Literacy Programme Management Unit (LPMU)

Published: Wednesday, 11 February 2015




   New in MEHRD!             

The LPMU is a new unit inside MEHRD that is dedicated to supporting Education Authorities (EAs) throughout the Solomon Islands, and other organizations working in Literacy, to build a coordinated programme of Literacy delivery to students. The unit will be involved in designing activities that support MEHRD’s Literacy Strategies. For example, in 2015, MEHRD’s focus is on Early Years Literacy. This means fostering activities that will provide targeted and focused teaching in building language knowledge and skills in reading and writing and the oral skills to support literacy development.

Goal of the Literacy Programme Management Unit

To provide the support required for successful implementation of the Schools Literacy Strategy. 

Objectives of the Literacy Programme Management Unit

1. Support high quality design and planning of initiatives to improve literacy outcomes.
2. Provide administrative and operational support to literacy initiatives.
3. Promote communication and coordination between managers of literacy initiatives.
4. Ensure literacy initiatives are effectively monitored.
5. Provide and coordinate research capability for efficient and effective evaluation of literacy initiatives.
6. Produce high quality reports that support informed decision making.
7. Publicise results to stakeholders in a form they will understand.
8. Create the conditions for stakeholders to take collective ownership of the need to improve literacy outcomes.
9. Support MEHRD and Education Authority design, research and project management capacity.


The LPMU Office is now located at Tongs building, level 2, Point cruz.