kokeqolo Primary Auwe Demaru Cleodiroh F Kokeqolo CHS
4142 Kokeqolo Primary Boso Christina Serelyn F Biula PSS
4143 Kokeqolo Primary Delisi Tom Rosida F Kokeqolo CHS
4144 Kokeqolo Primary Eke Railyn Piqenaru F Kokeqolo CHS
4145 Kokeqolo Primary Ella Barijari F Goldie College NSS
4146 Kokeqolo Primary Elvina Turanga F Goldie College NSS
4147 Kokeqolo Primary Kari Gladys F Kokeqolo CHS
4148 Kokeqolo Primary Kere Faith M Kokeqolo CHS
4149 Kokeqolo Primary Kere Ote F Goldie College NSS
4150 Kokeqolo Primary Lamupio Bandie M Kokeqolo CHS
4151 Kokeqolo Primary Lamupio Mima Esther F Kokeqolo CHS
4152 Kokeqolo Primary Lamupio Samantha F Kokeqolo CHS
4153 Kokeqolo Primary Lamupio Sokana Grandy M Kokeqolo CHS
4154 Kokeqolo Primary Leve Gladys F Biula PSS
4155 Kokeqolo Primary Liokevu Chrisma M Kokeqolo CHS
4156 Kokeqolo Primary Makini Keilah F Kokeqolo CHS
4157 Kokeqolo Primary Makolo Phil Taluni M Biula PSS
4158 Kokeqolo Primary Memese Carolyn F Sidoko CHS
4159 Kokeqolo Primary Molia Andrew Bosaly M Kokeqolo CHS
4160 Kokeqolo Primary Molia Desmond M Kokeqolo CHS
4161 Kokeqolo Primary Molia Heatherjan F Biula PSS
4162 Kokeqolo Primary Molia Jenmah Lilifu F Kokeqolo CHS
4163 Kokeqolo Primary Molia Vincent M Kokeqolo CHS
4164 Kokeqolo Primary Ngasi Peter M Kokeqolo CHS
4165 Kokeqolo Primary Piani Frank F Kokeqolo CHS
4166 Kokeqolo Primary Romolo Sabrina Roselyn F Dunde CHS
4167 Kokeqolo Primary Ruriti Jayton M Goldie College NSS
4168 Kokeqolo Primary Sasa Lomio F Kokeqolo CHS
4169 Kokeqolo Primary Shania Primrose F Kokeqolo CHS
4170 Kokeqolo Primary Simon Szetu M Goldie College NSS
4171 Kokeqolo Primary Steifi Oliver Trimaly F Kokeqolo CHS
4172 Kokeqolo Primary Talakera Jottame M Kokeqolo CHS
4173 Kokeqolo Primary Talasasa Carlos M Kokeqolo CHS
4174 Kokeqolo Primary Talasasa Henry Bule M Kokeqolo CHS
4175 Kokeqolo Primary Tamana Emojin Rhyn F Kokeqolo CHS
4176 Kokeqolo Primary Tanisah Constance F Kokeqolo CHS
4177 Kokeqolo Primary Teu Dilmavia Chrina F Kokeqolo CHS
4178 Kokeqolo Primary Tinalia Mihaka F Biula PSS
4179 Kokeqolo Primary Toka Hebala Samuel M Kokeqolo CHS
4180 Kokeqolo Primary Vivisi Steven M Kokeqolo CHS
4181 Kokeqolo Primary Wanika Hughes F King George VI NSS
4182 Kokeqolo Primary Zio Lawrence M Biula PSS
4183 Kokete SDA Primary Allan Frank M Kukudu Adventist College
4184 Kokete SDA Primary Erena Nason F Bekabeka CHS
4185 Kokete SDA Primary Linneth Kaua F Betikama Adventist College
4186 Koleta Primary Daily Mirriam F Kalenga CHS
4187 Koleta Primary Darren Rowen M Muana CHS
4188 Koleta Primary Ednar Streshirley F Muana CHS
4189 Koleta Primary Jessie Renjel F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4190 Koleta Primary Mary Christmas F Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4191 Koleta Primary Prideson Junior M Kalenga CHS
4192 Koleta Primary Richard Goroa M Sir Dudley Tuti PSS
4193 Koleta Primary Synthia Adeline F Muana CHS
4194 Koleta Primary Trina Gasethonu F Guguha CHS
4195 Koliae Primary Castrina Semuna F Tuha CHS
4196 Koliae Primary Christopher Victon M Tuha CHS
4197 Koliae Primary Fostina Sikata F Tuha CHS
4198 Koliae Primary George Keneth M Tuha CHS
4199 Koliae Primary Israel Pusi M Biula PSS
4200 Koliae Primary Judith Hambalu F Tuha CHS
4201 Koliae Primary Leonard Sikata M Kukudu Adventist College
4202 Koliae Primary Linneth Elena F Tuha CHS
4203 Kolina Primary Beloveth Willie M Chapuria CHS
4204 Kolina Primary Drillence Lepokae F Tangarare PSS
4205 Kolina Primary Emmily Tania F Chapuria CHS
4206 Kolina Primary Hendry Junior M Tangarare PSS
4207 Kolina Primary James Rongole M Betikama Adventist College
4208 Kolina Primary Jayson Pechi M Avuavu PSS
4209 Kolina Primary Jerinda Sikua F Ruavatu PSS
4210 Kolina Primary Mark Lovolovo M Avuavu PSS
4211 Kolina Primary Regina Ellyn F Chapuria CHS
4212 Kolina Primary Sanella F Chapuria CHS
4213 Kolina Primary Stewart Teleka M Chapuria CHS
4214 Koloale Primary Abel Gege M Koloale CHS
4215 Koloale Primary Alma Iro F Koloale CHS
4216 Koloale Primary Alrayne Hou M Koloale CHS
4217 Koloale Primary Andrew Savino M Koloale CHS
4218 Koloale Primary Angelica Bade F Koloale CHS
4219 Koloale Primary Brandon Willies M Koloale CHS
4220 Koloale Primary Bristine Kaitu'u F Koloale CHS
4221 Koloale Primary Buka Maeduru M Koloale CHS
4222 Koloale Primary Carlson Misite'e M Koloale CHS
4223 Koloale Primary Cathy Maelabu F Koloale CHS
4224 Koloale Primary Chaldvista Ngatu F Koloale CHS
4225 Koloale Primary Charles Konai M Koloale CHS
4226 Koloale Primary Daniella Ohaika F Koloale CHS
4227 Koloale Primary David Una M Koloale CHS
4228 Koloale Primary Doreen Dau F Koloale CHS
4229 Koloale Primary Edward Naugwae M Koloale CHS
4230 Koloale Primary Elijah Ahukela M Waimapuru NSS
4231 Koloale Primary Ellen Maelimani F Koloale CHS
4232 Koloale Primary Emrol Tofilu M Koloale CHS
4233 Koloale Primary Felisha Genitalea F Koloale CHS
4234 Koloale Primary Fernado Fosimo F Koloale CHS
4235 Koloale Primary Gerrard Temao M Koloale CHS
4236 Koloale Primary Hilda Nata F Koloale CHS
4237 Koloale Primary Ileen Fo'oa F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
4238 Koloale Primary Ireen Ngedea F Koloale CHS
4239 Koloale Primary Jayson Mark M Koloale CHS
4240 Koloale Primary Jenica Aseri F Koloale CHS
4241 Koloale Primary Jennifer Daurara F Koloale CHS
4242 Koloale Primary Jenny Nua F Koloale CHS
4243 Koloale Primary John Kabini M Koloale CHS
4244 Koloale Primary Jonathan Kennedy M Koloale CHS
4245 Koloale Primary Joseph Simon M Koloale CHS
4246 Koloale Primary Jullian Sikafe F Koloale CHS
4247 Koloale Primary Junely Lau F Koloale CHS
4248 Koloale Primary Laladidi Oveti Augustine M St Stephen Pamua NSS
4249 Koloale Primary Larisha Misitana F Koloale CHS
4250 Koloale Primary Lina Giousia F Koloale CHS
4251 Koloale Primary Linda Okali F Koloale CHS
4252 Koloale Primary Lisden Haga M St Stephen Pamua NSS
4253 Koloale Primary Madry Gaha F Koloale CHS
4254 Koloale Primary Mayan Mia F Koloale CHS
4255 Koloale Primary Melcah Hendry F Koloale CHS
4256 Koloale Primary Melinda Iafau F Koloale CHS
4257 Koloale Primary Michael Atai M Koloale CHS
4258 Koloale Primary Michael Maelengo M Koloale CHS
4259 Koloale Primary Michael Maenanai M Koloale CHS
4260 Koloale Primary Patterson Kolohai M King George VI NSS
4261 Koloale Primary Peter Auga M Koloale CHS
4262 Koloale Primary Philip Osifelo M Koloale CHS
4263 Koloale Primary Rayan Hitu M Koloale CHS
4264 Koloale Primary Rina Hiro F Koloale CHS
4265 Koloale Primary Robert Houramo M Koloale CHS
4266 Koloale Primary Rose Wanga F Koloale CHS
4267 Koloale Primary Ryan Hitu M Koloale CHS
4268 Koloale Primary Sammy Maelimani M Koloale CHS
4269 Koloale Primary Scott Quan M Koloale CHS
4270 Koloale Primary Selgin Mae F Koloale CHS
4271 Koloale Primary Seynah Maefilia F Norman Palmer CHS
4272 Koloale Primary Stephany Tabua F Koloale CHS
4273 Koloale Primary Stephen Anifaeolo M Koloale CHS
4274 Koloale Primary Stephen Quan M Koloale CHS
4275 Koloale Primary Steward Apenial M Koloale CHS
4276 Koloale Primary Tela Bartholomew M Selwyn College NSS
4277 Koloale Primary Timothy Leong M Koloale CHS
4278 Koloale Primary Winley Minado M Koloale CHS
4279 Koloale Primary Winston Awa M Koloale CHS
4280 Koloale Primary Zennon Temao M Selwyn College NSS
4281 Kolobaubau Primary Belsaazzar Kakia M Kolobaubau CHS
4282 Kolobaubau Primary Billgard Job M Kolobaubau CHS
4283 Kolobaubau Primary Delvinta F Kolobaubau CHS
4284 Kolobaubau Primary Demin Kakia M Kolobaubau CHS
4285 Kolobaubau Primary EdnaTalanilehai F Kolobaubau CHS
4286 Kolobaubau Primary Elizabeth Dau F Kolobaubau CHS
4287 Kolobaubau Primary FelixResibola M Kolobaubau CHS
4288 Kolobaubau Primary Joan Kakia M Kolobaubau CHS
4289 Kolobaubau Primary Mason Rogovasia M Kolobaubau CHS
4290 Kolokapau Primary George Patrck M Bubukolo CHS
4291 Kolokapau Primary Linmah F Bubunuhu CHS
4292 Kolokapau Primary Raemidiha Peter M Bubunuhu CHS
4293 Kolokapau Primary Suge Francinah F Bubukolo CHS
4294 Kolokemau Primary Betty Ansalyn F Babanakira CHS
4295 Kolokemau Primary Elish Ruele M Babanakira CHS
4296 Kolokemau Primary Gregy Pinias M Babanakira CHS
4297 Kolokemau Primary Jillian Taharakamana F Babanakira CHS
4298 Kolokemau Primary Mary Jescah F Babanakira CHS
4299 Kolokemau Primary Mary Lipia F Babanakira CHS
4300 Kolokemau Primary Othan Gideon M Tangarare PSS
4301 Kolokemau Primary Rillion Rasile M Babanakira CHS
4302 Kolokemau Primary Sammy Bari M Selwyn College NSS
4303 Kolokemau Primary Tresiah Minna F Babanakira CHS
4304 Kolokolo Primary Abok Jaya M Eleoteve CHS
4305 Kolokolo Primary Algy Laky M Eleoteve CHS
4306 Kolokolo Primary Brett Galo M Eleoteve CHS
4307 Kolokolo Primary Ehard Jodi M Eleoteve CHS
4308 Kolokolo Primary Inka Carlos F Eleoteve CHS
4309 Kolokolo Primary Janet Vailivuru F Eleoteve CHS
4310 Kolokolo Primary Jimmy Sofu M Eleoteve CHS
4311 Kolokolo Primary Junior Roy F Eleoteve CHS
4312 Kolokolo Primary Lorreen Liloti F Eleoteve CHS
4313 Kolokolo Primary Madalyn Vititotaka F Eleoteve CHS
4314 Kolokolo Primary Malex Kiada M Goldie College NSS
4315 Kolokolo Primary Mettion Otto M Eleoteve CHS
4316 Kolokolo Primary Nicholas Junior M Vonunu NSS
4317 Kolokolo Primary Philip Talasasa M Eleoteve CHS
4318 Kolokolo Primary Relma Bioria F Eleoteve CHS
4319 Kolokolo Primary Richard Hipu M Eleoteve CHS
4320 Kolokolo Primary Rolinta Namuqula F Eleoteve CHS
4321 Kolokolo Primary Shamarin Tovaqula F Eleoteve CHS
4322 Kolokolo Primary Sivalyn Nesia F Eleoteve CHS
4323 Kolokolo Primary Suzinta Raviana F Eleoteve CHS
4324 Kolomali Primary Brayan Sagopio M Pienuna CHS
4325 Kolomali Primary Cliffson Zazupitu M Buri CHS
4326 Kolomali Primary Debra Tuza F Gizo CHS
4327 Kolomali Primary Rayan Sagopio M Sidoko CHS
4328 Kolomali Primary Solrick Lazovaki M Vonunu NSS
4329 Kolona Primary Balesi Daniel M Kulu CHS
4330 Kolona Primary Ghaokale Remina F Numbu CHS
4331 Kolona Primary Iawia Joyline F Nguvia CHS
4332 Kolona Primary Ikawe Veronica F Kulu CHS
4333 Kolona Primary Jairus Davrise M Luluga CHS
4334 Kolona Primary Junia Anna F Ruavatu PSS
4335 Kolona Primary Kereina Nancy F Tau SDA CHS
4336 Kolona Primary Kopeo Hudson M Tangarare PSS
4337 Kolona Primary Lukisi Patricia F Kulu CHS
4338 Kolona Primary Nula Prisca F Tau SDA CHS
4339 Kolona Primary Sam Winston M Ruavatu PSS
4340 Kolona Primary Sepo Gipson M Kulu CHS
4341 Kolona Primary Sikua Marvin M Kulu CHS
4342 Kolona Primary Sisiolo Dwight M Tau SDA CHS
4343 Kolona Primary Sonle Lovelyn F Tau SDA CHS
4344 Kolona Primary Tapalia Paul M Kulu CHS
4345 Kolona Primary Thairole Reginald M Ruavatu PSS
4346 Kolona Primary Tina Uniece F Numbu CHS
4347 Kolona Primary Vota Mary F Numbu CHS
4348 Kolopakisa Primary Charles Boselalu M Lilika CHS
4349 Kolopakisa Primary Cominse Kilatu M Guguha CHS
4350 Kolopakisa Primary Gipson Poloso M Lilika CHS
4351 Kolopakisa Primary Insold Sunadi M Lilika CHS
4352 Kolopakisa Primary Lilly Jecinta F Allardyce PSS
4353 Kolopakisa Primary Nancy Mary F Allardyce PSS
4354 Kolopakisa Primary Pinna Agathar F Lilika CHS
4355 Kolopakisa Primary Riubenson Neluku M Guguha CHS
4356 Kolopakisa Primary Steven Zaku Vinale M Lilika CHS
4357 Kolopakisa Primary Walter Raymond M Allardyce PSS
4358 Kolosulu Primary Beata Elijah M Bubunuhu CHS
4359 Kolosulu Primary Bosa Jacinta F Bubunuhu CHS
4360 Kolosulu Primary Bosamete Linta F Ao CHS
4361 Kolosulu Primary Genson Jesscah F Bubunuhu CHS
4362 Kolosulu Primary Hendry Esminah F Ao CHS
4363 Kolosulu Primary Jesilin Gladish F Ao CHS
4364 Kolosulu Primary Manekiki Clarison M Numbu CHS
4365 Kolosulu Primary Mila Abraham M Numbu CHS
4366 Kolosulu Primary Palia Georgina F Numbu CHS
4367 Kolosulu Primary Vakalea Jeremy M Ao CHS
4368 Kolosulu Primary Vasaghi Angella F Numbu CHS
4369 Kolosulu Primary Veloa Graem Alex M Ao CHS
4370 Koloula Primary Bobby Oleva M Avuavu PSS
4371 Koloula Primary Jackson Lusy F Chapuria CHS
4372 Koloula Primary Junior Stanly M Avuavu PSS
4373 Koloula Primary Kennedy Dickson M Laloato CHS
4374 Koloula Primary Kililonga Justina M Kuma CHS
4375 Koloula Primary Luvus Titus M Chapuria CHS
4376 Koloula Primary Mataivave Lutricia F Avuavu PSS
4377 Koloula Primary Rose Ivry F Visale CHS
4378 Koloula Primary Sanau Brados M Laloato CHS
4379 Koloula Primary Soho Alison F Chapuria CHS
4380 Koloula Primary Taisi Samuel M Kuma CHS
4381 Koloula Primary Taka Jackson M Laloato CHS
4382 Koloula Primary Talanimoli Christina F Makaruka CHS
4383 Koloula Primary Tavake Briana F Kuma CHS
4384 Kolovaolu Primary Alosio Alvin M Makaruka CHS
4385 Kolovaolu Primary Baki Chein M Makaruka CHS
4386 Kolovaolu Primary Chihaboko Jemimah F Makaruka CHS
4387 Kolovaolu Primary Dora Beverlyn F Avuavu PSS
4388 Kolovaolu Primary Kona Mirriam F Makaruka CHS
4389 Kolovaolu Primary Laulau Billy M Makaruka CHS
4390 Kolovaolu Primary Mangalikoe Naesonic M Avuavu PSS
4391 Kolovaolu Primary Matelua Graygory M St Josephs Tenaru NSS
4392 Kolovaolu Primary Peter Steven M Makaruka CHS
4393 Kolovaolu Primary Pou Christopher M Makaruka CHS
4394 Kolovaolu Primary Sailimana Naowin F Makaruka CHS
4395 Kolovaolu Primary Savusi Patrick M Makaruka CHS
4396 Kolovaolu Primary Suhavotu Douson M Makaruka CHS
4397 Kolovaolu Primary Tai Joseph M Makaruka CHS
4398 Komukama Primary Ata Caroline F Numbu CHS
4399 Komukama Primary Buto Japhet M Luluga CHS
4400 Komukama Primary Hadasah Unity F Luluga CHS
4401 Komukama Primary Iro Roselyn F Luluga CHS
4402 Komukama Primary Jamesh Delmah F Numbu CHS
4403 Komukama Primary Junior Chrismas M Luluga CHS
4404 Komukama Primary Maneghaua Michael M Luluga CHS
4405 Komukama Primary Paeonoa Elvis M Luluga CHS
4406 Komukama Primary Pola Poline F Luluga CHS
4407 Komukama Primary Thugea Janty F Numbu CHS
4408 Kongu Primary Beck Anna F Sidoko CHS
4409 Kongu Primary Beck Jilly F Sidoko CHS
4410 Kongu Primary Bulepala John M Goldie College NSS
4411 Kongu Primary Freeman Alex M Sidoko CHS
4412 Kongu Primary Jeqa Marthin M Vonunu NSS
4413 Kongu Primary Loisy Judy F Vonunu NSS
4414 Kongu Primary Mouna Pao Jiulian F Sidoko CHS
4415 Kongu Primary Tekulu Felina F Biula PSS
4416 Kongu Primary Unita Nughu F Sidoko CHS
4417 Kongu Primary Vaitela Gloria F Vonunu NSS
4418 Kopiu SDA Primary Dick Francise M Kopiu CHS
4419 Kopiu SDA Primary Jaju Willson M Kopiu CHS
4420 Kopiu SDA Primary Jayson Koti M Kopiu CHS
4421 Kopiu SDA Primary Lisi Barai F Kopiu CHS
4422 Kopiu SDA Primary Rody Rickson M Kukudu Adventist College
4423 Kopiu SDA Primary Sherlian Rickson F Tenakoga CHS
4424 Kopiu SDA Primary Shilmah Rahe F Kopiu CHS
4425 Kopiu SDA Primary Sianah Lamusi F Betikama Adventist College
4426 Koriovuku Primary Hilly Jack M Vonunu NSS
4427 Koriovuku Primary Jinema Gracetina F Goldie College NSS
4428 Koriovuku Primary Kuika Gideon M Buri CHS
4429 Koriovuku Primary Mana Apusae M Buri CHS
4430 Koriovuku Primary Mudi Aldo M Buri CHS
4431 Koriovuku Primary Niuta Bilma F Pienuna CHS
4432 Koriovuku Primary Riamaly Nancy F Buri CHS
4433 Koriovuku Primary Teube John M Lengana CHS
4434 Koriovuku Primary Tugemule Zinia F Buri CHS
4435 Koriovuku Primary Zite Betina F Vonunu NSS
4436 Kuku Primary Agness Qilabelo F St Joseph's Moli Catholic Secondary
4437 Kuku Primary Gredong Valekeso M St Joseph's Moli Catholic Secondary
4438 Kuku Primary Jessica Matuvavini F Voza CHS
4439 Kuku Primary Joshua Mijikana M St Joseph's Moli Catholic Secondary
4440 Kuku Primary Mike Grey M St Joseph's Moli Catholic Secondary
4441 Kuku Primary Zila Doris Kamekana F Voza CHS
4442 Kukudu Primary Alison Akau M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4443 Kukudu Primary Ben Mark M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4444 Kukudu Primary Besanio Jack M Kukudu Adventist College
4445 Kukudu Primary Frenald Davis M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4446 Kukudu Primary Jesma Mathias F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4447 Kukudu Primary Junior Patrick M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4448 Kukudu Primary Junior Rizu M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4449 Kukudu Primary Junior Rusa M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4450 Kukudu Primary Junior Vega M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4451 Kukudu Primary Lineck Lilo F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4452 Kukudu Primary Nancy Philimon F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4453 Kukudu Primary Nickson Denson M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4454 Kukudu Primary Nina Jack F Kukudu Adventist College
4455 Kukudu Primary Rolly M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4456 Kukudu Primary Ronella Beti F Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4457 Kukudu Primary Shelton Dono M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4458 Kukudu Primary Tajeon Puisasa M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4459 Kukudu Primary Vaga Piokera M Patupaele Adventist Secondary
4460 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Albert Afu M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4461 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Aljay Rongosulia M Betikama Adventist College
4462 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Ariama Firibae F Burnscreek CHS
4463 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Arthur Bulehite M Burnscreek CHS
4464 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Benjiman Diudy M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4465 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Brian Haro M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4466 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Carlisle Toliliu M Betikama Adventist College
4467 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Chard Kabe M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4468 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Chloe Tang F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4469 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Chricillar F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4470 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Christian Manaka M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4471 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Clement Kaks M Burnscreek CHS
4472 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Craig Toba M Betikama Adventist College
4473 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Dadley Khuzar M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4474 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Darwin Gusa M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4475 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Dellantson Joi M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4476 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Edwin Baulo Junior M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4477 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Elana Unga F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4478 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Elsie Rea F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4479 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Emina Saelea F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4480 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Emmanuel Tete M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4481 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Eugene Paine M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4482 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Fekita Alufo'o F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4483 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Feni Manwa M Betikama Adventist College
4484 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Florister Wheatney F Betikama Adventist College
4485 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Glorious Emelyn F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4486 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Heinika Flickson F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4487 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Herrick Savusi M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4488 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jadon Isaac M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4489 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jamie Maepio M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4490 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Janet Tagani F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4491 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jayden Vilaka M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4492 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jayson Buka M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4493 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jennie Beberio F Burnscreek CHS
4494 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jermain Misiga M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4495 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jeron Gwala M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4496 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Juanita Augerea F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4497 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Jumolyn Moses F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4498 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Kahlia Tausinga F Betikama Adventist College
4499 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Kayien Nagao M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4500 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Keith Dentana M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4501 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Kewana Inifiri F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4502 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Kirressha Keke F St Nicholas College
4503 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Leezandy Mepiuke F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4504 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Lemuel Buka Tavasare M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4505 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Leotina Lilo F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4506 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Lincon B Mae F Burnscreek CHS
4507 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Lindia Makabo F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4508 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Linroy Robert M Burnscreek CHS
4509 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Lynet Tuni F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4510 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Lynold Kakadi M St Nicholas College
4511 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Lynreen Patovaki F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4512 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Maine Valenti F Burnscreek CHS
4513 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Malisha Maedola F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4514 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Manasa Sese F King George VI NSS
4515 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Maniwa Feni M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4516 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Melau Oliver M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4517 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Melimag Fernandez F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4518 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Melinda Saelea F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4519 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Melissa Niutoea F Betikama Adventist College
4520 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Nickson Mesia M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4521 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Nigel Asa M Betikama Adventist College
4522 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Nile Tipoki M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4523 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Nomeles Kawa M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4524 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Nowlyn Sandra F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4525 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Ray Trasel M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4526 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Rhenoisha Ngati F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4527 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Ron William M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4528 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Ruby Siale F Burnscreek CHS
4529 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Ryan Havea M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4530 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Samo Hendry M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4531 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Santuary Kama F St Nicholas College
4532 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Selwyn Kakai M King George VI NSS
4533 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Shane Billy M Burnscreek CHS
4534 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Shantyll Wanebeni F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4535 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Starick Luse M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4536 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Taeso'o Temana M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4537 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Tamurighe Moveni F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4538 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Tuafai Hilly M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4539 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Uday M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4540 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Warnerick Luse M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4541 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Zanyiah Molaki F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4542 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Zariella Manu F Burnscreek CHS
4543 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Zindellar Gorosi F Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4544 Kukum SDA Valley Primary Ziru Kanu Junior M Kukum SDA Valley CHS
4545 Kukuru Primary Anna Dorcas M Kukuru CHS
4546 Kukuru Primary Charles Titili M Kukuru CHS
4547 Kukuru Primary Dudley Suraáu M Kukuru CHS
4548 Kukuru Primary Elizabeth Ishmael F Kukuru CHS
4549 Kukuru Primary Fredson Waneta M Kukuru CHS
4550 Kukuru Primary Harry Junior M Kukuru CHS
4551 Kukuru Primary Jeffery Tuita M Kukuru CHS
4552 Kukuru Primary Linel Diowasi F Kukuru CHS
4553 Kukuru Primary Melisa Airau F Kukuru CHS
4554 Kukuru Primary Rawson Kanatolea M Kukuru CHS
4555 Kukuru Primary Silas Fuana M Kukuru CHS
4556 Kulu Primary Bugotu Zendra F Kulu CHS
4557 Kulu Primary Edlyn Chrisma F St Stephen Pamua NSS
4558 Kulu Primary Fred Helina F Numbu CHS
4559 Kulu Primary Gali Timothy M Kulu CHS
4560 Kulu Primary Jack Estel F Kulu CHS
4561 Kulu Primary Jessy Francina F Turarana CHS
4562 Kulu Primary Kakali Anna F Kulu CHS
4563 Kulu Primary Koba Magreth F Kulu CHS
4564 Kulu Primary Lulua Phylistus F Kulu CHS
4565 Kulu Primary Peresini Cecilia F Kulu CHS
4566 Kulu Primary Popoe Jinald M Kulu CHS
4567 Kulu Primary Sale Rhoda F Kulu CHS
4568 Kulu Primary Sikua Unity F Ghaobata CHS
4569 Kulu Primary Simran Andrew M Numbu CHS
4570 Kulu Primary Sonia Savia F Kulu CHS
4571 Kulu Primary Tagathairoa Julian F Kulu CHS
4572 Kulu Primary Vurai Selwyn M Kulu CHS
4573 Kuma Primary Alamate Cliford M Kuma CHS
4574 Kuma Primary Atu Hence M Kuma CHS
4575 Kuma Primary Basi Maureen F Kuma CHS
4576 Kuma Primary Bosco Frank M Kuma CHS
4577 Kuma Primary Buapechi Rabuni M Kuma CHS
4578 Kuma Primary Chavina Rosemary F Kuma CHS
4579 Kuma Primary Hubert Plimah F Kuma CHS
4580 Kuma Primary Lauverana Dominique M Kuma CHS
4581 Kuma Primary Leqoniatu Selina F Kuma CHS
4582 Kuma Primary Luaverana Jemimah F Kuma CHS
4583 Kuma Primary Maneasi Petra F Kuma CHS
4584 Kuma Primary Marcos Nathaniel M Kuma CHS
4585 Kuma Primary Matania Victor M Kuma CHS
4586 Kuma Primary Nimon Charles M Kuma CHS
4587 Kuma Primary Nisaqu Cosnar M Kuma CHS
4588 Kuma Primary Nix Nicole F Kuma CHS
4589 Kuma Primary Ruanisi Engerine F Kuma CHS
4590 Kuma Primary Sese Ethel F Kuma CHS
4591 Kuma Primary Sovea Junice F Kuma CHS
4592 Kuma Primary Vaitalu Alphonse M Kuma CHS
4593 Kuma Primary Vekea Bryan M Kuma CHS
4594 Kuma Primary Vilia Cromwel M Kuma CHS
4595 Kuma Primary Vilia Lyan F Kuma CHS
4596 Kundu Primary Chrislee Ngorisi Hite M Goldie College NSS
4597 Kundu Primary Florina Tengisi F Sidoko CHS
4598 Kundu Primary Herolyn Nezi F Sidoko CHS
4599 Kundu Primary Jeffery Kupa Moata M Biula PSS
4600 Kundu Primary Joseph Sara M Biula PSS
4601 Kundu Primary Junalyn Quladuri F Sidoko CHS
4602 Kundu Primary Lipaqeto Turukolo M Vonunu NSS
4603 Kundu Primary Marynet Pogemata F Goldie College NSS
4604 Kundu Primary Nade Clarissa Pingi F Sidoko CHS
4605 Kundu Primary Nisalyn Eva Moresi F Biula PSS
4606 Kundu Primary Nyaqolyn Sasae F Sidoko CHS
4607 Kundu Primary Oneasi Pakipota M Vonunu NSS
4608 Kunuabu Primary Betsy Keteau F Kunuabu CHS
4609 Kunuabu Primary Brenda Rickson F Kunuabu CHS
4610 Kunuabu Primary Charles Alaánimae M Kunuabu CHS
4611 Kunuabu Primary Diana Sam F Kunuabu CHS
4612 Kunuabu Primary Edward Kwalai M Kunuabu CHS
4613 Kunuabu Primary Genesis Dan M Kunuabu CHS
4614 Kunuabu Primary Ireen Fafale F Kunuabu CHS
4615 Kunuabu Primary Joyson Dausabea F Kunuabu CHS
4616 Kunuabu Primary Natasha Ama F Kunuabu CHS
4617 Kunuabu Primary Salome Ethel F Kunuabu CHS
4618 Kwai Primary Abi Shem F Kwai CHS
4619 Kwai Primary David Anilafa M Kwai CHS
4620 Kwai Primary David Belo M Kwai CHS
4621 Kwai Primary Elizabeth George F Kwai CHS
4622 Kwai Primary Esther Ofuta F Kwai CHS
4623 Kwai Primary Esther Toifai F Kwai CHS
4624 Kwai Primary Grace Robert F Kwai CHS
4625 Kwai Primary Ishmael Ogua M Kwai CHS
4626 Kwai Primary Janet Gwaina F Kwai CHS
4627 Kwai Primary Jenny Efa F Kwai CHS
4628 Kwai Primary Ken Misitomu M Kwai CHS
4629 Kwai Primary Lifumanu Tolaeni M Kwai CHS
4630 Kwai Primary Lucy Maefilia F Kwai CHS
4631 Kwai Primary Pattson Lionel M Kwai CHS
4632 Kwai Primary Rhoda Sam F Kwai CHS
4633 Kwai Primary Ruth Belo F Aligegeo PSS
4634 Kwai Primary Ruth Mafane F Su'u NSS
4635 Kwai Primary Steven Sanga M Kwai CHS
4636 Kwai Primary Susan Soai F Kwai CHS
4637 Kwai Primary Timo Sasa M Kwai CHS
4638 Kwaiafa Primary Andra Dau F Kwaiafa CHS
4639 Kwaiafa Primary Benjalist Aru M Kwaiafa CHS
4640 Kwaiafa Primary Charity Wisi F Kwaiafa CHS
4641 Kwaiafa Primary Daisy Tome F Kwaiafa CHS
4642 Kwaiafa Primary Dalcy Tony F Kwaiafa CHS
4643 Kwaiafa Primary Ellenson Ima F Kwaiafa CHS
4644 Kwaiafa Primary Elson Siata M Kwaiafa CHS
4645 Kwaiafa Primary Emmanuel Misimanu M Aligegeo PSS
4646 Kwaiafa Primary Enley Saeni M Aligegeo PSS
4647 Kwaiafa Primary Erick Junior M Kwaiafa CHS
4648 Kwaiafa Primary Gelina Olo F Kwaiafa CHS
4649 Kwaiafa Primary George Hiri M Kwaiafa CHS
4650 Kwaiafa Primary Hilda Samo F Kwaiafa CHS
4651 Kwaiafa Primary Jareth Wisi M Kwaiafa CHS
4652 Kwaiafa Primary Jasper Kingz M Kwaiafa CHS
4653 Kwaiafa Primary Joy Matai F Kwaiafa CHS
4654 Kwaiafa Primary Julian Jabeth M Kwaiafa CHS
4655 Kwaiafa Primary Junior Aumalefo M Kwaiafa CHS
4656 Kwaiafa Primary Mahlon Laumanu M Kwaiafa CHS
4657 Kwaiafa Primary Malena Kwai F Kwaiafa CHS
4658 Kwaiafa Primary Margaret Frank F Kwaiafa CHS
4659 Kwaiafa Primary Mary Basili F Kwaiafa CHS
4660 Kwaiafa Primary Melisah Peter F Kwaiafa CHS
4661 Kwaiafa Primary Melitus Tagu F Kwaiafa CHS
4662 Kwaiafa Primary Moses Gwemani M Su'u NSS
4663 Kwaiafa Primary Naomi Otini F Kwaiafa CHS
4664 Kwaiafa Primary Narisha Bethel F Kwaiafa CHS
4665 Kwaiafa Primary Nelson Orisia M Kwaiafa CHS
4666 Kwaiafa Primary Priscilla Bata F Kwaiafa CHS
4667 Kwaiafa Primary Rihanna Bosuri F Aligegeo PSS
4668 Kwaiafa Primary Rosinta Willy F Kwaiafa CHS
4669 Kwaiafa Primary Wesly Gulu M Aligegeo PSS
4670 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Adrian Fo'o F Betikama Adventist College
4671 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Auna Saoto M Faurere CHS
4672 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Billy Pius M Adaua Secondary
4673 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Dickson Luiramo M St Theresa Takwa Catholic CHS
4674 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Emily Fa'a F Adaua Secondary
4675 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Grey Suiga M Adaua Secondary
4676 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Jeminah Marere M St Theresa Takwa Catholic CHS
4677 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Jenny Osinaoa F St Theresa Takwa Catholic CHS
4678 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Landel Sukidi M Talakali CHS
4679 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Laoni Serobino M Adaua Secondary
4680 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Lusia Fasikao F Talakali CHS
4681 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Maevalyn Paul F St Theresa Takwa Catholic CHS
4682 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Prince Timme M Talakali CHS
4683 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Ronilo Anita M St Theresa Takwa Catholic CHS
4684 Kwailabesi SDA Primary Stephany Tangoia F Talakali CHS
4685 Kwarea Primary Agness Tagana F Kwarea CHS
4686 Kwarea Primary Alice Tabunamae M Kwarea CHS
4687 Kwarea Primary Allen Kere M Kwarea CHS
4688 Kwarea Primary Anna Mama F Kwarea CHS
4689 Kwarea Primary Babra Sulifoia F Kwarea CHS
4690 Kwarea Primary Cassandra Lisi F Kwarea CHS
4691 Kwarea Primary Catherine Sakafa F Kwarea CHS
4692 Kwarea Primary Elsie Numoli F Kwarea CHS
4693 Kwarea Primary Gladis Joana F Kwarea CHS
4694 Kwarea Primary Glorisa Vivian F Aligegeo PSS
4695 Kwarea Primary Helen Fono M Kwarea CHS
4696 Kwarea Primary Ileen Au F Kwarea CHS
4697 Kwarea Primary Jack Wane M Aligegeo PSS
4698 Kwarea Primary James Dau M Kwarea CHS
4699 Kwarea Primary Janita Taisau F Kwarea CHS
4700 Kwarea Primary Junior Lekalana M Kwarea CHS
4701 Kwarea Primary Junor Benjamin Iro F Kwarea CHS
4702 Kwarea Primary Leonard Labui M Kwarea CHS
4703 Kwarea Primary Lessly Billy M Kwarea CHS
4704 Kwarea Primary Lingesi Totofi F Kwarea CHS
4705 Kwarea Primary Matilda Mari F Kwarea CHS
4706 Kwarea Primary Michael Kabini M Kwarea CHS
4707 Kwarea Primary Michael Meke F Kwarea CHS
4708 Kwarea Primary Nelly Tafemanu F Kwarea CHS
4709 Kwarea Primary Peter Manata M Kwarea CHS
4710 Kwarea Primary Ricky Laufilu M Kwarea CHS
4711 Kwarea Primary Roselyn Gesuna M Kwarea CHS
4712 Kwarea Primary Rubin Laufilu M Kwarea CHS
4713 Kwarea Primary Selwyn Nunukwai M Kwarea CHS
4714 Kwarea Primary Shaniah Kaoa F Kwarea CHS
4715 Kwarea Primary Veronica Samole F Kwarea CHS
4716 Kwarea Primary Wiliam Ledi M Kwarea CHS
4717 Kwarifau Primary Andyson Suifau M Talakali CHS
4718 Kwarifau Primary Dayson David F Talakali CHS
4719 Kwarifau Primary Jeffly Aloga M Talakali CHS
4720 Kwarifau Primary Jorinah Suiofa M Talakali CHS
4721 Laloato Primary Ema Mayleen F Laloato CHS
4722 Laloato Primary Galimate Lexley M Laloato CHS
4723 Laloato Primary Gareseko Christin M Laloato CHS
4724 Laloato Primary Jacob Alison M Laloato CHS
4725 Laloato Primary Koelonga Robert M Laloato CHS
4726 Laloato Primary Kokae Hernalyn F Laloato CHS
4727 Laloato Primary Loretha Glence F Laloato CHS
4728 Laloato Primary Luabola Theresa F Laloato CHS
4729 Laloato Primary Reilua Delsma F Laloato CHS
4730 Laloato Primary Sovetania Jenesa F Laloato CHS
4731 Laloato Primary Tuhuna Jefflyn F Laloato CHS
4732 Laloato Primary Tuhuna Justin M Laloato CHS
4733 Laloato Primary Votu Laymen M Laloato CHS
4734 Lambi Primary Chanel Alwin M Lambi CHS
4735 Lambi Primary Eristah Joan F Lambi CHS
4736 Lambi Primary Gaite Jengo M Lambi CHS
4737 Lambi Primary Kurikimanga Steven M Lambi CHS
4738 Lambi Primary Lucy Elibeth F Lambi CHS
4739 Lambi Primary Mateseni Kalista F Lambi CHS
4740 Lambi Primary Mose Ciscah F Lambi CHS
4741 Lambi Primary Murriel Madalyn F Lambi CHS
4742 Lambi Primary Nevin Luise M Lambi CHS
4743 Lambi Primary Puka Joanah F Lambi CHS
4744 Lambi Primary Rence Nevin M Lambi CHS
4745 Lambi Primary Sally Christal F Lambi CHS
4746 Lambi Primary Sese Joseph M Lambi CHS
4747 Lambi Primary Tada Jayson M Lambi CHS
4748 Lambi Primary Tada Michele F Lambi CHS
4749 Lambi Primary Terence Soatu M Lambi CHS
4750 Lambi Primary Veovera Melkiore M Lambi CHS
4751 Lambi Primary Visa Edna F Lambi CHS
4752 Lambi Primary Votuchkai Doreen F Lambi CHS
4753 Lambulambu Primary Allen Polly M Eleoteve CHS
4754 Lambulambu Primary Elisha Jerome F Eleoteve CHS
4755 Lambulambu Primary Jesma Kokegole F Eleoteve CHS
4756 Lambulambu Primary Junior Abiuda M Eleoteve CHS
4757 Lambulambu Primary Kirsten Taniveke F Eleoteve CHS
4758 Lambulambu Primary Martha Vaelo F Vonunu NSS
4759 Lambulambu Primary Nolita Naolyn F Eleoteve CHS
4760 Lambulambu Primary Ridaleen Levo F Vonunu NSS
4761 Lambulambu Primary Salumata Nanatina F Eleoteve CHS
4762 Lambulambu Primary Sebasten Laumola M Eleoteve CHS
4763 Lambulambu Primary Vimon Vulo M Eleoteve CHS
4764 Lambulambu Primary Walter Monty M Eleoteve CHS
4765 Lambulambu Primary Zanis Tova F Goldie College NSS
4766 Lata Primary Ata Junior Lionel M Lata CHS
4767 Lata Primary Lapoe Anne Mary F Lata CHS
4768 Lata Primary Lemeke Max M Lata CHS
4769 Lata Primary Makiu Sandra F Lata CHS
4770 Lata Primary Molly Derisha F Lata CHS
4771 Lata Primary Nolly Karlton M Lata CHS
4772 Lata Primary Sala Vinnie F Lata CHS
4773 Lata Primary Tawopi Johnson M Lata CHS
4774 Lata Primary Alithia Kalae F Waimapuru NSS
4775 Lata Primary Cassandra Kumi F Waimapuru NSS
4776 Lata Primary Fay Tapele F Waimapuru NSS
4777 Lata Primary John Melako M Waimapuru NSS
4778 Lata Primary Junior Meleti M Waimapuru NSS
4779 Lata Primary Macthus Rakei M Waimapuru NSS
4780 Lata Primary Mikelyn Pute M Waimapuru NSS
4781 Lata Primary Rossmon Kola M Waimapuru NSS
4782 Lau Valley Primary Anna Falu F Naha CHS
4783 Lau Valley Primary Benjie Tuita M Naha CHS
4784 Lau Valley Primary Betrich Isu F Panatina CHS
4785 Lau Valley Primary Christella Bimani F Naha CHS
4786 Lau Valley Primary Christina Fegol F Naha CHS
4787 Lau Valley Primary Clearish Suri F Panatina CHS
4788 Lau Valley Primary Edith Una F Panatina CHS
4789 Lau Valley Primary Elise Otto F Naha CHS
4790 Lau Valley Primary George Seni M Naha CHS
4791 Lau Valley Primary Harriet Suri F Panatina CHS
4792 Lau Valley Primary Hedley Clerk M Panatina CHS
4793 Lau Valley Primary Jayden Makana M Naha CHS
4794 Lau Valley Primary Jerolyn Aloga F Panatina CHS
4795 Lau Valley Primary Jima Rurusing F Panatina CHS
4796 Lau Valley Primary Joy Otto F Naha CHS
4797 Lau Valley Primary Junita Ofo F Su'u NSS
4798 Lau Valley Primary Lina Betty F Panatina CHS
4799 Lau Valley Primary Lynelldar Tome F Naha CHS
4800 Lau Valley Primary Philip Davis M Naha CHS
4801 Lau Valley Primary Redley Fegol M Naha CHS
4802 Lau Valley Primary Rex Danny M Naha CHS
4803 Lau Valley Primary Rex Kai F Naha CHS
4804 Lau Valley Primary Rex Solo M Naha CHS
4805 Lau Valley Primary Rumicah Nafumae F Panatina CHS
4806 Lau Valley Primary Salome Ever F Panatina CHS
4807 Lau Valley Primary Samantha Ramoni F Naha CHS
4808 Lau Valley Primary Tania Ramo F Panatina CHS
4809 Laugwata Primary Annet Elany F Laugwata CHS
4810 Laugwata Primary Bana Freddie M Laugwata CHS
4811 Laugwata Primary Bitalau Diana F Laugwata CHS
4812 Laugwata Primary Bitalau Jessy M Laugwata CHS
4813 Laugwata Primary Buai Jerry M Laugwata CHS
4814 Laugwata Primary Cindy Manui F Laugwata CHS
4815 Laugwata Primary Danny Rolland M Laugwata CHS
4816 Laugwata Primary Dau Oliveth F Laugwata CHS
4817 Laugwata Primary Famauri Cathy F Laugwata CHS
4818 Laugwata Primary Famauri Rimah M Laugwata CHS
4819 Laugwata Primary Filiga Marion F Laugwata CHS
4820 Laugwata Primary Fitoo Mary F Laugwata CHS
4821 Laugwata Primary Fiumae Anne F Laugwata CHS
4822 Laugwata Primary Idu Everlyn F Laugwata CHS
4823 Laugwata Primary Junior Gideon M Laugwata CHS
4824 Laugwata Primary Kobi Anna F Laugwata CHS
4825 Laugwata Primary Kwairii Savina F Laugwata CHS
4826 Laugwata Primary Limaitoo Ariel M Laugwata CHS
4827 Laugwata Primary Limaitoo Joseph M Laugwata CHS
4828 Laugwata Primary Matu Gerry M Laugwata CHS
4829 Laugwata Primary Sammy Grace F Laugwata CHS
4830 Laugwata Primary Silisia Jemerlyn F Laugwata CHS
4831 Laugwata Primary Tiana James M Laugwata CHS
4832 Laugwata Primary Tiko Stephen M Laugwata CHS
4833 Laugwata Primary Wane Bethwen F Laugwata CHS
4834 Laulana Primary Andrew Wanofafia M Aligegeo PSS
4835 Laulana Primary Andy Mauara M Laulanga CHS
4836 Laulana Primary Annie Daka F Laulanga CHS
4837 Laulana Primary Aofia Barnabas M Laulanga CHS
4838 Laulana Primary Ben Kekete M Laulanga CHS
4839 Laulana Primary Berry Misiosi M Laulanga CHS
4840 Laulana Primary Betsy Mae F Aligegeo PSS
4841 Laulana Primary Caroline William F Laulanga CHS
4842 Laulana Primary Catherine Waleilia F Aligegeo PSS
4843 Laulana Primary Clyde Malefo'oa M Laulanga CHS
4844 Laulana Primary Cyrine Eddie F Laulanga CHS
4845 Laulana Primary David Bako M Laulanga CHS
4846 Laulana Primary David Misite'e M Laulanga CHS
4847 Laulana Primary David Taetorina M Laulanga CHS
4848 Laulana Primary Eliansa Ngwaedala M Laulanga CHS
4849 Laulana Primary Elijah Misi M Laulanga CHS
4850 Laulana Primary Erick Mason M Laulanga CHS
4851 Laulana Primary Esther Mete F Laulanga CHS
4852 Laulana Primary Genevie Bosokuru F Laulanga CHS
4853 Laulana Primary Graham Amasia M Laulanga CHS
4854 Laulana Primary Harley Daka F Laulanga CHS
4855 Laulana Primary Jalton Totolo M Laulanga CHS
4856 Laulana Primary Janet Ala F Laulanga CHS
4857 Laulana Primary Jason Bira M Laulanga CHS
4858 Laulana Primary Jaylina Runi F Laulanga CHS
4859 Laulana Primary Jenny Ulufaalu F Laulanga CHS
4860 Laulana Primary Jephany Loboi F Laulanga CHS
4861 Laulana Primary Jeremy Rialea M Laulanga CHS
4862 Laulana Primary Junior Dauasi M Laulanga CHS
4863 Laulana Primary Junior Udua M Laulanga CHS
4864 Laulana Primary Kelani Fagasi F Laulanga CHS
4865 Laulana Primary Kelly Sui M Laulanga CHS
4866 Laulana Primary Linda Alai F Laulanga CHS
4867 Laulana Primary Maesulitala Mana M Laulanga CHS
4868 Laulana Primary Marita Tona F Laulanga CHS
4869 Laulana Primary Mathew Wale M Laulanga CHS
4870 Laulana Primary Michael Lamanu M Laulanga CHS
4871 Laulana Primary Pricillar Maetala F Laulanga CHS
4872 Laulana Primary Primo Bulu M Laulanga CHS
4873 Laulana Primary Rayvin Malefo'oa F Laulanga CHS
4874 Laulana Primary Rose Lamani F Laulanga CHS
4875 Laulana Primary Roselyn Sango F Laulanga CHS
4876 Laulana Primary Sammy Maeta'a M Laulanga CHS
4877 Laulana Primary Simon Mani M Laulanga CHS
4878 Laulana Primary T-Jay Lihiwa M Laulanga CHS
4879 Laulana Primary Tracy Ete F Laulanga CHS
4880 Laulana Primary Victor Rusi M Laulanga CHS
4881 Laulana Primary Virginia Tafumae F Laulanga CHS
4882 Laulana Primary Wilson Labu M Laulanga CHS
4883 Laulana Primary Zebedee Waleafea M Laulanga CHS
4884 Laulana Primary Zeborah Futaiburi F Laulanga CHS
4885 Leitongo Primary Alister Snoje F Siota PSS
4886 Leitongo Primary Angelyn Erisca F Leitongo CHS
4887 Leitongo Primary Belinda Sandy F Siota PSS
4888 Leitongo Primary Esther Koete F Siota PSS
4889 Leitongo Primary Janisha Pinoga F Leitongo CHS
4890 Leitongo Primary Jerolyn Tabo F Leitongo CHS
4891 Leitongo Primary Maria Alo F Leitongo CHS
4892 Leitongo Primary Maria Usi F Leitongo CHS
4893 Leitongo Primary Rogella Pia F Leitongo CHS
4894 Leitongo Primary Sally Naomi F Leitongo CHS
4895 Leitongo Primary Serah Jesma F Leitongo CHS
4896 Leitongo Primary Vaelyn Mata F Leitongo CHS
4897 Leitongo Primary Vatima Sekona F Leitongo CHS
4898 Lele Primary Elizabeth Barina F Wanderer Bay CHS
4899 Lele Primary Elizabeth Theliza Cheka F Tangarare PSS
4900 Lele Primary Francis Biku Cheka Jr M Wanderer Bay CHS
4901 Lele Primary Graygan Naben M Wanderer Bay CHS
4902 Lele Primary Jacinta Pipi F Wanderer Bay CHS
4903 Lele Primary Kency Crima Christian M Avuavu PSS
4904 Lele Primary Maria Karimela F Tangarare PSS
4905 Lele Primary Marklyn Valusa M Wanderer Bay CHS
4906 Lele Primary Mary Francis Tangisi F Tangarare PSS
4907 Lele Primary Mary Sede F Tangarare PSS
4908 Lele Primary Frilley Sinah Tania F St Josephs Tenaru NSS
4909 Lengana Primary Cynthia Pana F Lengana CHS
4910 Lengana Primary Damaros Duna F Lengana CHS
4911 Lengana Primary Derbielyn Conwel F Lengana CHS
4912 Lengana Primary Feni Loise F Lengana CHS
4913 Lengana Primary Hezilyn Sano F Biula PSS
4914 Lengana Primary Jameel Riqeo M Lengana CHS
4915 Lengana Primary Japhin Riqeo M Lengana CHS
4916 Lengana Primary Jayjim Kaetoa M Lengana CHS
4917 Lengana Primary Jean Qula Sesolo F Lengana CHS
4918 Lengana Primary Kasily Satini M Lengana CHS
4919 Lengana Primary Kevu Simeri M Vonunu NSS
4920 Lengana Primary Kinalyn Rakena F Lengana CHS
4921 Lengana Primary Nelly Patrick F Lengana CHS
4922 Lengana Primary Nelson Tiuka M Lengana CHS
4923 Lengana Primary Nicholas Habu M Lengana CHS
4924 Lengana Primary Obedson Pina M Lengana CHS
4925 Lengana Primary Robert Kalau Pitamama M Biula PSS
4926 Lengana Primary Sebastine Pana M Vonunu NSS
4927 Lengana Primary Timothy Philip Tuke M Lengana CHS
4928 Lengana Primary Wane Makoro M Lengana CHS
4929 Lengana Primary William Toba M Lengana CHS
4930 Lengatura Primary Karipo Lina F Pangoe CHS
4931 Lengatura Primary Maga Mark M Pangoe CHS
4932 Lengatura Primary Majiry Laedona F Pangoe CHS
4933 Lengatura Primary Qilababunu Flora F Pangoe CHS
4934 Lengatura Primary Qilazari Faustina F Pangoe CHS
4935 Lengatura Primary Qilazeku Janet F Pangoe CHS
4936 Lengatura Primary Sae Simon M Pangoe CHS
4937 Lengatura Primary Utini Laren Mark M Pangoe CHS
4938 Lengatura Primary Zeto Francis M Pangoe CHS
4939 Leona Primary Alfrency Nonita M Vonunu NSS
4940 Leona Primary Allen Jacky M Leona CHS
4941 Leona Primary Aurish Tyron M Vonunu NSS
4942 Leona Primary Bellie Poreke M Buri CHS
4943 Leona Primary Bizily Sori M Leona CHS
4944 Leona Primary Celister Kuge M Leona CHS
4945 Leona Primary Charles Taburi M Sibila CHS
4946 Leona Primary Darren Bukoe M Vonunu NSS
4947 Leona Primary Desrina Niava F Leona CHS
4948 Leona Primary Dilaela Opada F Leona CHS
4949 Leona Primary Gordon Belama M